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My First Male-Male Fun

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My best friend Will and I have known each other since the third year of primary school, and regard ourselves as normal youths. He plays soccer on Saturday afternoons and I swim Sunday mornings; other than that we spend our time in college, occasionally eating out with our best mates, and mostly at each other's houses playing console games and having a laugh, doing homework now and then. We certainly never thought we were gay.

It was a Wednesday and we finished college at 1:00pm as first years have an extra studies afternoon and we're second years. We decided to head the half mile up the road to my semi-detached house and try out the latest gangster game for a bit. My mom and pa were out, so we'd be able to rack up the volume a bit, no worries.

We'd been playing an hour and it had got a little boring, plus the house was stuffy as the heating had been on. We were both sweating an awful lot, and as he couldn't go home as he had no key, he had to stay at mine. It wasn't a problem it just meant he couldn't have a change of clothes or anything before we went out to watch the local team play.

My mom phoned to say she wouldn't be back from work until late evening as she had to go over her colleague's accounts again, and asked me to fill the washing machine and do the washing up. I promised her I would. I figured I could get Will to help and mom would think I did it all and give me bonus cash! Win all round!

We started washing up, and it seemed to go okay, until Will dropped a glass bowl in the sink. The splash drenched us, and he cut himself a little, dripping blood on his cotton shirt. We figured he had no choice but to stick his clothes in our washer. I told him to strip and stick it in and set it for 40 etc, while I'd get him some of my clothes to borrow. I left and he did the deed.

I couldn't find any clothing. I walked towards the doorway and shouted this to him. He seemed a little nervous but said 'Hey don't hide, come in I don't mind'. So I did, and I noticed how slim he was, and he also didn't have many pubic hairs or indeed any hair. I felt a slight twinge in my groin but let it go. He said he felt a bit awkward and asked if I'd strip to make it fair, just so we'd both have the embarrassment of being seen naked, and suggested we slipped under my bed sheets for modesty. I agreed, thinking what the hell, he is my best friend. So I stripped and we both blushed. We both ran to my room and I let him jump under my duvet first. I followed, and we sat there and just laughed. I flicked on the satellite TV and browsed nature channels. After 15 minutes we were both very hot under the duvet. We looked at each other all sweating and I suggested that we had a shower. Will looked relieved and said sure, I could go first. I insisted he did, being the guest, yet he politely refused. I reached over to him and tried to roll him off the bed, wrestling like a young boy. We laughed, and I managed to move him to the edge. I lost grip and he almost fell off my bed. I reached out and grabbed him, and we both breathed a sigh of relief as I managed to resist gravity. However, I was now holding him between the thighs by accident, and his relatively small, not really hairy penis was erect! He blushed, then I realised I was hardening very quickly too. We both blushed and he clambered over me clumsily and hid his crotch under the pillow. I said 'I'm not sure about the shower' a little uncertainly, and he stammered 'Nor me!'. We sat there awkwardly for five or so minutes.

'Umm... well, I'm still hard,' I confessed. 'M..m...me too!' admitted Will. 'Hey, still want the shower?' he asked, boldly, looking puzzled as to why he said it. I read the situation well, second guessing his idea. 'Oooh, that can wait!' I announced, before climbing out from under the duvet, taking the pillow from his crotch, and saying 'Fancy sorting out this problem?' and smiling. He grinned and chuckled, and merely nodded. He lay back and parted his legs instinctively. His penis rose to full attention, all six inches of it, modest and bald. I don't have much bigger a penis but I have a black mass of pubes. I clambered over Will so his thighs shrouded my hips. I reached for his erection and he reached for mine. Our penises touched as we stroked one another, as we used our other hands to rub each other's nipples and chests. Within 10 minutes we'd shot over each other from neck to groin, and we were laughing furiously.



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