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My First Amateur Beach Video

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I've experimented over the years with using a video camera to film myself and get me turned on. As soon as I know a camera is filming, as soon as I see that little red recording light, I get so horny. I try to make a show of it for me to watch later, so I try to PRETEND to be aroused and then fake a mind-blowing orgasm, but after just a few minutes of faking, it becomes all too real, and I end up filming my own cumshots.

I took the video camera all over the island I live on to film myself jacking off in all the places I fantasize about: waterfalls, the beach, up in the mountains. I think I've left my cum just about everywhere on this island. That's how I know I belong here: I've clearly marked my territory!

Anyway, the greatest fun was filming myself nude at the beach. My secret spot is the perfect place. Only a couple of times has anyone else ever been there. I hiked out to my spot, set up the camera to get an angle of me sitting on the sand with beautiful Waikiki and Diamond Head in the background.

The camera flattens everything out so it looked like I was sitting nude on a beach at Waikiki, but in reality I was nowhere close. But I was all alone (this time) sitting right where the water would

wash up between my legs and drag itself slowly back out, with a gentle pulling motion that feels wonderful.

I did a bunch of different spots with different angles, but I wanted to save the cumshot for last, so I exercised as much self-control as I could muster, and got about half an hour of footage. For the last shot, I actually put the tripod out in the water a few feet from the shore and filmed myself walking on the sand sitting against a large rock, oiling myself up, and then stroking myself, this time until I would squirt.

Everything worked out great. The angle and the natural lighting from the summer sun made my muscles look great, and the cumshot was big and beautiful and as dramatic as you would hope a cumshot scene would be. I thought that was all I could handle, but as I moved the camera, I thought I would do one more scene near some bushes where some fishermen has left their broken gear behind. I thought I'd pretend to be fishing nude, and that would be all since I was spent from the huge orgasm I had just had, but as soon as I got in front of the camera, I was just as hard as a few minutes ago. I couldn't believe it! I was just as horny as the first time and the fact that I was going again so soon made me even more excited. What would the orgasm be like? Weaker? Shorter?

My cock was even more sensitive this time and my body felt more loose and relaxed, and everywhere I touched produced powerful pleasurable sensations. Then I came and wow! Not as much cum, but the spasms were more raw and heaving. This time the cum oozed out of the tip in

thick warm globs and ran over my hand, and my head (on my shoulders) was throbbing long after the last squirt. Even after squirting, my muscles kept on spasming. I kept counting, waiting for them to finally stop, but they kept going. . . 20. . .25. . .30. . .I didn't know if I could take anymore.

After 50 or so contractions which felt like they lasted forever, they finally began to slow, but it was like the off switch was broken or something. Just when I thought it would be over, another one would kick in and then another. By then my cock was completely numb and I was lying there with a huge grin on my face. My throat was completely dry and I could barely swallow. I began to doze off in sheer exhaustion even while the spasms kept up their pace once every five


When I woke up, the sun was setting and the air had cooled off. My poor cock was spent. It was super sensitive and looked like it was been through a war. I had a hard time standing up. All my muscles were stiff and there was a dull ache around my anus. It was a slow walk back from that filming session, but I find that whenever I watch the second wave on my computer, I can still cum a second time but never quite as legendary as that day in front of the camera.



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