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My First 15 Years (part 1)

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A little history of my sexual explorations and awakenings. It is amazing when you think back on 'innocent' childhood events that often you were engaging in sexual activity without even realizing it.


I have noticed that a lot of the biographies here (male and female) list somewhat overt sexual contact and self play at very young ages. I never really thought of myself as being an 'early starter' until I started rethinking these events. Just to put things in a time reference, I am 30 years old now.
My earliest recollection of anything remotely sexual was when I was about 4. I was living in a small northern Minnesota town with kids my age all around. 4 of us (2 girls, my best friend 'Shawn' and I) had this little playhouse. Don't really remember that much about it except that all of us fit into it easily. It was in a somewhat isolated area in one of the big back yards. I remember that we would often watch each other pee into a bucket. Strangely, I don't recall noticing the difference in our 'parts.' Not much of a beginning, I know.
By the time I started kindergarten, we had moved to southern Minnesota. Both of my parents worked (recall late 70s economy if you think things are bad now) therefore I was at a daycare mom's home from after school until about 4 or 5 I suppose. Roughly, 5 hours per day. There were two girls my age at the same place, 'Amy' and 'Stacy'. Usually, we would arrive and then have lunch. Then there would be nap time for about an hour. It was during these naps that my next sexual epiphany took place. We all slept together in one bed. Well, maybe 'slept' isn't an accurate word. Sometimes we did, but usually we would just lie there.
On one occasion, Stacy asked to see my 'wee wee'. Since 5 year olds have zero inhibitions, I agreed to oblige if the girls would let me see theirs. We stripped off our undies and I got my first up close and personal with the female sex organs. Noticing that their slits were much longer than the hole I peed out of, I think I said something like, 'How do you not make a mess when you pee?' Amy spread her lips apart (although I think she called them 'folds' at the time) and showed me her tiny pee hole and said 'This is what I pee out of.' Even I was aware enough to notice the 'other hole.' I asked what it was for and was told that that was where babies came from. Up to that point, I believed that they came out of the lower stomach area. After all, that is where they were being carried. And it wasn't entirely inaccurate as C-sections are done fairly close to there. That was as involved as the sex play got at that point. I don't recall anything more than just a casual looking over. I don't even think we touched each other.
On my first day of first grade, I met the girl with whom, ten years later, I would lose my virginity. I attended a religious school and we (the parents) were encouraged to buy the school jackets every year. I wore mine from kindergarten on the first day of first grade. 'Candi' was one of the first stops after mine on my bus route. She sat next to me because she noticed the jacket. I think she said something like, 'Can I sit with you so I know when to get off?' Thinking back, I suppose it is a little strange that one of her parents didn't drive her in on her first day of kindergarten.
We became friends pretty quickly, although never did anything remotely sexual until she was about 11 or 12 I would guess. The main culprit was distance. We lived about 2 miles apart. When you are under ten, it might as well be 200. The only times we would see each other were at school during recess and on the bus. Kind of a shame that we were both somewhat sexually repressed during our formative years.
I started puberty at an average age. Roughly at age 11 1/2 I started noticing pubic hair and a rapidly enlarging penis. I don't recall my early puberty erections, but I am sure I had them. The first time I noticed an 'unwanted' erection was sitting next to Candi on the bus ride home one day. It was a little before my 12th birthday which would have made her 10 going on 11. As I recall, she had just started growing breast buds at that point. Something about being near her just started to make my penis stiff. Naturally, I covered the beast with my books. When I got home, I was still very hard. My parents still both worked so I had a couple of hours home alone. I remember stripping down to try to figure out why the penis was acting this way. I tried going to the bathroom. I do recall having 'urination erections' during this time which were 'cured' by a trip to the toilet. Nothing was happening in the bathroom, so I tried to shake the pee out of my penis. To my amazement, my little 3 incher grew bigger. Gee, I thought, this feels kinda nice. After a while, I realized that what was feeling good was the movement of my hand up and down the shaft; the same activity that nearly alI pubescent boys eventually discover. I noticed that this stimulation felt the best and made my penis largest. After several minutes doing this in the bathroom my knees started to shake. So I moved to my bedroom and laid on the bed, still naked and stroking the biggest penis I had ever seen (4 inches?). The pleasure continued to increase until I reached what I later realized was a dry orgasm. Since that day, I have associated women with sexual pleasure.
I started looking around the world for objects of stimulation. Fortunately, they were in abundance. All of a sudden I began to notice the various stages of breast development among the 10-15 girls in my grade ( just started 6th). I was still attending the religious school which had very small class sizes. Most of the girls had a decent amount of development, but a few were still flat chested. I made comparisons as to who had the biggest and smallest. Although, I didn't realize why at the time, I made it my goal to get a look at a girl without her shirt on. I just wanted to see what I didn't have. My attention soon was focused on my 'girlfriend', Candi.
Every year, the school children participate in the church's Christmas Eve service. We practice some during school, but mostly on the four Saturdays that fall between Thanksgiving and Christmas for about 2 hours. This was about 3 months after my first dry orgasm. By now I had been stroking myself every now and then and continued to 'fantasize' about Candi and her rapidly enlarging titties. After one of these practices ended a little early, I decided to make a bold move. After nearly everyone had left the church I went to talk with Candi. Her mom had dropped us both off. We were supposed to walk to my grandparent's house (1/2 mile) where my dad would drive us home. He worked at a vehicle service station that was operated by my family and adjacent to my grandparent's house. We had a good 20-30 minutes before anyone would worry about where we were. I whispered to her that I thought she looked very pretty today. She asked what I meant. I told her that I noticed her chest was getting bigger every day. She sheepishly blushed and covered her breasts with her arm. 'Don't cover them, they're nice,' I said, 'I've wanted to look at them for a long time.'
'Here, in church?!' she exclaimed. 'Let's go the school part.' I said. Like that made a big difference. The buildings were attached and I knew the place well enough to find a little hidden area. In no time we were there. I could feel my penis swelling in anticipation already. She removed her sweater and then slowly undid the buttons of her blouse. I remember asking what 'that' (her bra) was for. Her reply was to keep them covered up. Obviously her mother had not told her that one day the garment would be needed to hold them up. She unsnapped the bra and I got my first look at post puberty boobs. They were small, but unmistakably there. Tiny nipples and large puffy areola. I was mesmerized. After a while I asked to touch one. She seemed hesitant, but eventually agreed. I remember them being soft and smooth and that the nipple got bigger as I moved my hand around.
By now, Candi had noticed the tent in my trousers. She asked if that was my penis. I said yes and then she asked if it was always that big. I said, 'It is when I'm around you.' She asked if she could touch it. Knowing what touching it myself did for me, I dropped my pants faster than you could say 'Merry Christmas'. She took a long look at my organ before finally squeezing it a few times. Each squeeze increased its size. She noticed my few scraggly pubic hairs and said, 'You have hair there too?' 'Too?' I asked. 'Yeah, I just noticed that I'm growing hair down here a few weeks ago' she said pointing to her groin area. She dropped her pants and panties and exposed her virginal vulva. Sure enough, there were a few dark curly hairs covering her pubic region. 'Your's are red,' she observed. You don't have red hair anymore.' At that time it was a cross between red and blonde. Now it is more like a mix of that and even some brunette with a grey spot. :<(
'That's just how they grew' I said. I checked my watch and said that we better get going. Despite my state of arousal, the fear of being found out why if we were late was over powering. We quickly dressed and starting walking to my grandmother's house. Just before leaving our hiding place, I asked if I could kiss her. She turned to face me, closed her eyes and pursed her lips. It was only a quick meeting of our lips, but it was still a big moment for both of us. Needless to say, I stroked myself silly the next time I had a chance at home. It is a memory I still often recall in my masturbation sessions.
Since this is already a LOT longer than I thought the entire story would be, I think I will conclude here for now and resume in part 2. I have typer's cramp. It looks like it will be at least 3 parts.



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