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My First Adult Party

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Sometimes one mis-calculates completely.


Jim and I used to be partners working a territory on the East Coast for the then biggest furniture manufacturer in the world at the time. Jim had a beautiful wife and three kids. I was six years his junior and in my mid-twenties....single and havin' fun. Yea, road-men can have a good deal of fun.

One day, at a morning meeting at Jim's house, he asked me if I wanted to come to a party that he and his wife were having for several couples that Jim and Susan had met and become friendly with through Jim's work at the YMCA, before going into sales. He had also been a pro football player in the Canadian League. I thought for a second and asked if I wouldn't be a misfit as a single guy.

Jim said definitely not, and that I'd enjoy myself immensely. I okayed it on that note, still thinking that Jim and Susan were about the straightest couple I knew. I arrived at his house on party-evening and noted first that I was the youngest there and the only single; though the crowd mingled as if all had known one another for years. I sat down thinking I'd like to give Susan a stiff one. A few minutes passed and Jim, perched with a foot on the staircase for elevation, spoke over the crowd, 'Are we all ready to adjourn to the basement?'

I stood up and followed the crowd down the stairs to a nicely chaired large room where some of the women sat on the floor leaning back against their partners knees with legs folded to the side. When everyone was settled, Jim, standing in the middle of a circle of the seated announced 'Game-time!'. And I hadn't the slightest idea what was up, still thinking of my host and hostess as I had known them for nearly two years... the essence of gentility and propriety...especially Susan, the quintessential mother of three little blonde examples of correctness.

After a couple of 'games', one called 'Choo-Choo' where the joke was on me when I followed the example of others and rather passionately kissed the pretty lady at the end of the train, and got slapped for my indiscretion, the girls decided it was time for 'pass the plate'. A lot of you readers might know this game. I didn't. For those who are innocents, the couples form a standing circle with each of the ladies' hands in the pockets of the two guys on each side of her. No husband is near his wife. A dinner plate is then introduced and the idea is for the gals to pass the plate around the circle, hand to hand, through the crotches of the males, without dropping the plate. Also, and this was rather interesting to me, the girls, as the plate was passed, were making every effort to use free hands to toy with the guys next to her in an effort to get him to ejaculate....especially when she was not busy with the plate. All of the action was taking place through the pocket material of lightweight summer pants.

I have to admit that I was the only guy there who had no experience with 'pass the plate' or any of the other games up and down the line. I couldn't believe that my partner and his wife had actually gathered such a group of friends. Good people.

As the game continued, I began to feel the purposeful gripping of my balls by the gal on my left, while Susan, on my right was pumping me hard while the group watched my reaction as a newcomer. My sightline caught Jim's as he was bent over laughing hysterically, knowing what I once thought and what I now thought about he and his wife. Susan was not only gorgeous. She was a pro at doing things to a man that she only knew about.

As I felt my precum leaking through my pants, I knew Susan could feel it too. Through leary eyes, and feeling so caught up in what was happening to my cock, as two ladies tried their hardest to make it longer and thicker, I noted that two girls across from me had somehow

gotten Jim's huge dick out of his pants, sticking up in the air at 180 degrees. Pulling his pocket-lining out of his pants, both of the women, working to fruition, as his mushroom turned purple while one gal squeezed the bottom of his shaft very hard, and the other rapidly yanked him around his penis' neck.

While I watched across the circle the gals next to me were passing the plate from left to right, and were holding it momentarily right in front of me, as Jim shot a load that nearly landed at my foot. Everyone watched (over 15) fascinated by the size of the load that Jim had saved over some time. Then a few more less intense shots, and the plate being held in front of me fell and broke in the semen near my feet.

I don't know how the girls could tell, but one after another of the men in the circle were provoked to a vicious climax by the women alongside them. Me too. It was a carnally exquisite site as a few of the gals could not resist going over to their husbands, removing what was left of their milked-out members from their flies, and .............................!

I must have left around midnite, before the girls got down and dirty. Near that time I called it a night.

That party was 35 years ago. I'd like to do it again.



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