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My Favorite Pastime

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My Favorite Pastime
The first time I experienced an orgasm was when I was 13. I was lying in bed, and thinking of my girlfriend. I was getting really hard, I had experienced erections ever since i was five or so. Anyway, I started to rub the head of my dick with a circular motion, the stimulation was very new to me. I started to stroke and rub and I'd say maybe an hour later an overwhelmingly powerful feeling overcame my body. I had a full orgasm and was struck by the sight of a drop of pre-cum on the head of my penis. My thoughts encompassed the fact that this drop was the reason for my existence.
Now over the years, masturbation (can someone think up a new term please?) has become one of the singlemost enjoyable experiences, next to being with my current girlfriend [wink] I have made it an object to successfully cum in anyplace i stay more than 2 days, my list includes: (1999) Paris, France (a good thing about France is the open access sex channels) in Paris my family stayed in the Hotel Intercontinental, I had my own room. Leaving the drapes and the doors open i would get on the bed closest the window, I figured I would let the Parisians get a glance at the American kid enjoying their television system. (1997) Bermuda was fun, i sat on the balcony of the Hotel which is right above the pool, some of the girls were clad only in their bikini bottoms and I got off very easily...by the end of the vacation I had one of the girls in my room and my virginity was gone for good.
(1998) My trip to Florida was on the week that my Grandfather, a resident of FL, died at 83. The night after the funeral I was feeling down and I retreated to my room. One thing i did not know was that my girl cousin who is a real turnon even at 14 was in my room asleep on the bed. It being dark and all I didn't notice her as I slipped into the bathroom to shower. I finished and came out lay down on the bed naked and started to stroke, playing a fantsy through my head. She awoke and I was startled, to say the least..she apologized quicky and got up hurriedly to leave. Then stopped turned around and sat down crosslegged at the foot of the bed, slid off her skirt and top and faced me and said "i've never seen a guy do it and you probably have never seen a girl do it so.." I was shocked, but after the initial shock wore off was quick to oblige. I stroked my shaft and massaged my testes, she was rubbing her clit and getting increasingly we, My cousin has no pubic hair at all and I was rock-hard...we continued for an hour and eventually I shot a relatively (being 5'6 at the time it's all relative) large load on her stomach and she came in a fiery torrent of moaning and spasms.
Now as a 15 year old Sophmore.....If you want to make a big deal of my age go ahead, but it is liberating to write this as it is fun and all things written are truth, so go ahead and say I am too young and I'll say F*ck you...... I am 5'11 and weigh in at 160lbs I am on varsity football and sailing teams, as well as varsity swim team. My current size is 7-1/4" X 3".
And my favorite pastime is Masturbation



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