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My First Circle Jerk

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I was 16 when this happened. I am not gay, nor am I bi. The advantage of being at my school was that at the end of the year the History classes always had a trip abroad. This year, because we were studying Russian history, we went to Moscow. We always stayed in youth hostels-boys and girls were separated to different parts of the hostel. There were always four guys per room.


Jack, Chris and Steve were all in the same class and were great friends. I was an outsider; having been in the other group-I had never even met these guys. We entered the room which was average sized, it was just enough for 4 people. While they joked and chatted, I sat on the bottom bunk I had already reserved for myself, listening in for anything interesting but saying nothing. It was about 7:00pm-we had just arrived and had nothing to do until the morning.

As they continued to speak amongst themselves, I began to unpack. Then, finally, I was noticed.

Chris: Hey, what do you think?

I couldn't have been paying less attention to what they had been talking about so I had no idea what to say. I was actually more surprised they had spoken to me at all.

Me: Think of what?

Jack: Miss Winters? She's hot, right?

I had never even noticed my teacher in that way. She must be in her 30s, she's slim and brunette, I had observed, but I had never thought anything of it.

Me: I guess, I haven't really thought about it. There are some decent girls around here our own age though.

They nodded in agreement.

Steve: That girl Claire is really something. I'd bang her, easily.

Jack: Oh yeah-her-me too! Mate you're so lucky to have her in your class-I bet she provides much 'inspiration'...

They all laughed-I sort of smiled though I didn't find it that funny. I did know what they meant. All of a sudden they were all looking at me; expecting a response.

Me: Yeah, I guess, every once in a while-I like variety, if you know what I mean!

Steve: Lad!

Chris: Real lad!

Jack: I might need to do it tonight actually.

Chris: Fairplay mate, I might do it after.

Me: Maybe me after you, then? To be honest I'm getting hard right now.

Steve: Same here. Does anybody mind if I just do it here and now? Everybody knows what's going on here.

Jack: I think I'll join you, actually.

Steve slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his boxers so his cock was exposed. Everyone was looking at him as he began playing with himself. Jack soon followed-they didn't take their pants off-just unbuttoned them enough so they could get their cocks out. I repositioned myself on my bed and undid mine. I was so excited about doing this as I had never done it with anyone else before. Already, I was oozing precum. Chris was, for the meantime, just observing, although his hand was moving around his crotch area.

I started slowly-letting my precum run all over my cock as I used it as a lube. I always do that. Gave my first few pumps which was bliss. I looked around the room at the others who were also enjoying themselves-Chris was now hard and jerking. As I continued I got harder and harder and my strokes got faster and faster. I was close now and I knew it-I could sense by the looks on the others' faces that they weren't far off cumming either.

It was Steve who was first. He got some tissue from the box and let himself go-moaning as he did. Then it was Chris, who did similar. Then it was my turn. I felt the cum just wanting to burst out as I stroked faster and faster. Eventually, I let myslef go all over the tissue as I had a rocking orgasm. It was amazing. We all looked at each other for a few minutes just thinkng about what we had just done. Now I felt part of their group!



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