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My First Experience

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I just wanted to say that I really enjoy this site and have been visiting for the past year. I thought it was time I contributed my own experiences.
When I was at middle school in England I had a friend called James. We were really good friends and used to hang around a lot together. Eventually we moved up to different upper schools at 13 and saw each other less. The one thing we did together was go swimming at the local baths. Even at that age I knew I was interested in lads and used to love spending time in the showers checking out the cocks on display. On a couple of occasions, when I went swimming with James, I noticed that there was a really fit bloke who used to go swimming with his girlfriend. This bloke was about 22, good looking and had a body like the young Sean Connery, all hairy and toned. This used to really turn me on and I used to insist that we left when he did so that I could get a good look at his naked body in the showers. After I had spent some time in the showers ogling this blokes gorgeous arse I had would go back to my private cubicle and wank myself off in ten second flat. James would always have the cubicle next to mine. This went on for a few months until, one day, I was wanking furiously over the bloke in the showers, when James stood on the bench in his cubicle and looked over the top of my cubicle, for a laugh, and caught me mid wank. I hastily covered up with a towel and nothing more was said except 'piss off perv!' by me. By this stage James and I only met occasionally, but as we left he asked me if I wanted to go swimming the next Thursday. I agreed and thought nothing more about it. We met up at the baths and there was this fit lad again, so I was already sporting a semi. James and I were messing about in the shallow end of the baths, where they had water jets, when suddenly he starts play fighting and splashing me. We were messing about like this when suddenly he grabbed my cock through my trunks and squeezed it really hard. Nobody had touched my cock since primary school, when the lads used to go around grabbing each others cocks in a game that we called 'widgeying' (cute eh!). I got hard at once and proceeded to grab his. We went on play fighting like this for ages and we both could feel that the other was hard. I was really horny when we got back to the dressing room but dare not have my usual wank. On the way home we began daring each other to do things. It was a dark night, and one of the dares was to walk ten paces with your cock out of your fly. I went first and was as stiff as a board. I didn't really care. Then it was James's turn, and I was really excited, but he did the dare that fast that I could not get a glimpse of his cock. As we got to my house I suggested that he could sleep over. I was really sexually excited by this time. He came in and phoned his mum and that was fine. We watched TV and my mum stayed up with us for a while. After she had gone to bed, James asked me what I wanted to do next, I said 'I don't know'. He said 'we could wank' but I ignored him as I had got that queasy feeling in my stomach that you have when you are nervous. I so wanted to make a move, but did not have the courage. Eventually we went to my bedroom where we decided to sleep on the floor. We messed about for a while when suddenly he said to me 'shall we have a wank?' I said: 'what? ourselves?' and he replied: 'no each other.' I asked him if he was serious, and he asked me and we both agreed that we were. James then told me to go get a torch. By this time my young body was trembling with excitement. I went downstairs and got my dad's torch and brought it back up to the bedroom. I got under the sheets on the floor and James grabbed the torch. He whispered to me: 'get it out then' In a fit of courage I quickly pulled down the sheets and then pulled down my briefs to reveal my erect cock. James shone the torch on it for what seemed like an age. Then, with his other hand, he grabbed hold of my briefs and said 'let me see your balls'. I felt his hand brush on the base of my cock and I felt a charge surge through me as he pulled my briefs down. 'Here' he said, and handed me the torch. I focused the torch on his groin as he whipped down his pants and held his erect cock straight up. By this time I was shaking with excitement. James told me to switch the torch off. James then slowly slid his hand across my body, grabbed hold of my cock and began wanking me. It felt so good, I thought I was in heaven! At first he was wanking me really fast so I asked him to slow down and grip it tighter. It was so great I wanted to get fully naked so I took of my T-shirt and pulled my briefs right off. James did the same. James grabbed hold of cock and started pulling me off slowly, with a strong grip. As he was wanking me he whispered 'do me then' I reached across but was so nervous I was shaking. He took hold of my hand and guided it to his cock. His cock felt silky and slippery and I was excited by the hardness of his shaft beneath. James had more pubic hair than me and I could feel that he had slightly furry balls. Feeling James's cock as we lay there wanking together got me really turned on and I came after a few more strokes from him. I came really hard, but most of it went on James' hand, which I think freaked him a bit. After he had cleaned his hand on my T shirt, I knelt between his legs and wanked him really hard. He kept whispering 'faster'. Suddenly he pushed my hand away and took over. He wanked really fast. I ran my hands over his balls and felt the hair at the top of his thighs. It was dark but I could tell from his sharp intake of breath that he had come. He asked to borrow my T-shirt and I handed it to him so he could wipe himself down. I felt really awkward afterwards and I am sure he did, because we went to sleep without saying much. The next morning we wanked each other again. This time taking turns. When my parents went out to work we discussed blowing each other. We agreed to try it, but decided we had to wash our cocks first. We went to the bathroom together and I suggested that we wash each others cock. James thought this would be fun. I told him to stand over the sink. I filled the sink with water and rubbed his cock with the soap. James kept saying 'that feels ace' so much that I asked him to wash mine at the same time. It felt so good that we never got round to the blowjob that morning as we both ended up cumming in the sink. I only saw James once more shortly after that night. He stayed the night and I gave and received my first blowjob. That night he asked me if I ever wanked thinking about that sexy man at the swimming baths. I never saw James after that, which is a shame because I would have liked to have experimented further with him. It was a special first time.



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