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My First J/O With a Girl

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This is a true story about my first actual sexual contact with a girl. I was 13 years old and just finished the 7th grade. There was a girl who was a year younger than me who lived a few doors down the block. She and I had grown up together and had been good friends forever. Both of our parents (both mother and father) worked full time jobs and in the summers past we both had been required to have baby sitters during the time school was out. During this summer, the parents decided we were old enough to stay by ourselves without the benefit of a babysitter. Naturally we spent a lot of time together. I had been masturbating since I was 9 years old and was doing it on a regular basis. I had just started to grow pubic hair and had been having wet orgasms for about 6 months. My only 'sex education' had been the Playboys that I sneaked out of my fathers nightstand. I frequently used these to fuel my masturbation sessions. Since Rachel, the girl from down the street, and I spent a lot of time at the city swimming pool, I started to notice that she has little breasts and I began to fantasize about what she would look like nude when I masturbated. It became more and more of an obsession of mine to see her naked. One day were were in her basement sitting on an old couch watching TV when out of the blue she asked me what I knew about sex. This kinda flustered me since she had never even hinted at anything like that before. I told her that I wasnt very experienced at all. With that she reached under the couch cushion and pulled out a book called 'See me'. This was a black and white book about sex that showed naked adults and children. The book was very explicit, showing close up pictures of vulvas and penises. It even showed a boy and a girl masturbating and having intercourse. I got an immediate hard on that hurt like hell. I asked Rachel if she looked like the pictures when she had her clothes off and she pointed at one of the photos and said she looked kinda like that girl but the girl in the book had bigger breasts. I thought to myself, here is my chance and asked her if I could see hers. She said only if she could see mine. Being turned on, I thought what the hell and pulled down my shorts and underwear. My cock popped out and Rachel stared at like she had never seen one before (which she hadn't except for pictures. I said, now its your turn and she pulled her t shirt over head. She had on a soft cup front hook training bra. she slowly unclasped the hood and let the bra drop. Her breasts were beautiful, with large nipples that looked like a ping pong ball cut in half. She had very little actual breast, just these big nipples. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Breathlessly I asked her to take off her shorts. She slowly slid them down, turning away from me. She had on white cotton panties with little flowers on them. She had her back to me and I reached out and pulled the back of her panties down her butt. She pulled them the rest of the way off and turned to face me. I was in heaven. She had a few straight silky pubic hairs right at the top of her slit and on the lips at the top. The rest of her mound was bare. It was very puffy and prominent with a deep, tightly closed slit. Without even thinking, I reached out and ran my the tip of my finger down her crease. She jumped back like she had been shocked. Using my other hand I did what came naturally and began masturbating. She sat down on the couch and I stood in front of her and touched her nipple with one hand while I masturbated. Wanting to see more, I stopped rubbing and asked her to open her legs so I could see better. She did and I opened her lips with my other hand and surveyed her inner most private parts. I noticed she was very slippery there and started moaning when I touched her. Not knowing anything about female anatomy back then, I fumbled around, knowing there was supposed to be a hole there somewhere. I never did find it on that occasion, but from the sounds of her moaning, I figured I was doing something right.I continued playing with her vulva and began stroking my now painful cock like crazy. After only a few strokes, I felt the cum begin to rise and shot several spurts on her lower belly and on her slit..She had no idea what it was to I tried to explain, while I was using my t shirt to wipe it off. It was nearly time for our parents to get home, so we got dressed and went outside.. This began what turned out to be a fun summer, but that is another story..



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