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My First Mutual Orgasm With Two Friends

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This all started when I was 14 years old. My friends, Tom, Tony and I were planning a sleep over at Tony's house on a friday night after school. We showed up there around 6:00 p.m. and ate dinner with his mother. After dinner, Tony's mother said she was heading out to her friends house for a little, for one reason or another. It was pretty dark out at this point and very cold so there really wasn't much to do except hang around in Tony's room. We played some stupid games and watched a little T.V. but soon became bored.

One of the drawers of Tony's desk was open a little and a yellow color caught my eye. I opened the drawer and found a book about growing up and puberty. Tony asked my what I was doing in a sharp voice; he was obviously embarrassed about the situation. I laughed and told him it was cool and that I had almost the same book. Tom was laughing too and agreed that it was pretty common. I mentioned that we might look through it seeing as we had nothing else to do. Tony and Tom thought this was a good idea. So we started turning the pages.

At first we were all quiet and not really saying anything but as time went on and the pages kept turning things were brought up. We spoke about how it must be great to have sex since none of us had done so yet. We talked about growing pubic hair and getting boners in class. Finally we reached the section about masturbation. The book didn't go into any great detail about what it was or how to do it. It just stated that it was normal and that many boys and girls do it. Tony said that he didn't really understand what masturbating was, he had heard of it in health class but never really thought about it. Tom agreed with Tony that he didn't get it.

I was shocked; since first cumming at the age of 13 not a day had gone by that I had not masturbated to an orgasm at least once. The guys could tell I was bothered by this and asked me what the big deal was. I gave them the run down. That Masturbation or jerking off was giving yourself an orgasm by stroking or playing with your penis when its hard. I said that there is this huge build up where your cock feels like its congested and then a wave of great feelings goes over you until your penis starts to jerk in your hand and cum shoots out of the tip.

They seemed sceptical of this and asked me just how good it felt. I said that they had to try masturbating as soon as they could. It took some convincing but finally after I went into more detail about just how great an orgasm feels they decided that they would eventually try to jerk off. I think all this talk about penis, cum, orgasm and erections had gotten to us. I felt very horny and my penis was beginning to feel heavy and full. I could tell Tony and Tom were experiencing the same thing because they were both adjusting their cocks in their pants and Tom happened to be wearing sweatpants which made hiding a hard penis difficult.

Tony said, 'Do you guys have boners right now', in a constricted voice that showed his slight embarrassment. Tom and I both said that we did. I then asked, 'What do you guys think about jerking off tonight? That way I can show you or at least tell you how its done so you get it right.' The two of them looked nervous so I said that we wouldn't tell anyone and that it seemed like something other people probably do anyway so it would be o.k. Tony said he would do it and soon after so did Tom. At this moment Tony's mom came back, we hid the book and acted normal even though we were all as horny as we had ever been. It was almost 9:00pm when Tony's mom said she was going to go to sleep.

We stopped playing the card game we had been half heartedly playing and went back into Tony's bedroom which was far from his mom's. It was a little awkward when we first walked in but I tried hard to make it fun right away. I said, 'alright I'm going to teach you how to make yourself cum with your hand'. We all sat on the bed and I put my hands down my basketball shorts and started to play with my balls. The other guys did the same. Eventually I was horny enough to talk myself into taking off my shorts. As I did my seven inch cock bobbed in the air. I had a dark black bush and normal sized balls. My dick is long and skinny but the head of it was deep purple and very big. It felt awesome knowing that other people were looking at my cock in the open.

I said, 'O.k. this is how you stroke it up and down the shaft with the skin in your hand'. Tony and Tom were awed and started simultaneously to take off their pants. Tony's cock was first out. It was thick and shorter than mine but veiny. His bush was light colored and his balls were enormous. Tom's penis was long but bent straight up. He had dark pubic hair and probably the same balls as me. His penis head was medium sized but quite purple and shinny. Both guys started to stroke their shafts like I was doing. Up and Down and Up and down. I asked them how it was going and both said it was great but they didn't know what was next. I told them that this is when they have to focus on the tip of their penis by using their thumbs.

Instantly I could hear and see that this made a difference. Tom's penis head got even bigger and more purple so did Tony's and his balls started to recede into his body. for the next couple minutes we were all moaning a little and squirming around. This is when I saw an issue. There was nowhere to blow our loads without making a mess so I got the guys to stop. I told them that they were going to orgasm and cum was going to shoot out of their penises. Tom said, 'why don't we just go to the bathroom and finish this?' I agreed and we made our way down the hallway to the bathroom cocks swinging back and forth. When we got to the bathroom I said that we should all just cum into the toilet.

Immediately we started jerking off over the bowl standing no more than a foot from one another. I said that I would go first just to show them what it was like. They agreed and stopped jerking so fast. I could feel the cum making its way up my shaft, and boom! waves of pleasure shot through my penis as a wet stream of semen plopped into the water. My penis jerked and jerked in my hand as more streams flew out and landed on the bowl and in the water. I nearly lost balance and my knees bent without me noticing. As I finished I looked up and realized that Tony and Tom were in amazement. I asked them what they were waiting for and immediately they started to jerk again. Both were moaning and couldn't stop squirming around.

Tom was the first to cum. Thick cum dribbled out of his penis head and down his hand he rubbed it into his purple head and kept jerking. his balls were almost invisible they were so far into his body finally he stopped stroking and his penis did a few last mid air jerks, cum dripping off the tip onto the floor. As soon as Tom was done Tony orgasmed moaning loudly and dropping a few inches. Cum shot from his penis but was caught by his fingers that were stroking his head. Tony's seemed the longest his penis kept contracting for quite a while. After he was finished we all looked at one another in astonishment. Tom and Tony both laughed and thanked me for showing them something this awesome. I was happy to do this. We jerked off a few more times that night and many more times at different sleep-overs. I love this site and I love to Masturbate.



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