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My First Experience

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This happened a few weeks ago. It was my first real experience.
One afternoon, my parents were both unexpectedly out and busy, and I was instructed to go home with my friend's mom. I figured I would be sent home, but she told me she'd take me back to their house to wait instead. My friend was still at school for a band rehearsal because their concert was the next day. We picked up his sister, Mel, on the way to their house. She was about two years or so older then me. She was slim and cute, with a petite figure and a contagious smile. Immediately my mind was focused on her. I thought about her all the way back to my friend's house.
When we arrived at the house, Mel went to the kitchen and turned on the television. I stayed in the family room and got out some homework to pretend to do... but I was really thinking of Mel. After awhile, I dazed out into a sort of reverie. I snapped out of it when Mel suddenly walked up to the table where I sat. My heart raced... but I tried to keep my cool. She said hey, and sat down. She had brought a thick history textbook. She flipped to a page and began reading. I realized I was staring, and I went back to pretending to do my math worksheet. I kept sneaking looks at her when she was busy reading.
After awhile, she caught my gaze when I was looking at her. I looked down, embarrassed. She laughed and asked me why I had been stealing glances at her. I almost freaked out. I tried to stammer a response, but she interrupted me. 'Wanna see something?' She smiled devilishly. I asked her what she meant by that. She said, 'I think you know what I mean by that. I know you want to... so.....?' I laughed and nodded after some hesitation. She told me to follow her into her room.
I did, eagerly. She stopped suddenly when we got there, and abruptly pulled up her miniskirt to reveal pink-ish white panties. I still remember the design on them... a fancy curly design of swirls. I stared. And stared... She laughed. 'You like what you see?' I was shocked, and immensely pleased. 'Yeah' I said lamely. She then pulled up her shirt to reveal a white and lacy bra. She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, and proceeded to shuck it off of her onto the ground. Her boobs were rather petite, but not tiny or anything. Just perfect. She smiled her pretty smile. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I stared at her perfect round breasts and could hardly believe it.
By now, of course, I was very, very, very, hard. She was staring at my crotch where the outline of my penis was obvious.
She said, 'Well? Let me see you now.'
I laughed. 'Take off your panties and we have a deal.'
She slid off her miniskirt and teasingly pulled at her panties till they fell to the ground. Her pussy had been shaved I think, but there were a few wisps still. Now she stood completely naked in front of me. It was my first naked girl. She was horny. I could tell. Her tits stood out very firmly aroused. She was moist around her perfect little pussy. She pointed at my penis.
I happily complied, unbuckling my pants, pulling them down to reveal my super stiff cock. It was beginning to leak precum. I took of my shirt, and we were both naked in front of each other now. I lost my inhibitions now, and asked her if I could explore... She hesitated, but then nodded, with her eyes fixed on my cock. She lay down on her bed. I didn't know what to do, other then that I was extremely horny and there was a hot naked girl in front of me. I fondled her boobs gently, and clumsily. She laughed, and took my hand. She guided it around her tits and told me to squeeze. Then she pulled my hand down to her pussy. With her help I began to rub it and then I fingered her. I don't think I did a very good job though, because she soon took over and I just watched. She was fingering herself now very hard, and moaning. Soon she neared orgasm and began to hump her hand and finally came with a loud moan. Her eyes were closed, and after a minute she opened her eyes and asked if she could jerk me off.
I gladly accepted and she took my penis. She played around with it, exploring my penis and balls. She then began to stroke up and down my cock. She wasn't bad at it, and in no time I came, spurting hot spews of cum onto her tits. The cum particularly fascinated her. She took some drops and smelled it, then licked it. She didn't particularly like the taste of it though. After that we cleaned up and she gave me a long kiss. I went back to the family room to wait for my ride to come pick me up.
I never had any more experiences with her since, but she smiled devilishly every time I saw her.



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