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My First Oral, With a Friend

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One night my roommates were out of town and another friend of ours had made arrangements to sleep at our house. I will call him 'Paul'.
He arrived later than I expected, about 1:30 a.m. We talked briefly and then he went and took a shower. He left the bathroom door slightly open (something he had never done before when showering at our house.) I know because I went upstairs while he was in the shower. Looking back I wish I would have gone into the bathroom - because it could have really started something.
Anyway, after his shower we talked for a bit before we decided to go to bed. He would be sleeping in my roommates bed which was in the same room as mine.
He started talking about how he wasn't wearing underwear and that led to talk of masturbation, different methods we both used, frequency, experimentation with other guys and such. He also told me that he shaved his balls. I was quite curious about this and we discussed it a bit. We also talked about how big we each were, since we had never seen each other naked. We both got out of our beds and pulled off any clothing we had left at that point. We compared penis size. We are both about 6 inches or so when hard, but his head is bigger and his shaft is thicker than mine.
We kept talking and got back into our respective beds and talked about how horny we each were and we both started jacking off. I came pretty quick and let him know. I went and cleaned up and he was still going at it when I came back. I asked if he needed any help. (We had previously admitted to each other we had masturbated with other guys before.) He said no, but that I could feel his shaved balls if I wanted. I made sure he was really okay with that and then we decided he should come lay in my bed.
We stroked each other's dicks and he told me how much he enjoyed rubbing the area just below hie balls. We also rubbed each others chest and abs and such. After a while I asked if I could do something I had read about. He said anything would be fine.
I straddled him. I gently began licking his nipples and worked my way down his firm chest and hard abs. I sucked his belly button and licked further down. I circled the base of his penis with my tongue and licked his shaven ball sack. It was so smooth. I then started licking the head of his penis and up and down his shaft. When I took his shaft into my mouth, he let out a little sigh. This was my first experience giving a blow job. I sucked gently and moved his hard dick in and out of my mouth. This continued for a few minutes before I pulled off. He hadn't cum.
He asked how I enjoyed giving oral and I said it felt good.
He then asked if I wanted him to do the same things to me. I said sure I was willing to do anything. He started by straddling me and sucking my nipples. He was moving faster and more aggressive then I had been with him, but it was very exciting. He lapped at the base of my balls more a long time before starting in on my dick. His dick was bumping against my lower legs and it made me excited.
He then started sucking my dick and it felt amazing. He was very good and it sent me moaning. within a few minutes I knew I was going to cum. I told him I was going to and he stopped sucking and started giving me a hand job. He was very good and within a few minutes I shot cum all over my chest and his hands.
He started to ask what I would think if... but then he cut off, and said it might be too much and that I should go clean up.
I did and when I came back he was back in the other bed jacking off. I thanked him for the great experience and he said like wise.
I tried to get something started with him the next time we were in that situation, but we ended up jacking separately.
I often think about that night and what else might have happened if I had been a bit more forward. I hope we can still get together sometime for more fun.



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