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My First Extreme Exposure

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this was the first time I had done anything like this; but now my husband and I are experts on masturbating and exposing in public.


I definitely enjoy pleasuring myself in public places. The first time I ever did anything sexual outside of privacy was in a movie theatre with my husband. It was about a year after we got married. We were sitting near the top/back of the theatre for the best view, and we showed up early. Much to our surprise, only four more people showed up in total, and they all sat in the center.

We started kissing and that led to some rubbing and feeling each others bodies. I felt his dick and it was so surprising to me, it was fully erect in his pants! I was never so shocked.

I fondled him for a little while over his pants and I was getting more and more horny doing it. I could tell he was getting into it too because of his breathing and his body movements. He started whispering to me 'I'm gonna cum soon, are you ready?' and it made me even hotter! The next thing he said really took me by surprise, 'Take off your bra and panties'. I felt my face flush, and then I said OK and unclasped my bra, then pulled the straps over my arms through my dress and pulled it out of my dress through the arm hole.

I felt so exposed already, and I was looking around to make sure no one was watching. My dress was very light and airy, it had spring colors on it and my nipples poked the fabric out very easily. It wasn't see through at all, but it was very light fabric, and my breasts felt extremely exposed. At the top of the stomache area, the dress was tight with an elastic design, so this caused me to feel even more exposed because my breasts were held 'up' in the fabric even without a bra, and it just felt like my breasts were on some kind of display with only a thin piece of cloth over them. Anyway, my husband definitely liked the way it looked. :)

So then I leaned back in the chair and lifted my butt and pulled my panties down to my knees, then sat down and removed them from my legs and handed them to my husband. He put my bra and panties in his pocket and told me he wanted to watch me finger myself.

At this point I was definitely up for it. It was so exciting being half naked and fully turned on with strangers in the room.

I pulled my skirt up to my waist, very discretely, and opened my thighs just a little bit and began softly touching my pussy. I did this for only about ten seconds before my husband whispered to me 'expose your tits'. The fact that he worded it that way, so dirty, turned me on even more. I didn't even hesitate. I continued pleasuring myself with one hand and used my other hand to pull my dress down underneath my breasts. My nipples were erect and wrinkly and I was so turned on to have them exposed like that. I remember seeing the dim light from the movie screen dancing on my naked breasts.

He was slowly stroking himself, staring at me, and I was pretending to watch the movie, while rubbing my clit with one hand and playing with my breasts with the other hand. He reached over and guided my hand off my breasts, and held my hand gently on the armrest.

WOW! now THIS was exposed. Both arms down, my breasts completely nude within view of anyone who cared to turn their head. I absolutely LOVED that he was controlling me, and he was having me do something completely slutty. I had never been so turned on!

I was getting extremely wet doing this, and seeing him stroke himself was excellent. Just when I thought he was going to tell me to cover myself, he leaned over and whispered 'put your feet on the chair in front of you' ! !!

So I did, and I continued to rub myself between my tightly closed legs. Then he let go of my hand and reached over and slowly and gently guided my left knee out and then my right knee out until my legs were all the way open. That cool air on my extremely hot pussy was erotic beyond words! Let me tell you; I felt SOOOO slutty and hot! I had never exposed myself at all before in public, and he had never done anything like this to me before! I was so turned on and I loved it.

There I was in the theatre with my breasts exposed, my legs on the chair in front of me and spread out open, fingering myself with the movie screen light dancing on my most private parts!! It was fabulous!

Then he reached over and took my busy hand off of my pussy and guided it down to the chair, underneath my splayed-open legs. I complied because it was so new; I didn't know what to do, we had never done anything like this before.

Now I wasn't even masturbating; I was just displaying my nether regions in the theatre! I didn't even have the slight security of having my arms or hands ready to cover up!!! I tell you what, it was absolutely slutty-fantastic!

Since then we have had some more fantastic episodes of him controlling me like that in public, and I positively LOVE it!! I will write more later.



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