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My First and Most Sensual Experience!

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My first and most sensual experience was watching my best friend masturbate until he made himself cum!

Ken was a year older than me; tall, slender and fair. Looking back, I was very curious sexually, and especially about him. I loved talking with Ken about girls and sex, and would ask him if he got 'boners' (like I did) and if they felt as good as mine did!

So it was no surprise, when he told me one hot summer morning while sitting on my bed, that he could make his body do something it had never done before, that my curiosity went wild!

Although I had turned thirteen, I had not yet had an orgasm and just his explanation of what happened and how it felt excited me beyond anything I had ever experienced!

It excited me so much, that I wanted to see him 'do it', and I literally begged him to give me a 'demonstration'!

He was embarrassed at first and refused, but I wouldn't let up until he agreed!

We had many times growing up seen each other naked, but this was different. I wanted to see his dick in a sexual way; I wanted to see him hard and I wanted to see it do what he told me it would do if he rubbed it!

Still seated on the edge of the bed, and after making me swear to never tell anyone, he eventually undid his belt, unzipped his pants, slid them and his underwear over his knees and exposed himself! OMG! I couldn't believe I was seeing my best friend's dick; it was pink and beautiful! He told me it 'makes a mess when it does it', and for me to get some tissues.

OMG! It excited me so just seeing his penis! Even soft, he was much bigger than me! But after returning from the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper in hand, and him fondling himself, I could hardly believe my eyes! His circumcised dick was now the size of a banana and sticking straight out!

I giggled with excitement and exclaimed about how big it was! Ken responded that mine would get that big too (but it never did!).

Then, I just sat there (in awe) across from him and watched as he masturbated; both of us just staring at what he was doing and neither saying a word!

I remember that he eventually started breathing really hard and going at it as fast as he could; then stopping and just squeezing himself. A drop of 'something' glistened at the pee-hole of his now plum sized and colored head.

Resuming his strokes, it was no time before he said, 'It's gonna to do it; hold out the tissue!'

I quickly knelt before him; holding the white wad of toilet paper in what I assumed would be the appropriate position. His shoulders rolled forward and I could see his slim body begin to quiver under his t-shirt. This turned out not to be the 'safest' vantage point however, as the first burst of his milky secretion completely cleared the tissue and landed chest-high on my shirt!

After that, a seemingly endless barrage of the stuff came flinging out in all directions! Very little of it making it onto the target tissues!

Some of his cum went onto the hardwood floor around us, and I felt warm droplets of it landing on my bare forearms. Ken continued to rub himself and shake with ecstasy until the spray eventually subsided; a last few drops finally making it no further than the tissue!

Added now to the sound of his panting, was the squishing sound of his encircled fingers, lubricated by the copious amount of his cream, and still slowly rolling back and forth over the wetted ridge of his spent but still throbbing tip. I realized I too was shaking with excitement; my mouth dry from my own breathing!

Watching Ken jack himself off that day, was not only the best Sex Ed 101 I could ever have had, but the most sensual experience I would ever have! I wish I knew how good it was at the time! Witnessing him rubbing himself and ejaculating that first time was my favorite fantasy; the sight of him cumming with such force and in such quantity, and having some his cum actually land on me, is my sexiest memory and the 'feature presentation' of my dreams!



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