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My First Mutual Was at Camp

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Here's my first time doing it with another boy...


This was the summer of 1959 when I was 12. I had been masturbating for years, but only recently had started using my hand, and only recently began ejaculating. Before, I had done it just for the feeling, but now I was doing it because I was horny; a new kind of feeling that made me want to do it more, and kept it in my mind if I couldn't relieve myself right away. Though I wasn't, and are not now, gay, most of my fantasies were about my friends. Whether they did it, too, what they thought about when they did it, whether it felt as good for them as it did for me, etc. Some of the boys in my scout troop were really good looking, and I was sure they must do it, but I had no way to find out.
About the third night of camp, I really had the urge, since I hadn't been able to get any privacy since we arrived. That night after lights out, I waited until I thought everyone in the tent was asleep (we had 8 person tents). It was a warm night, so I, like everyone else, was sleeping on top of my sleeping bag in my underwear. I had an erection just begging to be used, so I carefully began rubbing it through my underwear. That just made things worse, and after looking around to make sure everyone else was asleep, I pulled them down to free myself, and began masturbating slowly and quietly. I was thinking about Billy Watson, who slept next to me. He was the best looking boy at camp, and I thought about him a lot. He was on the swim team with me, too, so had a lean, slim body that looked really sexy to me. I was jacking away when I glanced over at Billy to look at his body (I had stared at his belly and thighs every night we'd been there, and fantisized about the bulge in his underwear). Much to my surprise, he was looking at me, and his hand was in his underwear, moving. At first I was shocked and scared about him seeing me, but then I realized he was doing what I had fantisized about so many times. That turned me on even more, so I kept going.
Still watching me, Billy pulled his underwear down, and for the first time I saw his penis. Like mine, it was about four inches long and slim. His hand was going up and down slowly. We lay there watching each other masturbate, and it was a sight I'll never forget. When I got close to cumming, I sped up, and so did he, and when I erupted and squirted my three little jets of watery semen, he stiffened, raised his hips off his bed, grunted, and shot as well. I could see the little white jets arch out of the end of his penis and plop onto his stomach just above his belly button. I could see it glint in the moonlight. Boy, that felt good.
After we recovered, he slipped a rag out from under his pillow and cleaned up, and it was then that I realized that I hadn't thought of that detail -- I didn't have anything handy to wipe up with. Billy noticed, and tossed his rag over, and I cleaned up with the other side of it, in the process getting my hand all sticky with his ejaculate.
We smiled at each other, pulled our underwear back up, and went to sleep. I slept really well.
The next morning we acted as nothing had happened. Mostly, I guess, because we were surrounded by our tentmates.
Swim period that day was fun. We always changed in our tent, and I got to see Billy naked again, though this time not hard. His was as shrunken and limp as mine. Back then boys all wore speedos, as those were the swim trunks of choice. Billy and I had identical team speedos. It was about a quarter mile walk upstream to the swimming hole, and we all went as a group. Billy and I were 'buddies' for swim period (the old scout 'buddy up' system where two guys have to stay with each other all the time). This time there were several 'accidental' touching incidents where a stray hand it a stray penis -- all in good fun.
Billy and I both had KP that day (meaning we had to help with lunch preparation), so our swim was cut short and we had to go back to camp. Of course we were alone. I found we were both walking through the woods slowly. We both wanted to talk about last night but didn't know how to begin. Billy finally broke the ice by saying, 'That was fun last night.'
I answered, 'Yeah, it felt good. I was scared when you saw me doing it, but was glad you were, too.'
By now we both had obvious boners in our swim trunks. That is one problem with speedos -- they make a boner very obvious.
Billy said, 'You want to do it again?'
'Yeah, why not? We can't go back to camp like this.'
We stepped off the trail and went back into the woods until we found a little grassy place in a small clearing well out of sight of the trail. I was surprised to see a lot of clumps of toilet paper scattered around, and realized that we weren't the first boys to use this spot for masturbating. That fact alone was a real exciting thing for me to talk about. I found later that Billy had used this spot with other friends several times, and I ended up joining them as well, but that's a different story.
Anyway, we stripped off our speedos and lay down to go at it. It was so neat lying in the warm sun like that jacking off. It was better than the night before, and we both came well. When we were done we cleaned up with pieces of the dried toilet paper laying around (they were all crusty with dried semen) and rushed to camp. We of course were late, and the senior scout, who was supervising lunch preparation, gave us grief about it. But suddenly he stopped berating us, turned me around, and remarked about the grass still on my back that I hadn't realized was there. It was from lying in the grass.
'So, you've been at the clearing, eh?' He said, with an up and down movement of his fist. He smiled conspiratorially, and Billy smiled, but I just blushed and turned red. 'Don't worry about it, we all go there,' he said, and put us to work.
That clearing became a favorite place for Billy and me to go to from then on.



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