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My First Orgasm

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I was eleven at the time and our gang of six from our block were always together. Two of the guys were almost a year older than I was and one was younger, while three of us were pretty much the same age.

Eddie, the oldest had a brother Leo who was like seventeen at the time and in high school. Leo never bothered with us much and was already driving a car and we looked up to him but basically, he ignored us until this one time when all of us were together in Eddie's basement goofing around.

Leo came in and one thing led to another and for some reason, the talk turned to sex. Leo wanted to know if we masturbated. Well, nobody would admit to that even though some of us were getting strange feelings in our groin and as for me, I would wake up with a hard cock almost every morning, which embarrassed me as I slept in the same bedroom with my two sisters, both younger.

Anyhow, Leo not only told us about how to make ourselves feel good but when dared, he showed us by taking out his cock and masturbating in front of us. He started slowly using his right hand up and down and shortly went faster and faster until his hand was a blur and I noticed he was getting red in the face and looked in pain and suddenly, out shot jets of white stuff as he grunted and groaned. Yes, six of us sat within a few feet of him mesmerized.

Shortly after, we all split up and I went home and directly to the only bathroom we had at the time. My cock was hard and I was soon sitting on the toilet with my pants down and my right hand going up and down my swollen cock. A few minutes of this and I got this intense feeling inside that was part a tickle and part just too intense to describe and while I felt something coming up my cock, it got too sensitive to continue.

The next afternoon, I again could not wait to try, but this time determined to continue if the same feeling came over me again. Well, in a short time, I got the same feelings and although I wanted so much to stop my hand, somehow, it had a will of it's own. Thank God nobody was in the house at that time as I know I moaned quite loud as I had my first orgasm. Just a few drops of mostly clear fluid, not like Leo had, but still, some fantastic feelings and a few drops of liquid. I was hooked for life.

The next day I did it again with less difficulty reaching my orgasm and yet the feelings were great. By the end of the week, I was masturbating at least once and sometimes twice a day and within a week, confessed to our gang that I too could 'shoot jism' as Leo called it. Well, telling them only brought on the demand to show them and I did. Six of us sitting again in Eddie's basement, all working on our cocks with a few of the boys quite small yet and within a short time, I was able to cum. By now, I had a decent amount of ejaculation and as I was the only guy who could cum, I was the envy of our group for probably six months when finally Eddie too could cum and of course, we all saw that too.

We moved about a year later and up until that time, only Eddie and I could get off while the rest of the guys kept trying. By then, I was masturbating almost every night in bed. Yes, I shared a bedroom with two sisters who slept in a different bed of course, but I'd slip my sock over my cock and in minutes would get the end quite damp. They never knew but I'll never forget.



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