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My Fetish

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For a long time I bore the guilt of that Catholicism forced upon me. Now, I am free and I regret nothing.


When I entered puberty I had a wonderful role model in my sister. She was 18 months older than me and helped me through a difficult and at times unpredictable and messy time.

I grew close to her and admired her very much. She was so at ease with her body and it helped me get comfortable with mine. When I was 13 I began to feel very strong sexual feelings. Not to her, but generally. I was moist a lot of the time and it seemed that it took very little to arouse me. Even couples kissing on a film made me horny. I loved the feelings, the tingles, the breathlessness and, above all, the wetness.

One night, I was lying in my bed and feeling terribly horny. I don't remember quite why, or what had started it off, but I lay there rubbing my vagina through my panties and loving the way they went damp at first and then slick. It was then that I wondered how wet my sister got when she was horny. I lay there thinking about it for a while and then I decided to ask her. I went to her room and knocked gently. She was obviously sleepy but she invited me in. I told her what was on my mind. Alison spent some time talking about how it was for her and then said 'Of course, I really like my own scent, and taste.' Now this was a whole new world for me and I guess as we talked I had started to rub myself. Alison said 'looks like you need to take care of business.' I lay back and tugged my panties to one side and masturbated. I really wanted her to watch me.

Alison, in turn lay next to me and started on herself. It felt so lovely. Now and then our arms would touch, or our legs would touch. At one point she put her leg over mine and it made me feel trapped which turned me on even more. Then, Alison said 'Tell me when you get close'. Shortly after I said 'Oh, it's coming.' Alison pulled her hand from between her legs and held her fingers to my face. They were covered in wetness and the scent was magical. My orgasm started to well up and I sucked her fingers into my mouth as I came. It seemed like the orgasm would last forever as it just kept on coming. I felt or sensed Alison cumming beside me and I felt her fingers find my vagina. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to let my own hand fall away as she continued to masturbate me. I reached a point where I put my hand between her legs and for a while we kept each other's orgasm coming.

We slept that night, naked in each others arms and the next morning, I awoke to feel her fingers exploring me again. For two years we had regular mutual masturbation sessions. Of course, eventually, she found herself a boyfriend and things got serious between them. Even so, from time to time we played with each other and it was during one of those times that I learned how sperm tastes and smells.

As I said, for a while, I felt terribly guilty about this but not now. It was beautiful, glorious and no mattter how one feels about incestuous relationships, I can think of no better way to learn about my body.



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