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My First Mutual Masturbation Experience

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My First Mutual Masturbation Experience
I started "getting off" when I was probably about 11 or 12, but it was always a really secretive thing. However, that changed during the summer when I was 15. I was at a youth church camp with kids from several different local churches. There was a lake at the camp, and this one evening a bunch of kids decided to go skinny-dipping. Most everybody joined right in, except for Jerry and me. He went to the Lutheran church. (I was a Methodist.) We were both "good kids," and believed what we were taught at church, so, feeling uncomfortable about the skinny-dippers, we decided to take a walk down one of the trails. We wandered off into the woods together and soon the trees and brush swallowed us up and we were all alone, walking along.
I guess we were both feeling pretty uncomfortable not just about the skinny-dipping but about being turned on by the idea, because when I looked down to check my footing I could see the lump in Jerry's crotch. My eyes opened wide. I knew the basics of sex, but I didn't know exactly what an "erection" meant. I was really curious, and even more turned on. I felt my pussy getting warm and damp, and I had to fight the urge to rub it. But I kept stealing glances out the corner of my eye and every once in a while, Jerry's hand passed over the hump in his pants -- maybe unconsciously, maybe not, I didn't know.
After a while we came to an old campfire site with big stones set into the ground. We sat on the stones and started talking. I could see a haze of sweat on Jerry's face. As we talked I was noticing he was growing up and getting pretty nice-looking. We'd known each other since we were kids, but I'd never really paid much attention to him, because we were both sort of shy and unsure of ourselves. I could see him sneaking looks at my tits, and I took a quick look myself and realized why: my nipples were hard and sticking up underneath my summer top. My breasts weren't (and aren't) big, but nicely shaped and firm, with petite nipples. I figured he must like them or else he wouldn't keep looking. Somehow, knowing he was admiring them turned me on even more. Finally I passed my hand lightly over my crotch, pretending I didn't know I was doing it. Jerry looked surprised, then said into the air, "Hey Sheila, will you show me your tits?"
For a moment I was shocked, because he wasn't the kind of person I thought would ever get horny, nevermind use words like "tits." But I was also wildly turned on, and feeling kind of gutsy after seeing our friends going skinny dipping. I turned it over in my brain for a few seconds, then said, "OK, but only if you show me your cock."
"OK, but only if you show me your pussy."
Wow! I was really starting to like the idea. But I wasn't going to let him one-up me, so I said, "OK, but only if you jack off for me."
He said immediately, "OK." Now I was really getting into it. I had been dying to know how guys jerked off, but I figured I'd never actually see it. Now here Jerry was offering to give me the view of a lifetime! I licked my lips. "Well, come on, show me your tits," he said.
For a moment I was worried that I'd flash him and then he'd back out and make a fool of me. But, seeing how excited he was, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I unbuttoned my top and pulled it open, feeling the cool air rush over my tits, which just made my nipples more firm. Jerry didn't say anything--I'm not sure he could even talk at the moment--but I could see in his face he was in awe. I looked down at my puffy light pink areolas and little hard nipples. Jerry swallowed hard--but his eyes never left my breasts.
"Can I suck 'em?" he finally said, the words coming out in a tremulous rush.
"No way! You have to show me your cock..." then I added, "...first."
He was practically jumping off the stone, and so was I. From his perspective, not only was going to get his first sight of tits and pussy, he was going to get to suck my tits too! From mine, not only was I going to get to watch him jack off, I was going to get my tits sucked! My heart was beating hard. Breathing fast, Jerry tugged his belt open, then unzipped his fly. Finally he fished his cock out of his briefs. My mouth flew open. It looked huge! I had seen diagrams of penises in our health books at school, and had spied on my little brother once while he was peeing...but those were just wet, floppy, noodly-looking dicks. Jerry's was stiff as a lead pipe, with thick veins winding up the shaft to the big wet head that looked like a dumpling. Weirdest of all, it was a deep reddish-purple color that made it look like it was going to burst open at any moment. I could see he had a thick crop of dark pubic hair at the base. "Jeez, is it always like that?" I managed to gasp.
"Jeez, no, how would I walk?" he blurted out. Then, in the next breath, "Touch it."
"Huh-uh! That's not part of the deal. You have to get off."
"Yeah, but you have to show me your pussy first."
He'd forgotten about sucking my tits, but that was OK, because I was more than ready to take off my cutoffs. I stood up and slipped off my shorts and panties, folding the panties inside my shorts so they wouldn't get dirty, then sat on the shorts facing Jerry. Finally I spread my legs apart, and there was Miss Puss staring him in the face. "Wow," he said almost reverentially. I giggled nervously. I had looked at my pussy in the mirror and I thought it was pretty nice-looking, with tight lips that weren't too big and a smooth, straight clit colored the same light pink as my nipples. Mom had taught me to trim the hair short to keep things more hygienic, and with only a short cast of pubic hair the pink showed even when I only spread my legs a little bit. Well, now they were wide open and my clit was peeking out, and I was about to explode with the excitement of just having Jerry look at me. "Let me lick it," he said quickly. I shook my head. "No, you have to jack off now."
That was a major understatement. He was about ready to go insane. His face got pink, but he couldn't stand it anymore, he started stroking his hand up and down the shaft of his cock, involuntarily sighing out a little moan. That did it for me--I started rubbing my clit with abandon, my hips rising up off the stone in sheer ecstasy. It must have been a double world speed record for coming. I came first, my cunt bursting into spasm of pleasure, and as I did, Jerry reeled forward, the white semen spurting out the end of his cock and down into the dried leaves at our feet. "Oh my god--" he groaned out loud, and I watched in fascination as the last few globs of sperm slid down his shaft. I wondered what it tasted like, but I was afraid to ask. We both took a deep breath, then cleaned ourselves up as best we could and went back to camp.
By the time we got back, the skinny-dipping session was done. We parted--him heading for the boys' cabins, me for the girls'. When I went into the cabin I was sharing with three other girls, I got hoots and howls as they teased me, "So where did you andJerrygo?"
"We just went for a walk," I retorted haughtily. "You guys have dirty minds. Besides, you were the ones going skinny-dipping."
"Oh, big deal," one of my friends said, "nothing happened anyway."
I laughed secretly, because I had one up on them!
That camp lasted five days, and Jerry and I found time to "play" every day. By the end of the camp I had let him suck my tits and rub my pussy, and I had stroked his cock. We made a vow (a) not to actually have intercourse, because that would be a sin; and (b) to "keep in touch" with each other. That fall and winter we went to every church event imaginable and let's just say we had a lot of fun. At winter camp, I finally let him go down on me, and I sucked his cock, and found to my surprise that I liked both things an awful lot. The next year we started high school, and it got easier to meet because we now went to the same school. We would conspire to get detention on the same day. Then, at detention, we would both "have to go to the bathroom" at the same time. We'd sneak into the boys' lavatory, lock the door, and go at it fervently. He begged me to let him fuck me, but I never would.
When we graduated, we went to different colleges and moved to different states, and I thought our escapades together would just be a racy memory to be pulled out and used as a masturbation fantasy. Then I saw him again at our tenth high school reunion. Neither of us had married, so we sat together, and as we talked I found I really enjoyed being with him. Plus, he was now a man, and I was a woman, and it was obvious that we were even more attracted to each other than we'd been back then. It wasn't long before he asked me to slow-dance, and when he put his arms around me and our bodies met, he popped a ferocious hard-on. I said, "Wow," and his face went red and he stammered an apology. I remember saying something like, "It's OK, it's an involuntary muscle!" When the reunion was over he walked me to my car, and once there we started kissing madly, running our hands all over each other, and he got so caught up in the moment he bent me backwards onto the hood of my car, kissing me passionately as we whispered how much we loved each other. It was about six months after that that he proposed.
We have now been happily (and sexily) married for 10 years, and every now and then we still "play" the same games we did back then, just for the thrill of it. And we both are active in our church, too--which to me just proves that not only is married sex every bit as exciting as the single kind, but that Christians don't have to be prudish or frigid either!



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