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My First 15 Years (part 3)

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part 3 of 3. Part of the reason that I split them up is that they are longer than I thought they would be and I couldn't type without a break. The other reason is that my spell checker refused to check what are now parts one and two because they were too long.
Part 1
Part 2


In April of 1986 my life changed forever. I was 13 1/2 and I had been masturbating to dry orgasm often for almost two years. By this time I had learned enough in books, Playboy's letters and from friends to know that sooner or later I would ejaculate. Up to this point, I had never experienced a wet dream and wouldn't until I was almost 15.
It was a rainy early spring day in southern Minnesota. I know it was raining because I distinctly recall my junior high baseball practice being called off. I got home at my usual time and proceeded to partake in my usual after school stroke session. Both of my parents worked so the house was mine for a good two hours. I went to my usual place, a small upstairs room that was used as a storage for board games and other various toys that I rarely used any longer. This is where I had stashed my favorite copies of my dad's mags. He had about 30 and would not likely miss the 3 I had stashed. My absolute favorite was Playboy July 1984. I don't recall the bunny's name but I remember one picture very vividly. Most pictures in Playboy (then and now) show breasts, butts and pubic hair. This one was different. The model was sitting in a way that made her outer lips visible with a distinct gash down the center. Viewing that picture always heightened my pleasure.
I stroked myself in the usual way that boys learn during puberty. Stroking the shaft lengthwise. Occasionally, I would squeeze my glans and sometimes I would rub my penis against my stomach just to try something new. By now, I had a fairly full growth of pubic hair and was about 4 1/2 to 5 inches when fully erect. I know I measured it from time to time, but I don't recall what the length was then. Everything was as it had been for the first 5 minutes or so. Then I noticed a squishing sound. I looked at my penis and saw my first drops of precum. I actually had thought that this was my actual ejaculation and therefore stopped masturbating for a while. I believe I read some of the Playboy letters. They weren't as graphic as ones I would later read in Penthouse, etc. but I still enjoyed them. After about ten minutes of reading I was still rock hard. Odd, I thought. Normally I would go soft after my dry orgasms. I turned back to my July Playmate and resumed stroking. The squishing noise returned as did the liquid slowing oozing from my quivering shaft. After a short time I passed what I now refer to as the point of no return. The squishing stopped, I felt an unbelievable sense of pleasure and let out my first ejaculation. It seemed to last forever.
After a few minutes recovery, my brain started to work again and I realized several things. First, I was a man now. (well, sort of). Second, I had cum on Miss July. Sadly, she would never be the same. Third, I had cum on the floor. This was a bigger problem. I quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I washed the semen off my penis and dressed. I found another rag and washed out my release off the carpet as best as I could. After taking care of those chores, I went to the couch to bask in some well deserved after glow.
'Candi' and I had a code that we used when I wanted her to come over for a grope session. I would call her in the morning and tell her a rhyme I had made up with her (real) name in it. The day after my first ejaculation I definitely wanted to see and touch her. She was still about two months shy of her 12th birthday but reasonably well developed.
When we met that day, I told her about my new trick. Since I had been making her 'leak' for nearly a year now, naturally she wanted to do the same to me. We went to my bed and stripped. I had been anticipating this all day and was already hard before she even touched me. I didn't last long, maybe two minutes. I guess her hands made me more excited than my own. I spurted onto her tummy and hand. She looked at what I had deposited into her hand for a few seconds, sniffed it and then gave it a quick taste. I asked what it tasted like. 'Warm liquid salt,' she said. She moved her hand to some that was on her tummy and brought it to my mouth. I had to agree with her assessment. I played around with her sex box for awhile until she had to leave.
With all of our parents now working full time, I was looking forward to summer. It was a long bike ride to her house (5 miles), but generally worth it. I didn't go every day, usually once or twice a week. I had baseball and work around the house to do too. At this point in my life, I usually masturbated to ejaculation at least once a day. I used several different items to catch my semen. Rags, tissues, cups, clothes that were headed for the washing machine anyway. At some point I found my father's condoms. He was pushing 40 at the time and apparently wanted no more children (I am the only). He had several (4-5) open packs in one drawer. I had no idea what they were or what they were for until I read the instructions in the box. 'Unroll over the erect penis' and 'Remove after ejaculating' was enough for me to give it a try. I took one condom from each pack. I went to my room and stripped. I stroked myself to erection and then removed one from the wrapper. It took some doing, but I got it on. The first thing I noticed was that it was sort of slippery yet sticky at the same time. Second thing was that it restricted the base of my penis, causing a firmer erection. No matter to me. I started pumping away and in about 5-10 minutes had filled my first condom. After removing it, I learned something. Condoms should NOT be flushed down the toilet. It took about 3 flushes but it did eventually go down and presumably did no damage to our pipes. From then I on, I carefully wrapped them in tissue and threw them away in the garbage. I didn't always use them. After all, I had a limited supply. I eventually took one more from each box. By the time I used them all (year and a half later), an older cousin had moved in with us while attending college. He bought me a pack of my own.
Midway through summer 1986, a new factor arose in the relationship between myself and Candi. About two months after her 12th birthday, she got her first period. At one point I said that now we could both make babies. This fact both excited and frightened us. We started being very careful about where my semen was landing. I was a responsible 13 year old. The new school year actually made things more difficult despite the fact that we now attended the same school. My father changed shifts and now was often home by 4 PM. It became increasingly difficult for us to get together. We still found a way once or twice a month.
My 14th birthday was about a month after the school year started. She had a special present in store for me. When we had been together in the past we often read some of the Playboy letters and other more educational material. One of the items we read together was about oral sex. She said that she was going to give me a blow job for my birthday. Boy, was I looking forward to that day! To much so, as it turned out. She sucked me for maybe 90 seconds before I gave her tonsils a spray. Of course, 14 year olds make up for their lack of staying power with a quick recovery time. After I played with her genitals and gave her an orgasm, I was ready to go again. This time I managed to last maybe 5 minutes before having the most powerful orgasm I had had to that point.
Shortly after Christmas, I decided it was time to return the present. I had discovered a section on female oral sex and was eager to try it. Candi thought it sounded gross at first. Until she read the part where the women described how it felt. This time I went to her home. It was the last week day before classes resumed after New Year 1987. I wasn't much on technique, but I got the job done. Basically, I just licked her clitoris until she came. We got better at it.
We enjoyed each others developing bodies through masturbation, mutual masturbation, phone sex (no such thing as Cyber Sex in those days), and oral sex for another two and a half years until we lost our virginity together on June 14, 1989, about a week after her 15th birthday. Sadly, her family moved out of state that summer. We stayed in touch for a while. But in those pre e-mail days we eventually lost touch. I often think of what she might be doing these days. She would be 28 now. Married with kids most likely. 'Candi', if you are out there, I'm in the book. Same town as we grew up in.
How about that! Managed to squeeze it into 3! I know it is really long, but I hope you all enjoy reading it.



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