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My First and Only Playmate

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This is about the first time for almost everything M-M related. The whole main event happened during a Boy Scout campout. I'll refer to him as 'E', who was 12 at the time. There was another boy named 'C' but he wasn't present for 99% of the story.


Background information: This particular campout was a backpacking one, where you would start out at the parking lot and end up at a campsite a few miles away. It wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't start raining HEAVILY halfway through. After we got to the campsite we set up our tents quickly. We had a third person in our tent, but he was helping the other boys set up their tents so it was just E and I in the tent at the time. Now as for the story...

We were taught to always change out of our wet clothes into dry ones whenever we got caught in dry weather. So, the both of us did exactly that-we changed out of wet clothes in our sleeping bags. I was planning on going to sleep right after, despite the fact that it was only 12:00pm, since there was nothing else for me to do... or so I thought. I laid down and closed my eyes, ready to drift off to sleep when E started talking to me. I got annoyed quickly because I was tired and bored, and I wasn't too pleased with being bunked with E and C since they were younger than me.

I ignored him until I heard a rustling sound coming from his side of the tent. I got up and looked over, and I realized he was flashing me with a big grin on his face. I turned away because I felt that it was wrong and pretended that I didn't see him, but he kept telling me to look. Now I hadn't masturbated in a few days, and I always had a feeling that I was somewhat bicurious so I finally gave in to his plea's.

I looked over and saw him laying on the left side of his body, looking at me, with his flaccid penis and groin the center of attention. He wasn't overly developed; 2' cut and soft penis, a tiny bush of blonde pubes, and an undeveloped set of testicles. He saw that I decided to see what was going on, so he wiggled his penis at me with his fingers. When he was satisifed that I wasn't going to leave the tent and tell an adult leader, yell at him, or go back to sleep, he got on top of his sleeping bag and laid down on it. He wasn't wearing anything but a white t-shirt. He closed his eyes and then he began stroking slowly. I watched his 2' soft penis grow to about 3.5' erect as he stroked himself. I could hear him quietly as he stroked. 'Oooh...'

Thoughts were frantically racing through my mind at the time. 'Would I get caught if I went through with this?' 'Does this make me gay?' 'Isn't this wrong for me to be turned on by someone so young?' 'Should I masturbate too?' 'This is pretty interesting...' 'Should I masturbate him?' At the time I was freaking out but now I know that it's natural for kids to experiment, as long as nothing is forced upon each other and all the participants believe they are ready and willing.

I was sitting on top of my sleeping bag, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and boxers (since I was going to go to sleep) and sitting cross-legged. I developed an erection so I shuffled to a position where my legs looked like this from the side: /\ to hide it and tried to pretend that I wasn't interested but I was only watching because he was bothering me. He looked at me and gave me this grin I'll never forget. 'Are you sure you're not interested?' I said yes. 'A Scout is trustworthy and it looks like you're lying to me' and he pointed to my erection.

I blushed and he said, 'It's okay.' Once he said that I mentally and physically consented myself to him. 'Let me see your penis,' he said to me. I poked my erect penis through the opening of my boxers and he said, 'Wow!' I'm only about 5' hard with a girth about 4' when erect, then and now, but compared to him, my penis and testicles were monstrous and I had a forest of pubic hairs so he was really surprised and impressed. He touched my penis and I squirmed because it felt good. He could tell so he touched me a little more then lied back down. 'Okay, try doing that with me.' I was terrified because of the consequences if we got caught, but put my penis back inside my boxers and then I reached over anyone and stroked his hard cock. I've never touched anyone's cock but my own so it was an interesting experience. It was warm and felt spongy. Because he was only 3.5' hard, I could only use my thumb, index finger and middle finger to stroke him. He closed his eyes again and began groaning very quietly.

I took my left hand and massaged his boyish testicles and played with his long, blonde pubes while I stroked him with my right hand. After a few minutes of this, he took my hand off his penis. I know he didn't orgasm because he didn't show any signs of it. A few years later I found out that it takes him a LONG time to orgasm and he didn't want my arm to get tired, but at the time I thought it was because I didn't know what I was doing. I felt embarrassed so I sat back into the position earlier, with my legs in an upside-down V shape and didn't look at him.

I guess he could tell that I was embarrassed so he touched over and put his hands up my boxers to feel my genitals. If you can imagine how I was sitting then you know how easily accessible my family jewels are. He grabbed my penis and then rubbed the head of my penis with his thumb while the rest of his hand gripped my shaft. I instantly got hard but then he took his hands out and smelled his fingers. I realized I was leaking pre-cum so I felt embarrassed again. He told me it was alright, he just didn't know what that was and wanted to smell it. He put his hands back into my boxers and lightly squeezed my balls while just feeling around.

He told me to remove my boxers so I did. I haven't exposed myself fully to him until this point. I saw his eyes widen and then he said, 'You have so much hair!' and he began running his fingers through my pubic hair. When he was done feeling my pubes, he started jacking me off and I closed my eyes because it felt AMAZING. It didn't take long before I felt the very beginning of an orgasm begin so I told him to stop for a second. He seemed confused but listened to me and then I took the sock I wore earlier (it was dry by this time) and put it over my penis. 'Okay, keep going' I said and he did. He didn't understand why I put the sock over my penis but before I could answer I started to cum.

I put my hand on his and stroked myself faster and faster because when I orgasm, I stroke myself to a frenzy. I remember digging my head backwards into my pillow, lifting my body and waist off the sleeping bag, and pushing my feet hard into the ground. I remember shutting my eyes tightly and my mouth opening, but no words came out besides a few quiet groans. I fucked the crap out of his hand while I continued guiding his hand up and down furiously. I was in a state of pure ecstasy.

After what felt like an eternity I came back to reality and saw his hand still on my penis. My penis got really sensitive so I took his hand off and then I removed the sock. I could tell I cummed a lot because of the intensity of the orgasm as well as how heavy the sock felt compared to before. I tossed it to the side and just closed my eyes. He asked me what happened and I told him that I cummed. He didn't understand so I explained what cum is to him, and why it happens. 'Wow, you must've filled up that whole sock. I felt this warm stuff go through the sock and onto my hand when you cummed. I could still smell it,' and with that he put his hand to his nose and sniffed it. 'It smells like bleach.' I agreed then I thanked him, and drifted off to sleep a minute later as C entered the tent, without a clue as to what went on the past hour and a half...


It's kind of funny because he was so underdeveloped at the time, and it boosted my self-esteem because I always felt inadequate to others even though I've never seen anyone else naked before. As the years went by and he continued initiating these sexual encounters with me (I was extremely passive with everything), I realized that he was getting to be bigger than me. Eventually he lost his sexual interest in me but we continued to be buddies. However, during a campout I felt my sleeping bag get unzipped slowly, and a hand lightly rubbed my genitals through my boxers.

Of course my penis sprung to life and I knew immediately who was doing this. I was pleased because it had been so long since we messed around so I reached over and re-enacted the scene on him. I touched his penis and I felt it grow... and grow and grow. Using my hands and estimations, he was bigger than me by 2' and 1.5-2 times the girth of my penis (I was right). I felt ashamed but he put me at ease and began to stroke me. I lasted maybe a minute and I ejaculated all over his sleeping bag. I heard him whisper, 'Shit dude! Haha' as I laid there in complete bliss. I cleaned up by putting my penis back inside my boxers and I offered to stroke him, but he said, 'No it's alright, it takes this mammoth forever to cum. I just thought you'd like a hand since it's been a while.' We couldn't see each other since it was dark but I smiled at him and I'm sure he smiled at me. We said good night to each other and went to sleep.

Friendship is truly, one of the greatest things ever.



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