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My First Encounter With My Penis

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This is my story about how masturbation became a part of my life, more to come!


I certainly do remember the first time I masturbated, as it opened up a whole new world for me. But first, a little story.

I come from a family where nothing is taboo, there is nothing that is forbidden or frowned upon. My father, being a doctor, was quite frank with us when talking about sexually transmitted infections, or other illnesses that we could get. But even though we are very frank with one another, it doesn't mean that things don't get awkward.

When I first learned about masturbation I was a younger boy, without a care in the world. Of course I noticed that, occasionally, my penis would get hard. But I would do nothing but ignore it and hoped it went down. Being this age, I watched a lot of television and that was when I heard the word "semen." Being curious I ran into my parents room and asked them what semen was. The look on their face was priceless, and they're eyes were peeled wide open. As they looked at each other with a blank expression, I slowly backed out of the room saying, "Never mind, I don't want to know," in hopes of avoiding an awkward situation.

A few days later my mother asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with her, and I gladly accepted, seeing as how we always go to the mall to browse the stores. When we got in the car, everything was normal, and the radio was blasting. As we got further down the road, the windows were rolled up, the radio was silenced, and my mom's tone went from joyous to cheery. I knew something was coming up.

As my mom started the conversation with "your body is changing" my heart dropped as I knew that the dreaded "sex talk" was coming. She explained to me what sex was, the feelings I would soon be getting, using condoms, and then masturbation. When she explained masturbation to me, it was very confusing. I didn't think to myself that I could simulate the sensation that sense would give me with my hand. She explained to me that all boys do it, that it is perfectly normal, and that I'm not the only one doing it, and that she felt she had to explain this to me seeing as how my cousin was caught masturbating by his mom.

As the conversation went on, she explained that if I were still confused, that she would print me out pamphlets to further explain anything, and if I had questions I could ask my dad. Surely enough when I was home, I was handed a few pamphlets on what masturbation was, why we do it, was explained the concept of the "wet dream," and my curiosity was sparked.

These thoughts remained in my head for a few days, and I was curious as to what it would feel like.

I remember my first experience with masturbation being when my mom was downstairs cooking dinner, and I was upstairs all alone.

I was curious as to what it felt like, and thought the time is now.

I dropped my shorts, jumped on my bed, and started stroking away.

It certainly felt weird, but oddly good, at the same time.

I remember nearing my first orgasm, and right as it came so did I. One single little stream of semen ran down the side of my penis, and from that day forward, masturbation became an integral part of my life.



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