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My First

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This is about my first sexual encounter with a girl. I remember it like it was yesterday.


I'm now 22 years old. My first sexual encounter with a girl happened back when I was 16. The girl was a classmate of mine when I was in high school. She actually wasn't what I'd call a girlfriend although we certainly knew each other. It all started with a group of us getting together after school one day at her house. It was a Friday evening so we were all off the next morning.

Her name was Katy and her parents weren't home. One of the kids brought up the birds and bees and this was were our conversation went. Soon we were talking about the female's contribution to reproduction and the male's. Kids that age talking about things like this have that uneasy feeling and relieve it by laughing and giggling. There was a lot of that that went on. We were still learning about the birds and bees and had a lot more to learn. Then, some of the kids started leaving heading home. Before long, Katy and I were the only two left and we both still had birds and bees on our minds so we kept talking about it. We started asking each other questions about our bodies of course concentrating on our private parts, one might say.

I soon was beginning to get aroused by this and started getting a hard on. Katy was asking questions about my penis and erections. My hard on soon went all the way. She questioned how long it gets and how hard does it get, etc. I finally told her that our conversation had given me an erection and I sat up a little showing it to her through my pants. It was easy to see. Katy was all excited about seeing what she could of it and then looked up at me and ask 'Can I see it'? I really got excited about this idea. Just the idea of showing it to a girl was something I'd always dreamed about having happen some day. And, right out of no where here was was my chance. I stood up and undid my pants asking Katy 'You really want to see it'? She said yes and she too was all excited at what we were doing. I then dropped my pants and lowered my shorts. I stood in front of her letting her see it. Katy was all eyes. She ask 'Can I touch it'? I said yes and moved closer to her. She put her hand around it. She looked up at me as she felt it. She then ask 'Want me to play with it'? Like most girls, she knew about boys jerking off. I said 'Heck yes'. I then ask her if she had ever seen sperm yet. She said no. I told her in a minute she would get to see some. Here I was getting jerked off by a girl and going to cum in front of one. I was in seventh heaven. I showed her how to hold it and how fast to go, etc. and told her about how the sperm was going to shoot out quite fast and far. With Katy doing this and watching this I knew it really would. She went to stroking it like I had showed her and it didn't take me very long and I came. Sure enough, my cum came out pretty hard and shot out at least three feet in front of me. Katy acted amazed at what she had just seen.

We cleaned up since Katy's mother would be home soon. I headed home. It goes without saying that that next Monday I was over at Katy's house again. I want some more of that and I wanted to see her pussy and touch it like she got to do me. Katy didn't let me down. We ended up getting each other off almost every day. This went on until I ended up getting an after school job and later on a steady girlfriend. But, I'll never forget Katy. My first.



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