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My First Male Male Experience at 30

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I have always been a sex fiend. I think I'm addicted to the feeling of a good hardon and addicted to the feeling of cumming. If I could have a permanent hard dick and cum 100 times a day I would love it. I love all things about pussy and I can't get enough, whether I'm jacking off looking at pictures of pussies, or having sex with a real live woman. I love every aspect of sex.

I started fantasizing about being jacked off by a guy and me jacking off a guy when I was about 30. I was curious, and I wanted to experience cumming with a guy just for some variety. I finally got my chance.

I had a friend who wasn't a close friend; he was more like a guy I just ran into now and then and we knew each other. The only thing we had in common was we both play guitars. The last time we met he said we needed to get together sometime and play some tunes, so we agreed on his place one Saturday afternoon.

I went over with my guitar and we fooled around for a couple hours jamming together, then we laid our instruments down and just talked. Our talk quickly turned to some of the women we've known, who was easy and who wasn't, etc. He was describing one women he had been fooling around with and he detailed her body very descriptively. He said she was so hot he jacked off thinking about her all the time. This, of course, peaked my curiosity.

I told him I jacked off thinking about some of my conquests too. Being a bit daring, I told him just talking about 'doing' these girls was making me kind of hard! He laughed then squeezed his crotch and said 'me too!' Suddenly I found myself really getting hard because what I had said to him had been really just a joke. He still had his hand on his crotch but I could see he was getting hard too. I began feeling my hard dick through my pants. We were both leaning back, me on a couch and he on a love seat openly massaging our long shapes within our pants. I said 'damn, this feels good.' He looked at me and said 'you want to jack off?' I said 'Yeah, that would be nice right now, I'm really fuckin' hard.'

We both took our pants off and took our seats again. I was amazed looking at his dick. It was pretty large and thick and looked rock hard. He was looking at mine too. Together we stroked slowly, talking about how good it felt and watching each other. I asked him how often he jacked off and he told me practically every day. I told him I did too.

I was wanting to feel his dick and try jacking it but I didn't know how to ask him. Would that turn him off? I suggested we compare each other so we stood up and placed our dicks side by side. His was maybe an inch longer but both were very similar. He said 'you sure are hard' and with that he reached over and felt mine. I then reached and took his in my hand. My heart raced as I squeezed and felt how rock hard he was and I slipped my hand gently down his shaft and back up feeling the tight skin of his rigid dick. His hand was now slowly jacking my dick too. I told him I had never felt another hard dick and he said he hadn't either. I said 'it feels kind of cool having someone else jack me' and he told me it felt different but good to him too.

I told him to sit on the love seat again and I got between his legs. He leaned back and watched me as I jacked him. His dick was warm in my hand and so hard. I told him he had a really nice dick. I jacked him until he told me he was cumming. I jacked him hard then and he pumped cum all over his stomach and chest as he pulled his shirt up out of the way. He wiped it off and said 'your turn.'

I sat down and he got between my legs and jacked me, stopping to look at my dick and talk about it now and then. Finally, I shot my cum all over myself.

When we had our pants back up and I was ready to leave he said what we had done had been fun and he didn't see anything wrong with it if I didn't. I told him it felt good and asked him if he wanted to do it again sometime. He said 'yeah, anytime!'

To make a long story short, we jacked each other off dozens of times after that. We never did anything more than that, but we talked about something else, but ultimately we were both too nervous about doing that. We were jack off buds for about two years then his job transfered him to another city a long way off. I really miss our jack off sessions. We talk occasionally on the phone though and we are going to try and visit each other this summer and I'm sure we will be jacking ourselves silly. If we get together I'll write another story and let you know what happens.



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