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My First Experience

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My first experience with seeing a guy cum was when I was 15 and my boyfriend was 16 and had his first car.

He was tall, handsome and I was very curious. As our dating progressed, we would go the good old drive in movies and make out. We'd both start breathing hard and were going a little bit further each time.

I really wanted to let him touch me and especially to touch him, but I didn't want it to be too easy, so I'd play 'hard to get' just enough to get us both even more excited. Like the first time he tried to feel me up and touch my boobs, I would pull his hand away, but not immediately!

I was so horny and curious about him, I have an older sister only, and had never actually seen a 'penis' except when baby sitting! of course I knew all the 'facts' between biology, sex ed and what the 'girls' would talk about.

The idea of guys ejaculating was like sooo exciting to me. I was like in heaven knowing that I had such a beautiful BF and that I might actually get to see it all happen!

The next time out, I pretended to 'reluctantly' let him feel my boobs and let him fight with my bra until he got it open. I remember trying not to 'pant' as he played with and kissed my young pink nipples, with my blouse open.

As he was, I reached down and felt his boner through his pants; it was making a 'tent' in his jeans.

I couldn't resist unbuttoning his pants and sticking my hand in. I pulled his penis back so the tip of it was sticking out of the top of his partially opened jeans. My 'first look' was a good one! There for me to see and touch was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

He was circumcised and hard as a rock! I asked him naively 'if it hurt?'

He said 'no, it feels good!' as I explored it with my shaking hand; I remember rubbing my finger in the opening, and slightly spreading the 'little lips' of his pee-hole.

He got kind of embarrassed and put himself away, but I couldn't wait to get at it again!

That happened the next time we went out, but we were on a double date, and didn't fool around, that is until we dropped off the other couple.

We were parked in the driveway of his house in my car, because that night I had met him there, and we were necking. He was in the passenger seat, and I just went for it! I unzipped him all the way and, with a little work, got his erect penis out, completely free and sticking straight up!

He just kind of sighed as I slowly rubbed it up and down like the girls had talked about how guys masturbate. I asked him if it felt good, to which he said 'very good, but we can't do this here; I don't want to get caught.. lets go to the back street'

I giggled with excitement as I drove us to the familiar cul-de-sac behind his house. I was giggling and whispering something like 'do you want me to jack you off?' He just smiled and said nothing.

When we got parked we kissed and I went again for that zipper. This time he wasn't as hard and I got it out easier.

There was a street light near enough that I could see everything just fine. I played with it and felt it grow in my hand. I had nothing to compare it with at the time, but now I know that he was a little bigger than average, and to me then, it was 'long!'

As I stroked him, he was obviously enjoying it very very much, rolling his head back and moaning.

Eventually, between heavy breaths, he said, 'if you keep doing that you know what's going to happen don't you.. it's going to make a big mess'

I said, 'that's ok, I have tissues' as I kept rubbing him.

I knew something was going to happen soon, because he really started to pant and began thrusting himself against my hand, to where I was more 'holding on' than rubbing!

As his breathing sped up I kept pace with my hand going up and down faster too. He was panting and then just saying my name over and over as I stared at the amazing thing before me, I didn't want to miss this!

Finally I could see the muscles in his belly tighten as he jerked, groaned and ejaculated before my very eyes!

It came out in spurts, and was like 'flinging' all over the place! Some landed on his belly and my hand which now made a squishy sound as I kept rubbing till it stopped coming out.

I did the clean up and enjoyed feeling the warm sticky cum for the first time. I finally had my first experience, and I will never forget it!



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