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My First Cum

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I don't think that I'll ever forget that oh so wonderful night. For quite some time before this night, I had been exploring myself, rubbing and touching my cock. Eventually, I would be able to make it hard which I found very exciting. Many times I would rub myself and my cock would begin to tingle. At the time I didn't know much about sex, since my parents rarely talked about it except for the old line of not until you're married. So I didn't know if this tingling sensation was the same as cumming, but I thought something was supposed to come out, which until that night never did.

I would rub my cock with my hands especially in the bathtub with a soapy washcloth, I would feel so good but then have to make sure I wasn't hard when I got out, not wanting mom to notice.

I also discovered that laying on top of my pillow with my knees bent under me while I pushed my cock across the smooth fabric made for a wonderful sensation.

So there I was one night in bed being young and horny, I took off my pajamas and underwear, and took my pillow and straddled it. I started slowly, as to make sure I wasn't being too noisy for anyone to notice what I was doing. I rubbed my cock into the pillow back and forth, enjoying the feeling as I felt my cock get harder. I continued for several minutes and as I did I could feel that tingling sensation again. It felf so good so I started humping the pillow as fast as I could. My breathing got heavier and I could feel my whole body tensing up. Suddenly it felt like a burst of electricy shot through my body as my throat closed up, every muscle in my body tensed up at one and I could feel something shoot from my cock.

I collapsed onto the bed, as I tried to catch my breath and attempted to understand what just happened. I thought, did I just cum?.I reached down and felt a wet sticky substance all over my pillow. With a big grin om my face, I just realized that I was now a man. Being curious, I put my cum covered hand to my face, I inhaled deeply, smelling my first ever cum. Interesting I thought. I wonder what it tastes like?..I stuck out my tounge and licked a little from my fingers. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I knew that I kinda liked it.

I fell asleep shortly after, and woke up hard as a rock and horny as hell the next morning thinking about what had just happened the night before. I was still naked so I simply pulled my pillow under me and began to hump away. It didn't take long before I felt that now familiar sensation and I shot another boycum load into my pillow. While it sure felt good, nothing will ever compare to my very first cum.



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