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My First

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There is a slow build-up. Names have been changed.


Fifteen years ago, when I was 16, my father took me camping with his friend, Dan, and Dan's son, Zach who was about my age, both of whom I had never met before. My parents were divorced so I didn't get to spend much time with my dad, only occasional weekends and two-week stints here and there. Also, as an only child with no boy friend, I didn't know much about boys. I was disappointed that I had to share my dad, but I was also nervous and excited by the fact that I would be the only girl around three guys. I had cocks on the brain.

I was good looking at 16, still am, I think, although I did not think of myself then as pretty, mostly because, afraid of boys, I was a shy, bookish adolescent who was a late developer and was not popular with guys. I basically look the same now: I am slim with small, perky tits, long, firm legs, tight ass, cute face, good complexion, long blonde hair. One of the guys I am fucking now says I am a typical girl next door. Also, I was undeveloped sexually. I was very sexual, I thought about sex all the time, still do, but, unlike my friends, I went on very few dates and had done nothing more than kiss guys and grab a feel during games of Seven Minutes in Heaven and Truth or Dare. The most sexually active thing I had done was to look at porn and openly masturbate with one of my girl friends on sleepovers. This was a big turn-on.

I love to masturbate, which I had discovered earlier with this very girl friend. And I was concerned that the camping trip would interrupt my nightly masturbation ritual, which involved me, nude, with my legs spread very wide, fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit, as we were all sleeping in one giant tent. I was also nervous about having to go to the bathroom in the woods with guys around. It turns out that I was right to be nervous on both counts.

We all went in my Dad's Jeep, with Zach and me in the back seat. Dan was rugged and smoking hot. He was in great shape, with dimples, salt-and-pepper hair, bedroom eyes, strong, firm hands. Zach was good looking in a jockish kind of way, but he was full of himself and cocky, which was a turn-off. I was not his type and he was not my type, as if I had a type then. Also, he had a girl friend and he clearly was not happy to be on the trip, which he was forced into at the last minute. Zach kept talking about what he could be doing with his friends if he wasn't with us. Dan and my dad kept teasing him about his girl friend (and her 'big tits') and reminding him that he would just have to wait to mess around with her until he got home.

This talk left me ambivalent. I had never heard my dad even mention anything sexual, so I was shocked and felt out of place, like the only girl at a guy's party. This depressed me. But it also got me a little damp between my legs. I just kept quiet during the drive. The quieter I got, the more they opened up about sex. And the more excited I got listening, like a fly on the wall. I pretended to doze off. I think that my dad thought I could not hear them, so they were pretty blatant, talking about women they were fucking and how hot they were. Dan asked Zach if he was good with women. This question made my clit stand up in my panties. I squeezed my thighs together to get friction on my clit, as I listened and fantasized.

I didn't cum, but I was horny the rest of the day. When we got to the camp site I kept stealing glances at Zach and Dan's tight asses and bulges, imagining squeezing their buns. I thought about Zach licking and sucking me. I wanted the weight of Dan on top of me. At one point I fantasized that I was with both Dan and Zach, with my father watching. My dad had never entered my sexual fantasies before. But this image, which I couldn't shake, got me very horny. I was sure they could smell my arousal.

Mostly I watched as they set up the tent in a clearing near a stream in the mountains. It was very private. We built a fire. They arranged my sleeping bag on one side of the tent, hidden somewhat by two coolers, which gave me some semblance of privacy. We cooked dinner and sat by the fire. Dad was sweet. He knew I felt out of place and he spent a lot of time talking with me one on one. He asked me about boys. I relaxed, but I was still very horny. We sat close together. I enjoyed listening to them talk, especially when the conversation went back to sex, a topic thankfully they kept me out of.

But then the toilet issue arose. When I had to pee, dad showed me a shovel with a roll of toilet paper on it. He said that I should 'bury everything.' This embarrassed me, but I tried to act like it was no big deal.

It was then that I was made very aware of the true difference between guys and girls, because whenever the guys had to pee, they just walked to the clearing's edge and, facing the woods, whipped it out. Even though I couldn't see anything I got a thrill knowing that there were cocks flapping around in the wind just a few feet from me, especially since the guys would continue talking while they let it fly. I felt like I was in a guy's bathroom.

But when I had to go I got a little scared about being out in the woods alone. Also, there were logistics. I realized that if I didn't want to pee on my clothes, I had to push my jeans and panties all the way down to my ankles. This still presented problems, because they were bunched up too much; so, keeping my shoes on, I pushed my pants and panties all the way off so that I could spread my legs wide enough not to get pee on my shoes. This was a thrill I had never known, being nearly nude in the woods. I also didn't know if I should leave the flashlight on or off, wondering if anyone could see me. The thought of being seen like that made me even hornier.

After I peed, squatting there in the woods, hearing the guys laugh, and feeling the cold air on my ass and pussy got me very excited. I squatted there longer than I needed to and I started playing with my pussy, shining the flashlight on my cunt and ass, illuminating my blonde bush, exploring myself. I didn't actually masturbate very long. Mostly I just toyed with my clit and fingered myself a little, even tickled my asshole some, which I rarely did. It was thrilling to push my index finger inside my asshole. Then I heard my dad call out from the fire to ask me if I was OK. Dan said, 'Don't make us send out a search party.' They all laughed. The thought nearly made me fall over, as I pushed my finger deeper inside my pussy and pressed my ass down on my other finger thinking of the guys. I imagined Zach and Dan stumbling on me and finding me naked from the waist down, my crotch lit up by the flashlight, toying with my bare, wet pussy. Dan would unzip and offer his cock to me. Zach would kneel behind me and run his fingers along the crack of my ass until he was fingering my cunt. I yelled back that I was fine. I got dressed and came back to the fire, with a fire of my own burning between my thighs. 'Everything OK,' my dad asked. 'Yes,' I replied.

Our dads went to bed, openly peeing before they retired. Zach and I decided to stay up a little longer to watch the fire die down. We asked each other about school, but mostly we sat in comfortable silence, looking at the moon, watching the fire. It was easy. We didn't need anything from each other. I was as relaxed around Zach as I ever had been around a boy. I was still horny, but I was focused on masturbating quietly in my sleeping bag. Then it got a little weird. When Zach had to pee again, he just stood up and turned around, unzipping and peeing in the dirt. I said something about it and he said what difference does it make? Did it make me uncomfortable, he wanted to know. I said it was perfectly fine. When he talked to me, though, he turned slightly and I got a good eyeful of his cock and the arc of pee. I remember instinctively licking my lips. He just grinned, giving me a show as he shook the few last drops of pee from his cock tucked it back into his pants. This shocked me but made my heart race. It was my first view of an actual cock. And I wanted it badly.

When I had to pee, just before going to bed, I decided to return the favor. I went behind a scraggly bush at the edge of the clearing, knowing that Zach could see through it if he wanted to. I was shaking with excitement as I undid my pants and slowly pushed them down and off. Then I took my time with my panties, laying them with my jeans on the top of the bush. I pretended I did not know he could see me, as I spread my knees and peed. Finally, I looked up and saw Zach staring at me. I pulled my shirt up to offer him an unobstructed view. I knew he had a clear shot of my pussy, even though it was at a distance of about twenty feet. I finished peeing and leisurely wiped myself, taking time to rub the paper across my clit. I felt very free and alive and extremely horny. I also felt powerful and in control. Spreading my knees wide, I toyed with my clit, as if I were just cleaning myself. Then I turned around, letting him see my exposed ass. I wanted to be fucked so badly that I was shaking. If Zach had come over he could have taken me. But he just sat fidgeting by the fire. I lingered there and finally got dressed. When I came back to the clearing Zach had lust in his eyes.

We didn't speak, as we doused the fire. We went to the tent and the men were sound asleep. Zach and I stood over our respective sleeping bags, facing each other, and undressed quietly. He was about five feet from me. I took off everything but bra, t-shirt, and panties. He stripped down to boxers and t-shirt. His hard cock bounced in his shorts. We stood there looking at each other, then whispered good night. I looked down and noticed that my panties were damp, making them transparent. I was as horny as I have ever been. I crawled into my bag; and he into his. But before I laid down I looked over at him. He was up on one elbow, wide awake, staring in my direction.

I knew I was going to masturbate something fierce, but I wanted an audience. I wanted Zach to see me cum. I pushed one of the coolers aside slightly, giving Zach a view of my sleeping area. It was a narrow window at the level of my crotch. I lay on top of the sleeping bag and fondled with my breasts and then with my pussy inside my soaked panties. I knelt, so that he could see my upper body, and I took off my t-shirt and bra. Then, after he had a good long view of my breasts, I slipped my panties down. I was completely nude.

I lay back down and I turned my body so that my ass was aimed at the opening between the coolers. I played with my butt, opening the cheeks, lifting one leg. I wanted him to see my asshole, which was the most erotic and naughty thing I could imagine. Then I arched my back and pulled my pussy lips open. I practically pushed my pussy against the little window. Then I pushed the cooler even wider open. Zach's bag was between my dad and Dan's bags, with Dan closest to me. And I thought of Dan only a few feet from my gaping hole. I began stroking my pussy and found that the more I opened my cunt the hornier and wetter I became. I sat up to make sure Zach was watching. I saw that his eyes were wide open and he was stroking his cock. I played with my nipples and breasts for him to see, then I reached back down to my pussy. Kneeling, I spread my legs, watching Zach pull his cock. I began to finger myself deep and fast as we locked eyes. I wanted him to see more of me. I stood up completely and put one foot on the cooler, spreading my legs as wide as I could, as I pulled at my clit and fucked my pussy. It was then that I noticed that Dan's eyes were open wide. I shuddered with fear and lust. But I did not stop. I kept fingering faster, bucking my hips toward them. Cumming, I thrust my hips toward Dan's gaze, as if I were fucking the air. I came long and hard but quietly, mouthing 'Fuck me. Fuck me' 'Fuck me'.

After I came I freaked out, crawling quickly and shamefully into my sleeping bag. I listened, but heard nothing, but some movement in their sleeping bags. I lay awake for a long time feeling totally ashamed. I worried that my dad would find out or that Dan would take me up on my offer and crawl over the coolers to rape me. But then I settled down. Thinking about what had happened, I got horny again and brought myself privately to another amazing orgasm and then fell asleep.

The next morning I was the last one up. I ate little breakfast and said very little, attempting not to look at Dan or Zach. When I peed I went deep into the woods. My dad asked if I was sick. I said I felt a little ill, so he suggested I nap in the Jeep, while they took down the camp. I pretended to sleep most of the way home. Dan and Zach acknowledged that I was not feeling well, and the talk was somewhat normal but low-keyed. When I said good-bye to Zach, he asked if he could get my number and possibly see me again. I just said 'But you have a girl friend.' He shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something. Dan, sitting in the front seat, winked big at me when they dropped me at my mom's place. Dad never mentioned any of this so I assume he knows nothing, and I never saw Dan or Zach again. But I still have my memories and fantasies.



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