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My First Experience With a Girl

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I was maybe 14 when I met Giz. We met through class, I couldn't help but stare at her. I appologised and made up some excuse to talk to her during our music class. She was maybe 5'5, very thin with largish breasts for such a small frame. She had very very long black hair with red high lights, she looked like Denise Richards with a slightly gothic appeal.
I forget exactly how we started to be friends, I think it was when I joined My other friend to support her in the gay/straight alliance at our school and Giz was at the meeting. After that I joined, and we got to see each other in two classes a day, plus meetings twice a week. I invited her to a halloween party. She started to come over more often.
Her home life was very messed up. She frequently stayed with teachers but didnt like to do that alone. It was at our spanish teachers house, a very pretty woman with curly blonde hair, that we stayed that time. It had been snowing and we all went out to go see a movie and get dinner. After we came back, Giz and I went out into the snow and threw snowballs at each other. We came inside to go to sleep, our teacher had set up a futon in front of the fireplace for us, with hot cocoa and had gone to bed. Giz and I stayed up a bit, giggling and warming up under the covers.
She kissed my cheek, and I laughed a bit and kissed hers back. She brought her fingers up to My cheek and kissed Me. Pushing her small tongue into My mouth and tuching Mine with it. She tasted sort of funny, I maybe tasted the artichoke wed had for dinner mixed with the cocoa. She sort of rolled on top of Me, I felt a bit silly because she was so tiny. She lifted My shirt and bra, and touched My breasts, circling My nipples with her finger, leaning down and kissing them with little fluttering kisses. I was breathing a little harder and trying to be quiet, terrified the teacher would come into the room. Neither of us said anything. I just sort of lay there, and lifted My hands to her shirt, leaning down a bit, as much as I could in the position we were in, to lick at her nipples. Like everything else about her, they too were small and very pale. Her skin tasted slightly dirty, but I didnt mind much, she smelled odd too, like her clothes had been in a room with frying grease. I didnt mind that either, I just put it out of mind.
She wriggled off of Me and lay next to Me, we were both on our sides. She ran her fingers around My breasts, and between then, down My stomach and to the waist band of My pants, she ran her fingers along the inside of them and looked at Me to see if it was ok...I nodded consent and she put her hand down My pants. It felt a little awkward at first, her fingers fumbled and I wasnt quite wet enough for good lubrication. She tried to put her fingers into Me, but it didnt work and just sort of hurt a bit, so I took he rhand out gently, and put Mine into hers. She was soaked, and My fingers swirled easily around. I rubbed her clit, sort of rubbing it between two fingers, running My fingers along the inside of her lips, pushing one finger and then two inside of her. I used My thumb on her clit and she breathed heavy and started to cry out. She pushed her head into My shoulders and bit at My neck, which I enjoyed. At the time, I had never acheived orgasm, and so I didnt know if she did. (although remembering now, I felt the spasm around My fingers, soI know she did.)
Afterwards, she spooned around Me and we slept.
That was our first experience together, and My first (vaginal) experience with a woman (I do remember some play from being a child with an older girl friend, but that was mostly a sort of dry humping thing)



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