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My First Ejaculation

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This story takes place about 4 years from my first post entitled 'Masturbated by Cousin' under Nov. 28, 2002. This event took place on September 30, 1954 which was exactly two weeks before my Thirteenth Birthday and I still remember it like it was yesterday.


I realize that there are not too many men than can remember the exact day of their first ejaculation of semen, but i made a reference of the time to my (13) Birthday and that is how I remember this occasion. This was on a Thursday afternoon, after school, when my cousin Levis who was 15 at the time, and my younger brother who was nine (9) at this time, and myself who was about to turn (13) in two weeks. All three of us has just gotten into my uncle's old 1941 junked Pontiac that he had just left sitting between our houses as cousin and I lived next to each other. All three of us were sitting in the front seat of this old car, and as you might have guessed, we did not gather there for casual conversation but for something more exciting. Let me say at this time, that during the last year or so that we had lived close to each other (I was still (11) but closer to (12) when we moved here) we had been masturbating regular together and in later posts I will back up and tell about some of these experiences. Levis was sitting under the steering wheel, my brother was sitting in the middle, and I was sitting next to the passenger's door. We were all engaged in our favorite normal activity which was a good ole after school 'Jacking-Off-Session' and although we normally would get together down in the woods at our favorite spot where it would be more private. However, for some reason, we picked this old car this time and as far as I can remember, the only time. All three of us had our zippers open with our jeans and underwear just pushed down enough to clear our penises and balls where we could get a better grasp, as getting naked here was out of the question, although we would have preferred nudity. My little brother and myself were grasping our little shafts with our thumb and two fingers, but cousin's penis was big enough for him to get his whole fist on it. My brother and I were not circumcised, but our cousin was circumcised. Well we were stroking our penises and really getting into it, enjoying every stroke of our shafts immensely. All three of us continued the up and down stimulation to our dicks while keeping an eye open for any intruders that might come our way. We had been stroking for maybe two or three minutes when i began to feel my orgasm beginning to approach, as I was always the first of the three to 'Get-Good' as we called an orgasm way back then. I had been experiencing 'dry orgasms' for the previous four (4) years, continuous since my first one at about nine years of age. It usually took my brother another minute or so longer than me to orgasm, and it took my cousin probably close to ten (10) minutes to orgasm, as he had been reached his Puberty. My feelings were becoming real intense and as I speeded up my stroking to my shaft, my boy body tensed up and I was at the point of no return as waves of untold pleasure engulfed my entire being as I stretched my legs against the floorboard while pushing my back against the seat as I lifted by hips from the seat as I went over the edge when I felt the the spasms start down under my penis as I made the last strokes and reached my climax which I thought was it as I released my penis when it quivered upon my final stroke and began to twitch two or three times, but after a slight delay, I had a feeling of something moving inside of my penis, at which time I looked down at the head of my goober and I saw a small amount of mostly clear, sticky liquid ooze from my penis and I exclaimed 'what is that', as I was puzzled as to what I had seen, even though I had witnessed my cousin ejaculate on many occasions, but I was not expecting this event at this time in my life as I thought it was still some time off. There was no sex education in the public schools back then and my parents never told me anything concerning this subject. So we boys had to rely on each other and our friends and/or playmates for what little sex knowledge we had accumulated. Well at this point, my first cousin suggested that I 'Jack-Off' the second time to see if I can produce semen once again, so I thought since I had just ejaculated a very small amount the first time, that it would be useless to go for a second try because I reasoned that all of it came out on the first time, so I must be empty. However, at this age, i did not need much encouragement anyway, so I immediately took hold of my little shaft once again, even though I lost my erection after the first time, it only took a few strokes of my foreskin and my erection bounced right back as strong as ever. I guess that I stroked for about three-minutes when I could feel my climax approaching once again when I speeded up the strokes for about 15 more seconds as my whole body went rigid as I felt my ejaculatory muscles begin their spasms when my penis reached it's maximum size with the final quiver between my fingers when it began to twitch back and forth but I held on to it, when once again, with a short delay I looked down at my penis and I witnessed for the second time the same amount of semen ooze from my glans, and although it was indeed a small amount, it was semen for sure and this about Thirteen (13) Year Old Boy's life was changed forever. Well almost immediately the frequency of my erections increased with an urgent need to ejaculate very often and in a short time I was ejaculating quite a bit more semen and I started to have 'Wet-Dreams' about every night which is another story. This is a true story of how it really happened and i will never forget it.



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