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My First 15 Years (part 2)

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part two of what looks like three or four.
'My first 15 years (part 1)'
'A VERY Merry Christmas'


Now naked women and sexual pleasure were linked in my brain. One day not long after this first touching and kissing experience while home alone I stumbled across my dad's 'dirty' magazine collection. Not a very large collection but the titles were diversified. I recall Playboy, Penthouse, Oui and Gent. Wow! That was all that I could think when I found them. My penis stiffened with every page. For quite a while after that, I always stroked myself on my parent's bed while looking at the pictures. Another source of 'erotica' was a sex education book called, 'I Wonder, I Wonder'. It was designed for young children (5-9) and probably had been sitting around for years. In it were cartoon type pictures of a woman breastfeeding and a naked little boy and girl.
When classes resumed, Candi and I made a point of sitting together on our bus rides. We never did anything at school again, but we did sometimes touch each other's genitals through our clothes with a jacket covering our activity. I was thrilled when summer arrived. Her mother stayed at home and I was allowed to ride my bike there. Our parents were not stupid enough to allow us to be alone at my house though. We compromised on a nearby park for most of our pre teen groping. It was in a residential section but we chose an area that was far enough away from homes or secluded enough to not get caught. As I think back, neither of us orgasmed from these sessions. I don't even recall noticing any lubrication from her.
I do remember asking her one day when her mother ran out to run a quick errand (about an hour she had said) and we were left alone at her house, if she touched herself at home the way I touched her. She described for me some of the ways she touched herself and I quickly realised that none of them were anything like what I was doing to her. I basically was just squeezing her breasts and rubbing her pubic hair. What did I know? Actually, what she described would have been very difficult to do in the park without having her lie on the ground. At home she said she 'leaked' (her term for vaginal lubrication) when she touched herself. I asked her to show me and got a great show. First, she placed a towel on her bed and then hopped onto it naked. She started by rubbing what we would later call a clitoris, but then referred to as 'button' with one of her hands. Very slowly at first and gradually picking up speed. I noticed her nipples were very hard and that her face was getting red. After about 5 minutes I noticed that her fingers were now moistened. 'Wow! That's neat,' I said. 'I don't do anything like that.' I don't think she heard me. After another few minutes she gave several soft moans and plunged a finger inside her 'baby hole'. Three or four moan accompanied thrusts later she removed her girl-cum covered finger and showed it to me. I looked at it, touched it cautiously and then got my first taste of girl goo. I said it tasted like sweat only with sugar added.
When school started Candi and I were separated. We no longer attended the same school. In those days, the religious school ended after 6th grade and the public middle school started with 7th. My family also moved so that we were closer to where they worked and my new school. The good news was that it was also close to Candi's school. The better news was that her mom took a job. No one would be at her home until about 5:30. Our routine was now set. About once every other week, she would walk over to my house and wait for me. I had about double the distance (and much more traffic) to contend with. We only had about an hour or so of fooling around time. I enjoyed making her 'leak' and she took great delight in making my penis get big and red and start to quiver. I still had not ejaculated, but then I didn't even know what that was either. By then, she had to catch a city bus that stopped two blocks from my home and dropped her off at her home.
Middle school for me meant that I was exposed to a large group of adolescent girls in various stages of development. It was heaven and hell at the same time. I can hardly recall a time when I didn't have an erection during middle school. One of my favorite pastimes was 'accidentally' brushing my hand up against the breast or butt of a girl in the crowded hall ways. Just a quick rub as I walked by. None of them ever gave any indication that they knew. Or, they assumed that it was accidental. Middle school also meant gym class. The girls wore a one piece outfit that had short shorts. I believe it was during a weight lifting drill that I got my first glimpse of pubic hair other than Candi's. The girl was doing leg presses and I was at the station across from her. I don't know if she had panties on, but I couldn't see any. I could see her dark pubic hair very clearly though from under the edge of her gym outfit. Didn't see any of her vulva, but the hair itself gave me a good stiffie. After showering it had still not subsided. One of the guys noticed and announced that 'Kevin has a woody!' Without a moments hesitation I said that you would too if you had seen what I had seen. 'What was that?' someone asked. I told them and some were impressed. Obviously, those that had never seen even that much. Those that had seen that much or more said, 'Big deal. What, you never saw it before?' 'Not hers,' I said. Then I told of my exploits with Candi without revealing her name. The conversation continued into lunch and all of a sudden I was very popular. Very few of the 25 or so guys had ever touched a breast let alone masturbated a girl to orgasm. Although, we still didn't use those terms. Many thought I was lying until I gave intricate details of our encounters never revealing her name. I just said that she was a year younger than me and thus not in this school.
Another thing that happened in middle school is that I met 'Nikki'. At the time, I thought she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. I still do. Prettier than Candi. Candi was tall and wiry, Nikki was short and petite, but with a nice figure (if that makes sense). Candi was still fairly flat compared to Nikki. I never let on the feelings I had for her and she never indicated having them for me. We were both in the 'advanced' curriculum for gifted students and therefore had many classes together. Our feelings for each other would be unrealized until 'A VERY Merry Christmas'.
All during 7th grade I continued to stroke myself to dry orgasms and occasionally fool around with Candi. In April of 1986, my life changed forever.
End of part 2. See you in part 3.



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