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My First Girlfriend

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In high school, I had a serious boyfriend, but our relationship was the typical on-again-off-again high school melodrama. He was my first for almost everything and I was the same for him. But this story isn't about him...directly. During one of our 'breaks' I spent a lot of time with my friend Krista. She was really great at listening to me gripe and bitch and cry but could also keep my mind off of him most of the time. I was lucky to have had someone I could share so much with. When I started to share these feelings with her I had no idea just how much I would really be sharing by the end of it.

Like a large number of my friends in high school, Krista was gay. I was fine with that because, like I said, most of my friends were. We joked that that was the only way not to get pregnant in high school. While she was keeping me distracted from my relationship woes, I learned a lot about homosexuality and why she liked girls instead of guys. She was what she called a 'real lesbian' not 'the strap-on kind' which she then had to explain to me.

As we are talking about lesbians and how their sex works, my room started feeling hot and stuffy so I changed out of my sweatshirt into a t-shirt. I tried to see if she was watching me change. I don't know why it seemed to matter now; she had seen me change a million times. She wasn't watching I made a comment about why she didn't look at me that way. (flirting is more than second nature for me) She was then very blunt and asked if I wanted her to look at me. I started feeling hot again and realized I hadn't put on a bra under my sweatshirt, which wasn't a big deal under the bulk of the sweatshirt but with a t-shirt on, my nipples were alert. Krista noticed.

She shifted closer to me and asked what I would do if she kissed me. Being coy, I replied, 'I won't know until you do.' And so she did. It was a nice kiss, too, and I was surprised that I was kissing her back when she pulled away grinning.

The next hour was a blur at the time, but as I write it out I can savor every second of it. She teased me, 'What if I...' as she kissed my neck... my check... my ear... Then, her hands were under my shirt. She wasn't groping the way boys do; she was exploring and in no hurry either. She laid me down on the bed and took my shirt off in one slick motion. I had to laugh, 'I get the feeling you've done this before.'

She kept caressing the skin on my chest and stomach then worked it like a deep tissue massage. It felt amazing, and I was getting really wet. I had never been with a girl and didn't think I was ready for that, but when she went from rubbing my upper body to kissing it, I thought I was going to melt in her arms. I pretty much decided she was going to be able to do whatever she wanted with me. And that's just what she did...

She laid beside me and kissed my ear and neck, then she moved to my collar bone and to my breasts. She licked & sucked on my nipples until I thought I would scream in ecstasy. She brought her knee up between my legs and I began grinding my wet, swollen pussy against her. We made out like this for probably an hour or more before my mom pulled into the driveway. We ate dinner, and it was time for her to go home soon after.

Our next afternoon was more in depth, but I need to finish masturbating now. It's hard to type one-handed, and this post is long enough I think. I'm also wondering if I still have her number, or if it would even be the same anymore.



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