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My First Girl

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I was thirteen at the time, she was sixteen.


Amy was a step-daughter of my mother's friend and she took a liking to my mother who treated her much better than her step-mother did.

One winter night, not long after I had turned thirteen, Amy stopped by for a visit with my mother. We sat near the wood stove as she and my mother talked. Amy was wearing a pair of what we called 'girls jeans' as the fly was on the hip and the crotch was plain. Oh, how I remember looking at girls crotches back then as I don't think they realised just how well their pussies were delineated.

Anyway, Amy sat on a block of firewood with her legs wide open and I just couldn't keep my eyes off her crotch. Amy had large breasts and the top two buttons on her blouse were undone but I was not interested in them, yet. I had seen some photos of nude women and I just couldn't help but wonder what her pussy looked like. Being a horney thirteen-year-old my cock soon swelled inside my jeans, but I was also embarrassed that she might see the bulge in my jeans, or my mother would so I left and went to my room to read and listen to the radio.

It was not more than ten minutes later that Amy came into my room. I was surprised to see her, but she was quite friendly and even lay on my bed next to me. I was at first at a loss at how to take this sexy older girl who now had found me interesting. We lay there talking and then began telling slightly off-color jokes. One of the jokes had to do with how people made love and I ended up on top of her. I now had a raging hard-on as somehow a third button of her blouse had become undone and I could see her glorious cleavage. As we joked around my hard cock got pressed against her pussy and her legs slid apart. We were both still fully dressed but the pressure of our bodies was quite evident. The sight of that glorious cleavage got the better of me and I just buried my face between her warm firm luscious tits. Her right hand on the back of my head pressed my face to her chest while her left hand was on my ass pulling me into her.

I wanted to do more than just dry hump her so I rolled off and she almost rolled on top of me but I was against the wall so she couldn't get fully on top of me. However her one leg went up over my hip and as I continued to try to get one of her nipples into my mouth I also was trying to get my hand inside her jeans. As luck would have it she was lying on the fly to her jeans so I instead slid my hand down the back of her jeans inside her panties to caress her bare ass. I still remember to this day how soft and silky smooth her ass was. Meanwhile one of her hands had found its way inside my jeans to grasp my hard cock. It had been bent double but she gently straightened it out so it pointed upwards. She gently palmed the wet juicy head of my cock as she slid her fingers along the shaft.

As I had jacked off an hour or so earlier in the shower I was not too worried about coming any time soon, even though I was highly excited and hot. Just as I got a nipple in my mouth by pushing at her bra with my chin to free a delicious tit my hand slid down the front of her jeans. She had sucked in her wonderfully soft tummy to make room and I felt her silky soft pubic hair. I had read about girls so I knew about clit's and my finger went looking for her's. Her, up to then, mostly idle hand on my cock began to slide up and down rapidly. Her clit swelled and hardened under my novice finger and within just a very few moments she was gasping out her orgasm heavily into the top of my head as I sucked on a quite small areola but plump almost rubbery nipple. Sometime in our fooling around the light in my room got turned off, just as she was about to bring me to orgasm my mother entered my room telling Amy it was time she left my room. It was dark so I knew my mother never saw what we had been doing.

I had to finish myself off and have always been amusedly angry at my mother for interrupting a very important event in my young life.

Later I went out to where Amy and my mother were still talking. Amy had again assumed her position on the block of firewood sitting with her elbows resting on her well parted knees. Looking at her crotch again I could see the ouline of her pussy. Amy looked at me with warm soft puppy eyes.

I often wonder if she has ever looked back on those experiences with me with the same warmth and tendernass that I do. I saw her last summer for the first time in almost thirty years and she is still just as beautiful and as sweet at 67 as she was at sixteen.



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