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My First Mutual Experience

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A few weeks ago I submitted a story about my first masturbation experience which occurred by coming off with the pressure of a jet pumping water into a swimming pool. (First wank was in the Swimming Pool). My sexual excitement had been stimulated then by a friend who had told me all about wanking whilst we were standing against these jets at the end of the pool.
That friend was to become my only mutual masturbation partner and we masturbated together several times during our teenage years - right up to being 18 years of age when it stopped as suddenly as it had begun. Eventually I lost touch with my friend and have not seen him now for over 30 years. There was no emotional attachment between us whatever and although I consider myself bisexual, as I explained in my previous submission, I cannot say that I fancied my friend at all. It was purely sexual and I am sure the same applied to him. I don't know whether he ever married although I would expect that he did. He certainly had girlfriends; although so did I but I never actually got myself hitched.
Our first mutual experience was about six months after the swimming pool incident. Although he was the one to suggest it on the occasion we finally did it together, I had encouraged it pretty blatantly on three earlier meetings.
Every time we got together after that first time that I orgasmed in the swimming pool, sex, and wanking in particular, would be a key topic of conversation between us. After playing around for a few hours we would end up in either my bedroom or his, or sometimes in the shed at the bottom of his garden, and we would talk sex, girls, wanking and fucking. Inevitably we would get erections and the resulting bulges in our jeans or school greys would be obvious to us both. I found it terrifically exciting and every time I felt desperate to have a wank. Things started to get hot one day when we were at his house and the conversation had drifted around to sex as usual. After about an hour of talking, I was hard and wet with pre-cum in my pants and I told him that I had to have a wank and would he mind if I went and did it in his toilet. I was close to coming in my pants and I needed relief badly. He gave no objections and so I retired to his loo and came to a wonderful orgasm after just a few strokes. By this time I was wanking most often by the fist method. As related in my earlier submission my friend had learned by humping the bed and for many months this was my sole method until some boy at school (my friend went to a different school) told me about using your fist. The first time I tried the fist method I came twice in quick succession from the novelty of it and I adopted the method for most of my wanks at that time. (Strangely I have now reverted to more usually using the humping method.)
I wiped up my semen with loo roll and returned to his bedroom. He asked me how it was and I said fine and that was that - although I suspect he might have done it as well whilst I was out of the room.
Then on another occasion a little while later we went to the Royal Show at Stoneleigh - so this must have been early summer. After doing all the usual stuff that one does at an agricultural show, we walked back to his father's car to await his return. As usual, now on our own in private surroundings, we started to talk sex and soon we were both hard and panting for relief. I must have had a stronger libido than him or something but I knew I just had to come. I remember we made a pact that we would both do it in bed that night but I told him I could not wait and whilst sitting on the back seat of the car, right next to my friend, I thrust my hand down my trousers and rubbed myself to a wet and gooey orgasm. I remember he called me a dirty sod. Afterwards I felt a bit silly with wet pants, smelly hands and a limp dick. He was clearly still hard but with me having come the conversation waned and his dick went down. I bet he had a good one in bed that night though.
There was a third occasion when I wanked off in his presence about a week later when in my bedroom. We were lying together on my bed and as usual we both had huge erections. I had a pair of trousers with big pockets and I could put my hand in my pocket and gentle rub my hard penis. He asked me what I was doing and I said 'I'm doing it'. He grinned and watched me as I brought myself to another clattering climax and another wet pair of pants. He remained somewhat impassive and did not bring himself off. I wondered how he managed to resist.
The next time we were together - again at my house - we retired to my bedroom and once more the conversation inevitably came round to sex. This time the house was empty I remember and this was perhaps what gave my friend the courage to join in with me in a mutual masturbation session. We always used to talk about the last time we did one and what it was like and stuff like that. Suddenly he asked me if I wanted to do one now. I said yes do you? He said yes and did I have some tissues? He was obsessed with not messing up his pants although it never bothered me at all. I think he was scared his mother might see the stains and wonder what they were.
He still wanked by humping the bed so I gave him tissues and said he could use my bed. I would wank off in a chair using my hand. I was so excited I thought I would come at the slightest touch.
He unzipped his trousers and without removing them or his pants he wrapped the tissue around the end of his dick which he kept hidden from my view. He then zipped up again lay face down on my bed and began to move his hips and bottom against my mattress. I sat in the chair took down my trousers but simply pulled the waistband of my Y fronts away from my abdomen and wanked myself off so that he got very little sight of my erection. This was one of the most sexually exciting events of my life. I can't remember whether we spoke. I am sure I would have exclaimed when I reached the point of orgasm and told him that I was coming but I don't actually remember doing so. I remember watching his face as he thrust away on my bed and I remember seeing him grimace as he came into the tissue. I remember coming at about the same time and I remember it was one hell of an orgasm as the spunk spewed out onto my hand and belly. God it was good.
We mopped ourselves up, felt a bit embarrassed and quietly got on with other things. There was an exciting smell of boy sex in the room. At that moment I think we both felt that we would not do this again but needless to say the next time we were alone together, in safe surroundings, we were at it again and things moved on to slightly more daring episodes including nakedness, wanking against one another and wanking one another. But I'll save those stories for my third and final submission about my youthful masturbation experiences.



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