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My First Lez Experience

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My First Lez Experience
I just want to start off by saying that I love this website!! When I get really horny and think about guys on guys, or even girls on girls, I come right here. On weekends, I make sure everybody is asleep and than I go onto the computer on my room. But I get prepared first. I go to my underwear drawer and pull out my 8" vibrator from under all my thongs and bras. I take off my shirt and shorts so I'm in my bra and favorite string bikini panties from Victoria's Secret. Turn on my vibrator, put it in the middle of my chair, straddle the chair and slowly lower my wet pussy onto the vibrator. I moan and lick my lips while I get into a position where I can feel the vibrator on my cunt and my asshole (I love anal sex!). Than I find my favorite story on this site about homosexual sex. Than I start humping the chair and vibrator as I look over into the mirror and slowly take off my bra and rub my C tits. And when it gets to the point in the story where two guys cum in each other's mouths I take off my panties, point the vibrator straight up, and slowly lower my soaking lips over the magic wand. As I look down and see the vibrator disappearing into my cunt, I rub one of my tits and have a nice big orgasm. After I cum I just sit there with the artificial cock still humming in my pussy for about thirty seconds, then pull it out and lick it off. I love the taste my own cum, but I always wanted to taste other girls cum - and that's how my first lesbian experience began....
My first experience was a few weeks ago with one of my good friends, Liz, we're both 17. According to all the guys who I talked to she was hot. She was tall with nice long legs, nice sized tits, and a beautiful ass. I consider myself to be attractive too. I'm 5'10", good legs, tight ass, and the biggest tits in my grade, I always see guys starting at them in school. Anyway, we were on a trip to Boston for school and me and Liz shared a room. It was the first nite there and we were lying in bed watching TV. I was in my bed just wearing and my new double-string bikini panties (they're cut really high) and a cotton camisole (I get a lot of my undies from V.S.). She was lying on the floor in a thong and a baby-tee. I could see the outline of her bra through her tight shirt, that turned me on. Thats where it all started.
I got up to walk to my suitcase to get my toothbrush when Liz told me I had sexy legs. I had never gotten a compliment like that from another girl. I turned around smiled to her and told her that I like her ass. I don't think she was expecting a response like that. Then I asked her if she ever masturbated, but she said she would tell only if I told her. I said I did with pride, I guess that made her feel more comfortable because she told me she did. Then I took a deep breath and said, "Did you ever want to do stuff with other girls...like sexual kinda stuff?" Her eyes widened and she said "Yes! Do you think about that too?!" I got so excited. I told her I did and asked if she wanted to try stuff tonight. She thought about it and nervously replied Yes. I was so happy, I was finally going to taste another girl's juices.
"What should we try first?" she asked me. I said we should just start off slow and just finger each other. When she stood up and slid off her thong I felt my panties get wet. When I saw how neatly she shaved her cunt I just had to compliment her. When I took off my panties she said she liked my pussy too, but I knew that hers was better than mine. Than we agreed to take off our tops too. So I took off my top and let my tits hang freely with my nipples standing straight up. She quickly reached over and touched them, I liked that feeling a lot. Than it was her turn. She took off her t-shirt and exposed her tits sitting comfortably in her see-through bra. She was ready to unhook it when I stopped her and asked if I could do it. When she said yes and slowly moved toward her, as I got closer I looked into her eyes - I gave her a quick kiss on the lips. I reached around her feeling her chest against mine, and unhooked her bra, then I slid off the straps and there they were. Two of the most beautiful and sexy tits I ever saw. I put both my hands on them and she did the same to me, as we stood there rubbing each other's chests, I leaned over and kissed her - with my tongue. She kissed me back. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and touched hers. With our tongues tangled I put my arms around her and pulled her closer. I slowly moved my hands down and rubber her soft ass. She just kept her hands on my breasts. After 20 seconds of making out, we stopped kissing and just hugged each other so our tits would touch.
Finally we got onto her bed. We lay in a 69 position and got ready. I took two of my fingers and caressed her clit. Then I felt her hands on me and simply moaned. I started rubbing her cunt with my palm and dipped a few fingers in now and then. I felt her fingers moving in and out of me and I rubbed her thighs, she moaned and licked her lips. We looked at each other and smiled. We both new we were ready to eat each other out. So I moved my mouth down between her legs and licked her inner thighs. But she didn't waste any time. I felt her tongue moving around the inside of my clit while she sucked on my lips. I quickly stuck my tongue into her and tongue fucked her, she tasted delicious, sweet even. This went on for a little while than I got a great idea. I told her to stop so she gave me one last lick and picked her head up.
I told her to lie on her back and open her legs, so she did. Than I sat in a position so our pussy's were centimeters apart. I put my left leg over her right leg pushed my pussy into hers. She quickly got the idea. We kind of in scissor positions while we rubbed out clits together, grinding our thighs together mixing our juices. She yelled that she was ready to cum, and so was I. So we quickly got into the 69 position again and tongue-fucked each other until we both exploded into each other's mouths at the same time.
Her juices tasted so much better than mine. I didn't want to swallow. But I finally did when Liz got up and moved next to me. She leaned over and kissed me, and to my surprise her mouth was still filled with my cum. It was the best kiss I ever had and it lasted for ever while we rubbed each others tits and thighs. Than we both swallowed what ever we had in our mouths and pulled away.
We got up and we were both exhausted. I them purposely went over and put her clothes on. I slid on her thong and felt how wet she got against my own twat. Her bra was tight on me but I didn't mind at all. She slowly pulled on my bikini panties and the camisole and she looked sexy as hell. I walked over rubbed her ass and gave her a goodnight kiss. And we both went to bed without talking.
I asked her in the morning if she wanted to do anything like this again and she said yes. But not until we got home and she got her toys, which were some great experiences (and stories) you'll all read soon.



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