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My First Nude Pictures

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There they were, the first bare breasts of my life. And they were beautiful. White and creamy underneath the bikini, with bright pink nipples. I took more pictures, and more.


I was fifteen when somehow I managed to get one of the cheerleaders in our school to go with me to the beach to take pictures of her. We got to a quiet area and I took some pictures of her sitting on rocks by the water in her bikini. To my amazement, she asked if I wanted her to take off her top! I was so shy really (a virgin!) I would never have dared to ask!

She got up and moved around, strolling up the beach next to the cliff, hidden. And there she glanced around, smiled, and slipped out of her bottoms!

A dark, thick black bush between soft thighs like creamy pearls. She held her arms up high. Snap. Turned and smiled. Snap. Touched her hand to her bush. Snap. Snap. Held her breast with her other hand. Snap. Snap. Snap. As quickly as she had undressed she was dressing again, and we were strolling back to her car.

That night I jacked off continuously, and the next morning again. It was a day before I was able to print pictures and get them to her. She was pleased. She wanted four sets, one for herself and one each for four different boys. She gave me a kiss, and thanked me.

I looked at her in her blouse, the outlines of her bra showing through. I remembered what her nipples were like, and how bright they were in the sun. We were still talking, but I was gone. My cock was swelling uncontrollably in my pants in the middle of the school hallway. She left to go home. I went into the toilet and had to jack off.

I kept one set inside my pillow, and every night before sleep pulled them out to masturbate. I knew every hair on her bush by sight. I knew the touch of her hand on her breast. In the one class we had together, she was four chairs in front of me, and I hurried to class before her in order to watch her come in. I saw her naked, her round, full breasts jiggling in the sun.

At the basketball game, I watched only her. When she jumped high, and her panties showed, I saw bush between her creamy thighs. Every game, at least once, she smiled up at me. After the games, on the way home, I ducked into the bushes and my cock swelled so fast and I stroked so hard I would cum in sixty seconds! Between the sheets, I stroked longer, thinking of her weightless breasts as she jumped high. And then I would think of what she must be doing right then, in the back of a boy's car, panties off, pussy in his hand, mouth over her nipple, sucking on pink. Or even his big cock inside her. Those thoughts excited me more than anything ever had....excited me beyond imagination.

I told her that if any of her friends wanted pictures for their boyfriends, I could take them. I told her again. And then a third time. Then one day Sandy, a tall blond also on the cheerleader team, asked me for pictures. At the same beach she stripped naked, sat on a large boulder, long legs spread wide, and masturbated slowly while my camera stole glimpses of her. Remembering that in an hour I would be home, in the bathroom, spilling cum onto a towel, my cock stayed calm in my pants. And thinking how hot she and her boyfriend would be when she gave these to him, and invitation for sex, an unimaginable thrill swept through me.

I didn't mind when she dressed and asked to go home. Her light bush and dark nipples were mine now, never to forget. I didn't make it home to masturbate in the bathroom, though. The moment the car door shut behind her, impossible heat spread through my crotch, and jacked off there, on the street in front of her house, in daylight. Many weekday afternoons after school, I would go to the deserted beach, and strip naked on the boulder and slip my hand between my legs, feeling the heat of pure sex, and

rub myself until, uncontrollably, I shot cum into the air and water....



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