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My First Awakening

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How I first started mastubating...


I grew up in a very traditional family. I do not talk anything pertaining to the issue of sex, not even healthy sexual behaviours like masturbation with my family.

How I first started to masturbate was quite an unusual journey. I remember when I was at about 10 years old, I saw this guy in a swimming pool having an erection. The guy was about 15 or 16 years old. His dick was so long and thick, it was protruding out of the waistband of his swimming trunks. As I put my face into the water, I could see from my goggles that he was thrusting that lower part of his body against the wall of the pool and every time he touched the wall, his dick protruded out of the waistband of his trunks even more. I stole a look at him, hoping that he would notice the curious look on my face and stop what he was doing. But somehow he was enjoying the rub so much that he kept his eyes closed. So he didn't know I was watching him.

I quickly signaled to Benson, my brother who was two years older than me. I asked Benson, 'What is that boy doing?' Benson stole a glance at the guy. I saw a look of shock on Benson's face and the next moment, he pulled me aside and said, in an angry tone: 'He's playing with his cock. You shouldn't be looking!'

With that, we made our way elsewhere with out swimming. But after a few laps, I suddenly realized that Benson was not with me. When I found him, he was at a corner of the pool, pretending to be blowing bubbles but actually watching the 16-year-old guy 'playing with his cock'! I put my head into the water and saw Benson's dick growing to an awesome size too, except that he wasn't touching it, nor was it protruding out of the waistband of his swimming trunks. Benson was pretending to blow bubbles in the water, breathing very hard.

I remember, soon after, Benson said he needed to go to the toilet to pee and had stayed in the toilet for as long as 15 minutes!

That night, I heard some sound coming from Benson's bedroom. It seemed that he was shaking his bed badly. I couldn't sleep then. Out of curiosity, I got up, paced up to his room and opened the door slightly. I guess, he was too engrossed in the act, he didn't realize that the door was opened. And I could see very clearly what he was doing! - He was wearing only a pair of briefs and his singlet pulled up to his chest level. He was thrusting his backside up and down on the pillow with his eyes closed and his upper body slightly raised and supported on his elbows, his palms facing upwards. I could see his dick protruding out of the waistband of his underwear with his foreskin pulled back every time he made his forward thrusts.

I was very much aroused. And what fascinated me more were two things: 1. Benson seemed to be in pain because he was moaning softly away and perspiring badly. 2. The purplish crown of his dick was covered with something sticky that looked like glue. I stood there, totally amazed by what was happening and wondering whether to ask Benson what he was doing. But I remembered what Benson told me that day: 'He's playing with his cock. You shouldn't be looking!' I guess that should include interrupting the person who's 'playing with his cock'. I wanted to leave, but I couldn't help but stayed on. I guess I just wanted to be sure that Benson's fine. Or, I just wanted to know why he was doing what he was doing. So I lingered.

I remember it happened very quickly. All of a sudden, Benson let out a string of loud moans and then breathed out words like, 'Wow, wow! Oh great! Oh great!' below his sighs. What had been sighs of pain now seemed to be sighs of relief and ecstasy.

I was totally bewildered, so much so that I quickly closed the door and made my way back to my room. For the rest of that night, flashes of what Benson and the 16-year-old were doing infested my mind. I couldn't help but put two and two together, thinking: Benson was 'playing with his cock' - After watching the 16-year-old doing it, he must be so aroused he wanted to give it a try himself. So he was rubbing away just now. It must be something wonderful that you'll get at the end of rub. If not, why would Benson have exclaimed, 'Wow, wow! Oh great! Oh great!' when he stopped rubbing? I wanted that feeling too. I was very curious, yes more curious than aroused. And so I tried it too - pillow-thrusting my dick with my pants pulled below my knee level and my shirt pulled up above my chest...

At first, I did it slowly and it was nothing fun at all until I closed my eyes, stretched my lower body and run the images of Benson masturbating in my mind. I could feel my dick growing longer and longer as blood pumped into it. I could feel the head of my cock crawling out of my foreskin and making its way out of the waistband of my briefs and the success of it thrilled me tremendously. At the sight of this, I lost control of my body.

No, it wasn't orgasm yet. What I mean that I was so overwhelmed by the similar sight of my dick sticking out of the waistband of my underwear that that I let my body take control of me. I started to hump like crazy on my pillow, getting faster and faster, firming up my muscles more and more at the hips area until suddenly, I lost control of those muscles totally. I felt like I was exploding and that my dick was pumping furiously. How could it when I've stopped thrusting it? I couldn't understand it, but it felt - AARRGGHH! S-O g-o-o-d! It was the same feeling you get when you're in a down-riding roller coaster. The excitement escalated to a point it brought a sense of fulfillment and relief. I lay on the bed, totally drained of my energy.

The next morning, Benson came into my room to wake me. I didn't realize what I had done the day before until I got up of my bed and realized my pants at my ankles. Suddenly, I felt a sense of embarrassment and doubly so, now that Benson had seen me lying on a pillow with my pants down.

'It was fun rubbing your thing, huh?' He asked me this strange question over breakfast, stealing a suggestive glance at my lap area. But I pretended that I didn't understanding what he was asking and hurried out of the dining room, blushing.

Even till today, I still masturbate often to the thought of Benson humping on his pillow in his bedroom.

That was my first masturbation experience. What about yours?



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