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My First Lesson on Masturbation

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I was fifteen and pretty much a lesbian but no one knew. I don't know how they didn't; from what my friend said, I had the butch lesbian hairdo but was too small for it. I was the feminine lesbian but had the butch hairdo. I had a friend, well somewhat a friend and somewhat a teacher. She taught me everything about the real world.

She taught me most importantly how to masturbate. Her name was Jenny, and she was the anarchist, punk type. I was the nothing type. I was friends with everyone. She came up to me and told me she was bi, and I said I kind of figured that. She was at a loss of words. 'What do you mean!'

I laughed, 'You got the dike personality.'

She smiled at me and I said, 'You have to be one to see it.' She smiled and got the drift.

'Awww, so you're 'off', too?'

I loved how she called it being off. I nodded. We went through the lunch line and she said, 'Hey, after school we usually go across the road and smoke; you want to come with me? You don't have to smoke; just come and hang out.'

I said sure. I loved the way cigarettes smelled but didn't care for smoking. After school, she and I were in her car, and she asked, 'So have you ever done it with a girl before?'

I blushed. 'Not really?'

She then smiled with the cigarette between her lips. 'Then how do you know your bisexual?'

I smiled and said, 'Because I know my own feelings. But most of all sex is sex and either way I love it!'

She smiled at me and said, 'We have more in common than I thought! How about masturbation? Have you ever had mutual masturbation before?'

I blushed and said, 'I haven't even masturbated yet - I know what it is but I've been to scared to do it.' I don't know why I was scared; it just felt like I was.

She exhaled the smoke, which kind of turned me on in itself. 'You want to experiment then?'

I felt my heart sink from nervousness. 'Sure.'

She threw the more or less dead cigarette and yelled to the others, 'See ya guys later! I have people to do and places to see!' All the guys, which were our friends, mostly goth and punk, laughed at her. We went to her house, which she lived alone in.

I sat on her couch that I assumed she used as a bed to considering the covers and the pillow. She handed me a drink and sat down beside me while taking out another cigarette. I then noticed her ashtray and thought, 'She smokes like a freight train!' I looked at her and she smiled.

'You're scared, aren't you.' I was amazed that she figured it out.

'Yeah, just a bit.' She then pulled my legs to have me sitting at the end of the couch with her behind me. She then started to massage my back.

It was really nice; I lost myself in the feeling of her hands. I then started to feel kisses along my neck. That's also when I noticed she had discarded the cigarette. 'I am starting to get really horny?' I didn't even realize I said this! She then laid me down and removed my pants and underwear. She unbuttoned my shirt and took my bra off me.

'You really have some nice tits. I don't like them when they're huge and deformed looking.'

I blushed, 'I wish they were bigger.'

She smiled and said what I never thought anyone in the whole world would say, 'Well you know what they say; the way to make them grow is to play with them.' Her mouth was quickly at work on my boobs. I was too excited to realize her hand was traveling down my stomach to my bald pussy.

'You shave?' I didn't even understand what she was saying; I was in heaven. 'Wow.'

I heard that and asked 'What?'

She said, 'Your pussy is really tight!'

I blushed. She added a finger to the one she had already inserted. I was about to burst. When she added another I felt my body shake, and I had one of the best orgasms in my entire life! She licked her fingers clean and got up.

'Don't you want me to?' was all I said before she said, 'No... true I am hornier then hell right now, but I don't want to be like those whores out there that use you. You're way too beautiful to be used Candy.' I blushed and she got a drink and cuddled with me for a while before she said, 'You know your parents are probably worried about you?'

I then remembered that I was supposed to be grounded. Oops!



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