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My First and Second Dates With A Very Hot Gal - Part 3

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Her turn first to receive erotic, sensual and sexual pleasures


Ahh yes, as we made our way upstairs to her bedroom, we were about to arrive at the moment of truth we had both been so incredibly, anxiously and nervously awaiting...where we could (expectedly) uninhibitedly explore and discover each other's bodies and sexual idiosyncrasies, and gratify our carnal desires and passion for each other, to be played out through intensely pleasurable, sensual and erotic foreplay! She was obviously so turned on that she didn't wait to see if I wanted us to undress each other, but with amazing speed she stripped all her clothes off and jumped on the bed totally naked, lying on her back with impetuous anticipation as I finished removing my clothes, all the while trying to take in the whole wonderful sight of her nakedness that I so desperately wanted to observe and touch and feel and devour with my hands and mouth and tongue and body kisses ALL over....omg is there enough time in eternity or at least time now without actually spending the night (careful my boy, there will hopefully be other times and opportunities and your testosterone and emotions are getting you way too carried away) to do everything I desired to do to her/with her.

I knelt beside her and held her face in my hands and we kissed and rubbed and pressed our lips together and our tongues found each other and it was so very warm and moist and delicious; and then running my fingers through her hair, I kissed around her eyes and nose and ears and then her neck and all over her breasts, nuzzling them, and again licking and kissing and sucking her nipples which I knew she was crazy for...in the meantime she had found my erect cock and was feeling and stroking and squeezing and fondling it and my balls too and it was feeling super great for me!

I was then proceeding downward with more body kisses down toward her belly when she said something like "kiss me way down there, below" (wow, the pussy, the yoni , the perfumed garden etc. etc.) and I had to say "oh yes, I was working my way down to that", and then I continued, but I was compelled to linger just a few moments at her navel (for which I have this kinky fascination or certain mild fetish), circling my tongue teasingly around that lovely belly button and then into it and as deeply down as I could manoeuver the very tip of my tongue as she squirmed a bit in silent approval, enjoying the sensual titillation.

Moving right along, I crossed the fringe of her inviting pubic hair (not too thick but not shaved) to her mons pubis, if you will...lol..., rubbing my nose and my mouth all over her nice bush and gently pulling some of the cute, curly little hairs with my lips, detecting a faint aroma of (pardon the expression) piss, which in fact I found rather tantalizing and arousing---au naturel to be sure! Ah, my keen olfactory sense of smell told me I was next getting close to her pussy in all it's unmistakably delightful and almost overwhelming intoxicating though slightly pungent, labial glory! [reminding me of what my uncle used to say, " if you can get past the smell you've got it licked"!...sorry, but it's still funny to me to this day]...

Well I went for it like a bee finding the most exotic nectar of all, first kissing it and then gently spreading the inner lips to reveal more delights inside: the pretty pink hue and the vision of the moistness of her pussy juice wafting more aroma as it increases to flow, and of course the delectable clit within its hood and which has already swelled and peeked and protruded out, making it an even more accessible target for my mouth and tongue as I began sucking and licking it, and with my lips teasingly drawing it back into my mouth with a playful suction and alternately flicking it and making circles around and all over that cute little button---and all the time she's moaning and being more and more increasingly aroused and vocal with things like " oh God your tongue feels so good--yeah right there---please don't stop--suck that clit harder---stick your tongue all the way in my pussy---I love it, just give it to me, give it to me baby---more---oh no, I want it---I want you soo baad"...and then she was breathing so hard and moaning even more loudly and getting even more wet and there was an increased smell and taste from her vaginal juices which was driving me wild...and then after this exquisite crescendo she finally did cum with a great, marvelous release of explosive, convulsive orgasmic contractions, all the time moaning and whimpering and almost yelling "ohh, ohh, ahh-ahh-ahh---ahh-ahhhhh---mmmm---ohhhhh---wow---oh that was soo goood"....

Now she was coming down from that euphoric state of pure unadulterated pleasure and gradually entering that mode of quiet, peaceful satiation...revelling in the afterthought of what had just transpired to give her such sublime physical and emotionally draining stimulation and then beautiful, wonderful release, as we connected on a most extremely intense, intimate, sexual and satisfying emotional level...we were then kissing again as we were holding each other and it all felt so darn good...

BUT WAIT...yes, it was still my turn to get pleasured and I wanted to feel her hands all over me and have her once again pour her attention on my awaiting and now still half-hard cock (for which I was grateful---'oh thank you, thank you, you poor starved-for-affection and nearly neglected devil-dog'--- had not already exploded , school-boy fashion in premature ejaculation)... and feel her mouth and tongue on my dick-head and shaft and...and...and I heard the little voice in my head, "yes, have just a little patience, me lad, and you will surely be most generously rewarded---yes, of course in this life-time---very soon!!! [To be concluded in Part-4)



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