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My First Gymnastics Leotard

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When I was 13 at high school I used to love watching the girls doing gymnastics in there skin-tight longsleeved black leotards in the gymnasium. They looked so beautiful in them and you could easily see the lips of their pussies when they ran around and stretched. I loved the way the black material covered there upper bodies like a second skin. I wondered what the girls felt like in their tight leotards as they ran around, and whether or not the taught material rubbed their pussies.

One day I was in the locker room on the way home and no one was around. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something black laying in the corner of the room and looking closer I realised it was a leotard that a girl had dropped when putting her gym kit away. Picking it up it felt so soft and was made of a stretchy nylon. It looked too small for me to try on, but I decided to put it into my school bag and look at it in more detail at home. When I got home no one was around so I went into the bathroom and took all my clothes off. I held the leotard up to my body and rubbed it against my chest feeling how soft it was. I then smelt the crotch and to my surprise the aroma told me it had been worn before.

At first I just put my arm into one of the sleeves to see what the material would look like on. As I did the material stretched and I managed to cover my whole arm with the black material. I imagined all the girls at school changing into their leotards before gym class. My cock was beginning to get hard and I could feel my heart pounding. This was it I thought, I'm going to try the leotard on just to see what a girl feels like when she's doing gymnastics. I pulled my arm out of the sleeve, and as I held the leotard up to my chest I wondered how I was going to fit into it as the crotch only reached my belly buttom.

I was shaking by now and I slowly stepped into the leotard and gradually pulled it up my legs. As the leotard went over my bum it stretched and moulded itself to my body, my cock was erect and the leotard felt electric as I pulled the taught black nylon over it. I continued to pull the leotard up to my chest and was amazed how much it stretched to fit like a second skin. I then slowly put my arms into the long black sleeves one at a time by ducking my shoulder down into the leotard. After a bit of a struggle I was finally in the leotard and I stretched my arms above my head to make sure I was snugly encased in the material. I then made a few steps around the bathroom to feel what it was like and was amazed at how the material rubbed my cock with every move I made.

I noticed the leotard had rode up between my bum cheeks forming a wedgie so I pulled it out using my fingers just like the girls do before they start their routines. As I looked at myself in the mirror it was like looking at a girl, sometime the leotard had pulled my body into a more feminine shape. I started to tug at my cock through the leotard but managed to stop before I came. I then decided to lie on the floor and slowly move my bum up and down so that my cock rubbed the inside of the leotard. Eventually my cock exploded inside the leotard making a wet sticky mess. I hurridly took the leotard off and cleaned it up. The next day I returned it to the school locker room, where I later saw one of the girls pick it up and put it back into her gym bag. It was great to watch her in that leotard in the coming weeks knowing that I'd worn it as well and had had my cock in the same place that her pussy was.



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