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My Favorite Toy!

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Hi,I am a 19 year old female. I love this site it makes me so hot so ladies keep em' cummin!. . . I have been pleasuring myself since the age of 10.
My first experience was with a vibrator. I had found the vibrator in my parent's closet and it was still in the package. I had asked my mom what it was and she told me it was a back massager. It actually looked like a massager. But now when i go into sex stores i notice the same kind of so called back massager.
One day i was playing with it and i was using it to massage my legs and such and noticed when i put it on my pussy it felt EXTREMLY good(with clothes on)so i decided to try it with my pants and panties off. I had never felt anything like it ever. It kind of scared me and i wanted to stop but the feeling was just to good. Then i felt my muscles start to tighten and my pussy walls start to contract. That was my first orgasm and i will never forget it.
After my first orgasm,I continued to use the vibrator everyday sometimes 5 or 6 times a day if not more.
after a few years when i was around 12 or 13 i wanted to tell my friends about my experiences with my vibe. One weekend when i had 3 of my friends stay the night we started talking about boys and sex and we all started to get really horny. I told them about my vibe and said they could try it if they wanted. They agreed and my friend mary went first. . she squatted on her feet with panties and pajama bottoms down and put the vibrator on her tight little wet pussy. . immediatly my pussy started to throb and get really wet. . The look on her face just made me wanna cum all over myself. She was breathing heavily. . I noticed that my other friend's hand was moving under the blanket.
After Mary was finished i insisted on going next.
We continued it for a long time that night. Ihad sleepover's almost every weekend.
This happened actually about 3 weeks ago when me and my best friend were hanging out and just driving around. We parked to talk for a while and we started talking about sex and how much we loved using vibrators and sex toys. . . well of course we both got extremely wet and i asked her if she wanted to mess around just jokingly and she said she wanted too.
We started to kiss and rub eachothers tits. . we then undressed and i put my hand on her pussy which was dripping wet and the feel of it made me so hot. She then put her hand on mine and started rubbing really fast and i did the same.
After a bit of rubbing i put my face in her pussy and started to lick her and suck on her clit she was moaning so load while she moved her hips and pushed my face deeper into her pussy. She then stopped me and told me to get on top of her to where my pussy was over her face. . which was kinda awkward since we were in the car. . but i did and she started licking me and it felt sooooooooooo good. . after a few minutes of licking i strattled her so our pussy's were together and i started rubbing myself up against her's. . while i played with her tits and she did mine.
We the started to 69 and finger eachother after a bit of that we both came all over. My orgasm was so intense that her face was covered with my juices. .
I hope you guys/gals reading this are getting as wet and turned of as i am. My panties are soaking wet. I have to go so i can pleasure myself some more!!



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