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My First Cum

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When I was a child, sex was never mentioned in our household. My father was a Baptist Minister and you just never mentioned it. In fact whenever a lady in our church was pregnant we were not allowed to say pregnant. That was a dirty word. We could say expecting or in the family way or going to have a baby. This was the type of sheltered environment I grew up in. I had a neighbor named Mark and we would always play together. The first time we ever played 'Doctor' there was a span of four years of us fooling around before this story starts. We used to play doctor and rub our penises together and do silly crap like that because that is all we really knew.

We started jerking off together. We never came, only had dry orgasms, but of course it felt great. Anyway I used to jerk off most nights before I would fall to sleep and of course nothing ever came out. My father at this time had never said anything to me about this stuff and all I knew was what Mark and I had discovered on our own. So here I am in bed one night jerking my cock, at this time I had the startings of pubic hair and my cock was around 4 1/2 inches to 5 inches in length. I was going through my normal climax but this time I shot my first cum load. Of course I had the light off and immediately felt something on my stomach. My immediate thoughts were that I was bleeding or something that I had done something wrong.

I quickly got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom, shut the door and turned on the light. I was totally shocked at what I saw. Here was my first cum load all over my stomach, in my navel and halfway up my chest. I kept looking for blood, but there was none. I got some toilet paper and started cleaning it off. That is when I got terribly scared. I had had infections before like on my finger or leg and I knew that pus was white, so the only logical thing I could equate it to was I had been jerking too much and broken something or did something wrong or doing something I should not have been doing and now I was going to have to tell my parents and go to the Doctor.

I worried about it off and on all night. The next morning I saw Mark and told him I had to talk to him. I explained it all to him and asked him for help. Mark, even though he was younger than me explained that that was where babies came from and that meant I was a man. That was supposed to happen as you mature. Boy was I relieved to hear that. So we discussed it then for the first time and from then on I had to have a rag by my bed whenever I would jerk off. I have many stories to tell you about me and Mark I will add later.

Basically he and I were Jerk off Buds through High School until I went off to College. Hope you liked my story and for you guys out there that have young sons, please talk to them early and tell them how this crap works so they won't be in the dark. I know times are different now and such, but the kids do need some guidance. Don't assume they know everything. Comments are welcome as usual.



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