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My First Masturbation Experiences

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I have lived in a Country where in my infancy and adolescent years sex was not talk about at home. Parents did not explain anything to their children but had to learn everything from their older peers. I do not recall ever talking about sex until I was almost 12 years old. Even though I was aware I had erections, never knew anything about masturbation or played with myself until that age either. I just remember once I asked my aunt why a friends of her was so fat, and she explained that before you are born, you mother have the baby in the tummies for sometime; that was all.
Well, when I was turning twelve, I was in my physical education class at school but for some reason I do not recall, we were doing nothing. I guess our teacher had taken the day off that day. Anyway, some guys started to talk about how children are made and for the first time I realized that father contributed with their semen to procreation. I did not understand well how this could be possible, but did not say anything. I remember, about two or three weeks late, I was in class and I had the urgency to pee and got a pass to go to the toilet. While in the toilet room, I was trying to pee without success since I had a hardon. Just in that moment, the boy who was explaining everything about sex in that physical education class walked in and realized how I was. He said, having problems! you should get rid of it and asked if I have ever wanked. I said I did not know what he was talking about and without taking notice he put his hand around my penis and started wank me. I really enjoyed that tickling before orgasm and let he do it without putting any resistance to it. When I came, I spilled some semen, a little bit, but semen indeed but I felt so bad afterwards. He explained to me that substance (cum) is what a man puts in a woman vagina to have children. He walked out of the toilet room without doing anything and I feltterrible. I thought something wrong had happened to me and went almost without eating for about a week so my parents thought of taking me to the doctor's but there was no need.
A week must have passed by, when I went to my grandmother's to visit my cousin. His parents lived on the grounds of a power station out of town where there was no school in the near proximity and. had to come to my granny's for the school week. He was running fever that day and was in bed so I had to come to his room. When I walked in I realized he was doing something
under the covers for what I thought he was hiding something from me. I begged him to show me what is was thinking it was a new toy, but he did not want to.
When he was not paying attention, pull his covers away from him and found him with an erection and without his bottom part of his pyjamas. He was 2 years older than me and he said in an off hand way that he was masturbating. He did it in front of me and I asked me to do it and joined him in my first mutual masturbation until we both reached orgasm. I must confess here that I felt great afterwards and all that pain and worry I had being suffering since that day at school went away.
From 13 to 18 years old I participated in masturbation session with some friends and with my cousin. My friends and me got together to masturbate, not touching each other we wanted to show each other who was able to ejaculate the farther or deliver the biggest load. With my cousin we worked each other to ejaculation until one day, we mimicked a heterosexual fuck. We lay on top of each other rubbing our penis against our tummies until we came. From that day on, we never joined in another session since we reckoned this was more for gays than for straight, as we thought ourselves to be. I do not remember feeling bad about it, but this was something I was never going to do again in my life.
I did not get the best out of masturbation from those sessions, but from my own experiences using the stop and go method. I reckon, some may disagree, that when you go solo you can take yourself to a perfect complete and satisfying orgasm, while in a group session you just have I nice satisfying cum. I learned this by serendipity. Two things leaded me into this. First, because of being born in a very (apparently) strict or puritan society, I was raised with the idea that any sex activity out of the wedlock was ivel ; feeling that made me bothered me because a priest has told me that the Bible said so, referring to Onam case. Being a potential scientist, as I later became, I looked the story up in the Bible and found out by myself that Onam sin was not from masturbation but from spilling semen on the ground (I later realized that it was from not wanting to give a son to his brother). I reckoned them, that I could work my dick for a while and stopping just before ejaculation. I was not spilling semen on the ground. But in may instances, after stopping and going for a while, maybe an hour I could not hold any longer delivering the biggest load I ever saw before.
By that time, around the age of 14 I started a workout programme using the Charles Atlas Method with asked for some nude sessions. You were instructed to completely undressed and lay down on you bed with the windows of your room open for about an hour or so each day. Supposedly this allowed your skin to breath freely in order to fortify your muscles, something that was normal to our ancestors when nobody wore clothes, they said so. Whenever I was laying in bed naked, I got an erection and starting pumping my dick using the stop and go method trying with all my heart not to 'spill semen on the ground', but again, the situation came that I could not hold it any longer experiencing the most magnificent orgasms. The time arrived when I did not experience any guilt at all. I did this sessions were done mainly at bed time, ending up sleeping nude all night, something I still do all the time and enjoy the most.
My solo sessions were enhanced when I added background music to them. We had an old record player, one of those that allowed you to stick 4 o 5 long play old records (some people may still remember them) one on top the other and play them one after the other without having to do anything (it sounds ridiculous now). I always liked and still do, jazz instrumental music and this was the background added. While naked on the bed with the big erection I could masturbate using the stop and go method for about an hour experiencing the most magnificent orgasms. This is what I do when I go solo until today not as often as before when I was single.
Starting to masturbate cannot be easy and growing up your sex life can have up and downs. I also have an unpleasant experience during my adolescent years. I have just begun my masturbation life when I happened to be at my aunt's house. She had to run some errands and her husband what supposedly ill at home. It was a rainy day and I was looking out the window and had a hard on that I tried to hide lifting my penis against my belly. My aunt's husband went by and might have seen how I was. After a while he called me to come to the living room and ask me to sit down. As I did he approached me and unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out and started to masturbate me. I was 12 going into 13 and he was 45 years old and I felt I could not do anything but enjoyed what was going on. After I ejaculated he cleaned me up and made me promise not to tell anyone else what had happened. I really feel sorry for him, although he seemed aroused, I could realized he did not have an erection; he was showing his penis. I felt raped for some days but overcame that very well
Whenever my wife is away or I am, I still enjoy my solo sessions especially when I have jazz music in the background. Intercourse or solo sex are complementary in their own means and for me, one is not better than the other, they are just two beautiful different ways to enjoy life.



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