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My First And Only JO Buddy

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Short but oh how sweet


My only sex with another guy happened when I was in my early teens with a good friend, call him John. He was the first person to tell me about masturbation since he had seen his older brother doing it. Our first look at each others penises was when we cycled to a swimming beach and changed into our bathing suits in a changing room. When I had taken off my pants and shorts he looked over at my penis, eyes wide and said "Boy oh boy! You've really got a lot of hair!" which was a little embarrassing for me. He was still completely bald and was circumcised and I was uncut and had a good crop of pubic hair. The second incident involving penises happened when he stayed at my house for a sleep over. After we had gone to bed in the twin beds in my room, he got up, walked over to my bed, pulled his pajama pants down, threw his hips forward, and said "Just look at that". His penis was very small, but hard as a rock and pointing straight out from his body. I reached out, touched it with my finger tips to compare it with mine. It was a bit different in that his shaft was slightly conical in shape, being smaller next to his body and increasing in girth out to his nice red glans which looked something like a small red plum. Although I had never masturbated as yet, the sight and feel of his penis made mine immediately stiff also.

The first actual masturbation with John came some time later after I had acquired the habit of masturbating at every possible chance. He was at my house again, I had just finished a shower and was lying down on my bed naked with a fully erect penis. He was sitting next to me reading and taking a quick peek at my rigid penis from time to time. I was so excited I just had to do something and was searching for something to say that might get him to stroke my penis. I was also a little nervous, not knowing how he might react or what this might lead to. Finally I just blurted out "You can do anything you want". John knew exactly what I meant. He was very surprised and said "Can I really?" and I of course said yes whereupon he immediately took hold my penis, pulling the foreskin rapidly back and forth. In less than a minute, semen shot out from my penis up in the air and John let go which was a little disconcerting since I liked a good squeeze during an ejaculation. John immediately told me not to tell anyone about this while I walked to the bathroom to clean up. I'm still convinced that he thought it was a "first" for me and he was fearful that he was responsible about what he had introduced me to. I, on the other hand, may have been somewhat fearful, but I knew that it was far from anything John had started. I enjoyed it so much that I was more than willing to take whatever risk there was.

A week or two later, John was again at my house and said to me "I'm getting some hair. You want to see it?" Almost before I could answer "Yes" he stripped off his clothes and lay down on the bed for me to study his pubis in detail. I leaned over to get a look at the new pubic hair of which there were about two strands. Then I couldn't help myself, I had to find out how one manipulated a circumcised penis with no foreskin to slide back and forth over the head. Since there was nothing to pull over the head, I concentrated on the shaft. I somehow had the idea that there could be no ejaculation since there was no pubic hair but I was quite wrong about that. After a strange embarrassed look on John's face his stiff little penis shot off right into the air just like mine did. After that, I asked for the same treatment, lay down and got a good jacking off from him. The only problem was that he let go too soon again so I had to grab my penis and give it a good squeeze just as I was coming. I have always been convinced that after the first episode John had tried it on himself successfully and could hardly wait to prove to me that he could do it too. We had only one other incident when we were walking across a field together. I had to urinate so stopped to take care of that and being outside with John looking at my penis made it get very stiff. It needed attention as soon as possible so I took care of that then and there. John was somewhat worried that someone might find the gob of semen I left but I couldn't have cared less.

One other time I suggested another session and John said "I don't want to, but you can if you want to". This ended our few jack off sessions. Shortly after this, his family moved and I never saw him again. To this day he stays in my mind as one of the three people (other than myself) who have watched my penis spew out those marvelous gobs of joy juice. The other two were women. Sometimes I still miss John even if we only had three sessions. After all he was my first partner in any form of sex.



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