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My Favorite Time

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I started maturbating when I was 13 or so. My favorite memory of doing it, though, happened when I was 15.

Even though I was old enough to babysit my younger brother (who was 12), often my mom would get a babysitter if she knew I wanted to go somewhere and hang with friends. The girl who used to come over most of the time was named Lily. Lily lived down the street, and she was 16. She was very cute, sort of shy, and rather a late-bloomer. I knew her from school but not very well. She always caught my eye though.

Fast forward to a night she was babysitting: It was a Saturday and my parents left about 5-ish. I came home around 10 pm or so and she was up, but my brother was asleep. I walked into our TV room to see who was watching TV and she kind of rustled around and changed the channel real fast. I wondered what was up but just said, 'Hi,' and walked down the hall.

She followed me to my room and asked what I was doing. I said, 'Nothing really, but I think I am going to take a shower.'

She said, 'OK, maybe we can watch TV when you are done.'

My parents weren't coming home until late so I thought, 'Sure, this could be fun.' I usually watched late night TV by myself.

I got undressed and shimmied off to the bathroom. I got in the shower and immediately the warm water and soap started to have an effect on me. Just about then, I heard a meek knock and a, 'Can I use the bathroom?' from Lily. She said she didn't want to use my parents' bathroom and the toilet in my bathroom was more private.

Of course I thought, 'Sure!' Who wouldn't want a cute girl to steal a glimpse of himself naked and then possibly get to see her panties or maybe even more? My experience with girls was very limited, but I knew something good was about to happen.

She came in and immediately stopped when she walked by the shower. While she couldn't see everything clearly, she could get the picture for sure. I didn't know what to do, but my cock sure did. It went from zero to fifty in a few seconds. I turned three shades of red but didn't move an inch. I just watched her watching me.

After a couple of beats, she turned and walked down to the toilet. It was around the corner of the shower and had a door. But with the door open I could see inside by looking at the relection from the bathroom mirror. My instant hope was that I would get to see something. Anything. I was not disappointed.

She turned into the stall/room and started to pull down her shorts. I could see the bow on her panties as she pulled them down. It was my first live shot of a girl's puss. Right around this time I soaped myself and was right away ready to climax. I was that turned on. I didn't know if she could see me, so I kept looking. As she peed, she lifted her little top and freed her little B-cup boobies. She was definitely touching herself. I couldn't believe it. She had the most amazing, skinny, perfect little teeny bopper body. I can see it now as if it were yesterday.

I immediately stopped my shower and tried to hear anything I could. I heard a faint tinkle of pee and a barely audible moan as it got quiet. In a second or two she figured out that the water had stopped and looked up into the mirror to see me looking at her. Even though I know she wanted me to see (hindsight being 20/20) she turned flush, ducked her head, and said, 'Oh, I'm so sorry.'

I thought for a second and then said, 'Sorry for what?' She said that she just couldn't control herself. I told her that I couldn't either.

I watched her get up, step out her shorts and panties, pull off her little top (small boobs, no bra, very lovely), and climb in the shower. With my hand still on my penis and seeing her so close, my knees went weak, I started to shudder, and I began to spray cum on her legs and feet. I was mortified! I thought that I had just ruined my chance at continuing this encounter. Luckily, she was not taken aback, and said, 'Wow, that is the most amazing thing. What just happened?'

I said that I had just come and asked if she knew what that was. She said, 'Sort of.' She had heard about it but never seen it. I told her I was sorry it happened so quick and she said, 'That's OK.' She put her hand on my still hard, very sensitive cock and asked if I could do that again.

I said, 'I think so, but it usually takes a little time.'

Removing her hand, she turned on the shower and asked if I had ever touched a girl on her privates. I hadn't really, just once, touching my first sixth-grade girlfriend's boob over her bikini top. I said, 'Not really,' and she reached out and put my hand to her chest. Her nakedness, the warm water, and her perfectly perky tits started the tingling in my penis all over again.

She asked me to rub soap on her and I did. How amazing. When I put my hand between her legs I could feel how warm and soft she felt. I had no idea. It felt so good that I kept touching (of course!). She moved her hands down to her lips and kind of spread herself. She said she learned where to touch her 'gina' (her word) and that she would show me. Well, show me she did, and after a minute or two, her knees buckled and she orgasmed. To see her get wobbly like me was so awesome. Now I knew why people said that sex was so great.

We dried off, and she asked if I was ready to try again. Since I was very hard, I pointed down and we both laughed. I just said, 'I guess so.' We went into my room naked (it was so fun to walk down the hall with a naked girl) and jumped on my bed. She wanted to see me cum again and asked if she could try to do it. Off she went, stroking my cock, and snuggling me really close. My head was swimming. I wanted this to last forever. Yet, being young and so turned on, I wasn't going to make it.

She said, 'Are you going to do it again?' and I said, 'Yes.' So she lowered herself down close to my penis and said she wanted to see up close. She was just inches away and I could feel her breath. As you can guess, I started sending streams of cum onto my belly. When things started to slow down and then stop, she looked up at me and then put her finger onto the tip of my cock, picking up the smallest little bead of cum. She pulled it up to her nose, smelled it, and then licked it off her finger with her tongue kind of like a cat would lick up spilt milk. To this day (I'm now 35), that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

We ended up lying like that for an hour or so. We didn't talk much, just lay there naked. We knew my parents were coming home, so we got dressed and went and watched T.V. Over that next summer, we kept sneaking around and figured out that there were a lot more wonderful things to learn about sex. It was an amazing summer. There is nothing quite like your first love.



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