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My First Experience

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Although I had been given the rudamentary facts of life by my parents, I didn't know that sex was pleasurable, just a way to produce offspring. Although I know a lot of people that had experimented with peers or were told by their peers about sex and masturbation, I came about it on my own.

The first time I experienced sexual pleasure, although at that time I didn't know that it was called that, I was taking a bath. Even after all these years, I still remember that first experience. I was 12-years-old at the time. I was washing up my legs when my penis grew hard. I had had erections before but they were a bother more than anything and came up at the most unopportune times, like at the dinner table. I didn't know why this happened and was too embarrassed to ask my parents about it.

I wasn't even washing my penis when I became erect, but since I wasn't in clothes, I didn't pay any attention to it. When I began to wash my penis, I found that it was easier to do than when I was limp, so I took advantage of this and washed it taking more time than usual. It kind of tickled and felt kind of good, so although I had washed it thoroughly, I continued anyway. The tickle grew stronger and kind of surprised me but I didn't stop. After awhile though, the tingle grew even stronger and more intense and it was starting to make me breathe fast and I had never felt this feeling and it scared me so much that I forced myself to stop. After awhile, my penis grew soft again and I continued with my bath.

After I got out I went to my bedroom and while getting my pyjama's out, my penis grew hard again and I instinctively touched myself. My touch felt good and brought back that tingly feeling. I found that I wanted to experience the feeling some more even though it had scared me. I lay down on my bed on my back and propped my head up on some pillows and began rubbing the back of my shaft and the head. The feeling came back almost immediately and became strong and intense within no time. I got scared again, but it felt so good that I couldn't bring myself to stop. Somehow I instinctively began pulling my foreskin up and down and this seemed to not be quite as sensitive as the back of the head of my penis.

Within only a couple of minutes of this, the feelings became so intense that I began to moan and pant and I couldn't stop from doing that even as hard as I tried. I tried to stop masturbating but couldn't stop that either. I went over the edge and watched as a semi clear liquid spurted from my penis. It wasn't much but it scared the heck out of me thinking that I had really screwed myself up somehow. All I could do was lay there and look at this little puddle of liquid on my stomach and some still oozing out my slit.

The orgasm was something I had never experienced before and I was totaly mystified at what I had experienced. I hadn't a clue what the liquid was and I thought I had messed up something, but it wasn't blood. It dawned on me how weird this all must look if my mom came in and there I was completely naked and this little puddle of liquid on my stomach. I got up and wiped off the semen with a Kleenex and hurridly got my pyjama's on and got back into bed.

The experience had so baffled me that for a week I waited to see if I was going to have to go see a doctor or something but by the next week, the desire to experience this wonderful feeling overtook me and I again masturbated and have been doing so ever since.



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