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My First 'Adult' Theatre Experience

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My first 'adult' theatre experience occurred in 1960 when porn theatres were still tactfully referred to as 'art' theatres. Most of them had been small urban Class-A movie theatres that had become outclassed by newer suburban multi-screen complexes. To stay in business, these existing theatres began to show 'naturalist' movies. In short, these theatres began to show movies depicting naked women and their breasts, and that's just what us horny young males yearned to see!

I must admit that the particular theatre I picked for my first 'art' movie experience was not entirely unknown to me. It was the same downtown movie theatre where my Dad had taken me to see Roy Rogers' flicks not too many years earlier. But this visit was very much different.

After seeing the various salacious titles on the outdoor marquee for several months, and hoping and praying that no one I knew would see me, one sultry summer afternoon I paid my money at the still-outside ticket booth, and went inside. I passed the then-vacant refreshment stand in the lobby and found a seat in front of the flickering screen in the darkened theatre itself. Aside from a couple of shadowed apparently-male heads several rows away, I saw no one near me.

I was in absolute awe as my eyes focused on the screen. There were naked female breasts, some large and some small, but all completely naked. I'd previously seen and J/O'd many times to still photographs of female breasts, that was my 'stock in trade' as it were, but I'd never seen bare breasts in motion, on real women. While elevator-music played in the background, these groups of three and four completely naked women, standing upright, walked almost-aimlessly in a rural setting near a lake. I could see their beautiful bare breasts and their full bushes of wonderfully dark pubic hair. This is how I remember my first porn theatre visit.

As my young eyes were glued to the bare breasts on the screen, my penis hardened almost immediately! I was wearing jeans, over briefs with an open fly. My lengthening penis quickly popped through the fly in my briefs and stretched itself out between the inside of my jeans and my own leg. As inexperienced with porn theatres as I was at the time, I never even considered unzipping my jeans and taking my penis out to play with it. As my eyes moved to the movement of the bare breasts on the screen, my right hand automatically rubbed the outside of my jeans and stroked my now rock-hard penis as it rested on my bare leg. It's like I was masturbating by remote-control!

As excited as this young fellow was, I almost immediately ejaculated copius amounts of warm semen inside my jeans, and down the inside of my right right pant leg. The load inside my jeans created a real sticky mess, but the orgasm was the best I'd ever had. I'd actually masturbated and ejaculated as I was looking at real moving bare breasts on a movie screen! I patted-down my jeans as best as I could to sop up the wetness. And then after a reasonable few minutes, and as nonchalantly as possible, I got up and left the theatre. 'Mom' was still doing my laundry at the time, so I've always hoped-against-hope that she didn't notice my semen-crusty jeans from this afternoon at the movies.

Needless to say, my more recent porn theatre experiences have been more involved and more interesting. But I'll save them for other stories.



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