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My First Erections

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When I was about eleven, I started getting spontaneous erections. I had gotten erections before that point but I never remembered them lasting. I had learned about spontaneous erections in school during sex ed, so I knew perfectly well what they were. Where I was thrown was that over time, the longer that they lasted the more they would begin to hurt.

I started to get paranoid over my problem, because the more they would hurt the longer they would last. I remember a few times I rubbed it a bit in my pants and the pain would go away, but I never came.

Over time, my fear started to creep in that I might have to tell my parents about my problem. That was the last thing I wanted to do. Eventually I made a decision, I wouldn't tell my parents, but I would tell my older sister who lived with us. We were never really that close, but on this subject I felt she might be more understanding than my parents.

So after school one day I came right out and asked her about my problem. She was no expert either, being only 16 at the time, but she almost pretended to be. As a teenager, she was hotter than anyone I could have ever dated.

I told her how it hurt when I got erections and sort of felt better when I rubbed them. She said I just had to jerk off more. When I told her I never did it and didn't know how she responded that everyone knew how.

Our conversation brought me to another painful situation in my pants. I said 'It's happening again.' She told me to go to the couch, lie down and pull my pants to my knees. Without hesitation I did as I was told and she giggled. Not self-conscious about myself yet, I was rather proud of my four-inch penis, but obviously she wasn't impressed. She told me it wasn't very big. She went over beside me on the floor beside the couch and told me to close my eyes.

Suddenly she grabbed my penis with one hand around the base and begin slowly pulling up and down on it. I lifted my hips to meet her hand, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. My erection got stiffer, as stiff as it can get as she repositioned her hand closer to the head. Rubbing in smaller strokes and much faster, my feet against the arm of the couch pushed my hips up off the couch and my penis thrust more firmly into her hand. I knew something was defintely about to happen. Just then, I felt a jolt shoot through my penis and I looked down to see a big gob of cum land on my shirt. I don't exactly remember the feeling, other than urgency to make it happen again. It was almost like a delayed reaction, I needed the cum out.

I started humping her hand as she slowed down her pace after the first shot of cum, and with every upward thrust another gob flew out; thick white cum. I humped her hand about ten times and ten different streams of cum came out. As I stopped humping, she continued lightly stroking and it ran out over her knuckles. The entire time I had my eyes only slightly open and when I looked down at my chest there was a ton of cum, in a huge puddle.

She told me that it was the most cum she had ever seen, to this day it is almost the largest load I have ever shot, definitly the best feeling one.

That entire week everyday after school my sister would offer to do it for me, she told me after that I could do it on my own. All I would have to do is tell her I was having an erection, she would get into the position, and the entire thing wouldn't take more than three or four minutes.

At the end of the week, she had jerked me off after our parents were in bed, and without me even acknowledging it at the time, had her hand down her pajamas pants rubbing off while jerking me off. I remember that she came first (though I didn't really realize it at the time) with a huge sigh, but jerked me off through her orgasm, almost keeping the same pace with both hands. As she got closer she jerked me off faster. We never really did anything after that night until I was about thirteen-years-old.

Later I asked her if I could see what a pussy looked like so one time and one time only, by the light of the television set she let me see her pussy. She began to pull her pants back up and I told her I wanted to jerk off first, she gave me this funny look and said, 'Be done in two minutes.' Just to be safe I only took about one minute while she just laid there on the couch legs spread for me. I came all over the carpet. We never really talked about it again, but between the ages of twelve and fourteen I became a huge panty sniffer. I fell in love with the smell of her pussy. I even purposely left loads in the crotch. Back then with my raging hormones I would have given anything to do more with her. Today as an adult none of this effected mine nor her relationships. I don't even think about her sexually anymore except in the previous context. It was just a harmless experimentation.



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