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My First Mutual

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Mutual masturbation, especially with women, is one of the exciting, stimulating and pleasurable experiences I have ever had !!


I have been a long time member of this site and have enjoyed many of the stories and personal experiences of the members. It's about time I submitted my own experiences.
My earliest sharp memory was as an 8 yr old, when a friend and I went through the experience of I'll show you mine f you show me yours in the small outhouse where the washing was done. We dropped our trousers and showed each other our little penises. They were soon hard as we played with ourselves, rubbing faster and faster until I orgasmed, rapidly followed by my friend. We tried many things over the next few years including mutual masturbation, circle jerks and showing the girls in the neighbourhood how we did it. Great fun and the beginnings of a master masturbator.
Since then I have been masturbating every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.
I would like to relate my later experiences where I enjoyed mutual masturbation with a few of my girlfriends.
About 20 years ago, when I was still married, I met and had an affair with a wonderful woman who shared my love of self stimulation, although we did indulge in full sex as much as possible as well. Let me tell you of just one occasion.
We used to meet every day as I was owner of a small shop at the time and she would come in just to talk. She worked in a local office, and I would call on her now and again. If the office was closed to the public we would go through to the back room where we would make love on the desk, on the floor, standing up, in fact any way possible.
After a while she would come to my shop as we were closing and 'help' me cash up and re-stock the shelves.
This lead us to stay back longer and longer, making love into the small hours of the morning, and it was during one of those experiences that we discovered our mutual love of masturbation.
The office was upstairs from the shop and I followed her after having locked the shop after that days business, looking forward to a few hours of totally uninhibited sex.
As I reached the top of the stairs, lets call her Tina, was half sitting half lying on the main chair in the office, her skirt pulled up to her waist and her knickers around her knees. Her legs were casually spread showing me the tempting treasures I could be expecting to share. A warm smile spread across her face as I came to the top of the stairs and a twinkle in her eye told me we were in for something special tonite.
I dropped to my knees in front of her and rested my hands on her thighs, just above her knees. Her skin felt warm and soft as I rested my cheek on her thigh and drank in the warm aroma of her sex just above my nose.
Gently taking my head in her hands she pulled me closer to her shaven pussy.
'Kiss me' she sighed, a low moan in her voice. 'Kiss me here'. Putting her hand down between her legs and parting the soft pink lips of that beautiful pussy she pulled me closer until my nose and mouth we touching her sexy lips.
'Mmmm-' was all I could utter as I moved my tongue over those lips, tasting the sweet moisture on my tongue as I slid it up and down working it between her lips until I found her firm clit slow my tonguing movements.
A low moan emanated from her mouth as I pushed further up and into her with my tongue, moving it from side to side, feeling her pussy quiver as she pulled my head harder in between her thighs.
Wanting to savour the moment of orgasm I pulled back to look at her wantonly spread pussy, and feeling my own prick harden painfully in my trousers I reached down to free it from the confines of my jeans.
'Take it out for me' she cried, both her hands on the inside of her thighs holding herself wide for me. ' I want it in me - NOW!!' This was a wantonness I had never experienced before, most of my previous partners having always waited for me to initiate and follow through with sex, and here was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. And that was me!!!
Rising to my knees I clumsily undid the belt on my jeans and pulled the zip down allowing my jeans to slide down over my bum. My prick was still held tight in my shorts, tenting then forward with the pressure of my hard erection, a damp patch appearing where the head strained the material.
Trying to shuffle forward with my jeans around my knees I lost my balance and fell forward between her thighs jamming her hands hard against her pussy.
'Come on' she cried, ' get it in me. I want you to fuck me hard'.
'I will, I will' I said standing up to pull my jeans off. Unfortunately I wore tight drainpipe jeans in those days, and it was not easy to get them off whilst hopping from one leg to the other.
Looking over at Tina still sitting in the chair I noticed one hand covering her pussy and gently rubbing it, keeping it wet and warm for me, or so I thought. Having removed my jeans, socks and shorts I knelt between her thighs again and positioned my now throbbing prick at the entrance to that honey sweet warm pussy, slowly moving it up and down over her pussy lips, spreading the warm moisture over the head of my prick and her pussy lips.
Her hand had not moved away from her pussy, but her fingers spread, allowing my cock to find her pussy lips between them. She kept up the stroking motion over her pussy, and throwing her head back as the pleasure she was feeling built.
Her hand started moving faster, catching the head of my cock with each downward stroke.. I pulled back slightly and took a firmer grasp of my cock as I watched her begin the full masturbation of that beautiful pussy. I had never seen anything like this before and the site had my head spinning in pleasure, and my cock swelling and throbbing like never before.
'That is beautiful, Tina' I said, beginning to stroke my cock in the same way I do when alone. She lifted her head and opened her eyes to look at me and a smile of pure pleasure spread across her face, her eyes lighting up the room with their sparkle. There was a hint of wickedness in those eyes and I knew we were in for the best night of passion we had ever had.
She stopped rubbing at this point and just looked at my hand slowly moving up and down my prick, the head purple with the pressure, and pre-cum moistening the tip.
'Keep going' she said as I stopped. 'I want to see you cum'
'But you have stopped' I said. 'I thought you were going to object'.
'Oh No, just the opposite, I've never seen a guy wank himself off and I want so much to see you do it.'
'I've never seen a girl do it either' I said. 'Why don't we do it together?'
Without saying anything else she laid back in the chair, moved her hand back over her pussy and slowly started rubbing her middle finger in between her now very wet pussy lips.
As she got into the pleasures her fingers were generating her other hand moved between pulling on the nipple of her left breast and moving down to slide two fingers into her warm, wet pussy.
Needless to say I was in ecstasy, my senses filled with the passion, the smell, sights and the feelings we were both enjoying. My hand was moving rapidly up and down my rock hard cock, my balls swinging hard with each stroke. The tip of my cock was being tickled by the back of her hand as we both absorbed the sight and sounds of each others wanking.
Very soon I could tell she was getting near coming as her muscles in her stomach started flexing and her legs extended either side of me and clamped my body between her calves.
With each stroke a small moan came from her lips as she rubbed faster and harder, hr eyes watching my hand stroke faster, trying to match her speed. I could feel my balls tighten as I neared my climax and I watched the ecstatic look of pleasure in her face as she neared hers.
Suddenly I could hold back no longer and with a loud cry and plenty of moans my cock started to spray hot white come all over her hand and pussy. The feelings of my come landing on her must have pushed her into her climax as she threw her head back, closed her eyes and screamed out her pleasure.
Her legs stiffened and clamped hard around my waist as she started to shake in orgasm, and my come seemed to go on for ever. I was still milking the last of the come from my cock on to her wide open pussy as her legs relaxed and fell to the floor, and I fell forward on to her heaving breasts as we both came down from the most powerful, draining orgasms either of us had had.
We relaxed, as we let our breathing return to normal, and felt the wonderful afterglow of orgasm. We stayed like that for over half an our, until the excitement of what had happened began stirrings in us both and our hands started exploring each others bodies once again.
We then started..................... but that is for next time...........
I'll tell you about the other experiences when I can.
The Emperor



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