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My Favorite Masturbation Fantasy

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This happened years ago and was he surprised when I finally asked him for my fantasy.


My favorite masturbation fantasy

My husband was the best lover I could ever wish for but when he is away I missed his touch terribly.

I learned the feeling of being excited when I was about 13 quite by accident as I was reaching across the dining room table and the leg was pressing against what I learned to be my clit. I continued pressing against it until I had a strange tingling sensation and I experienced what I found was my first climax. Well, you can guess how much I enjoyed that and progressed to enjoy giving myself a climax every chance I had.

I grew up with an older brother and sister but sex was not discussed in my family so I kept my self pleasure excitement to myself but I knew my sister masturbated too since I could hear her in the next room almost every night. When I was alone I used anything hard to rub against my clit or hump it to climax since I was taught nice girls didn't touch down there except for cleaning.

Later on one of my close girl friends introduced me to a vibrator which I used until years later when my second husband finally taught me how to a climax using my fingers.

As a late teenager my breasts began to grow quite large, eventually to 36C, and I became fascinated rubbing them which made my nipples hard and pointed and I could actually climax just by massaging them.

I was rather attractive but due to my upbringing didn't go into sex with dates other than petting and fondling a bit. My first husband was only so-so sexually but my sex drive was so high I continued to resort to masturbation with my vibrator when alone to keep myself satisfied. Boy did that change after I met my second husband.

When I met my second potential husband I told him about my first husband's lack of real interest in sex and quite frankly I hadn't been with a man for 10 years since my divorce and if I was to become seriously interested in him he would have to help me make up for my 10 years being without. He said he also has been divorced for that long and if we hit it off he would gladly help me catch up. I could tell after that conversation he was getting hard and we pursued that a bit later.

Now I'd better get to my favorite masturbation fantasy. We have learned quite a bit from each other and when he's away even for a day or two I still have a daily urge, if not twice, to masturbate and he knows it as I usually initiate half of our love making. Quite a few times when he is away and close to a phone he would call and we enjoyed wild phone sex. He loves to hear me talk dirty to him and describe what I'm doing with my body and let him know I'm tasting my cum as he jerks off with me!

When I don't hear from him and can wait no longer I take a bubble bath, put on my sexy perfume then put on one of our masturbation videos and stretch out on the bed nude. Hey, I've been ready for this all day and as you can guess I'm already wet!

I begin to slowly massage my breasts, which quickly makes my nipples harden to the point I feel I could cum just touching them. I then start to sexily and slowly move my other hand down my body close to my waiting pussy. I move down to my thighs and then up and around my pussy but not touching it yet. All the while I'm thinking of watching him slowly stroking his dick close to my face. I just love close ups!

I then begin to touch my pussy and spread my lips. Oh, I am so wet cum is dripping down my thighs as I dip my finger inside, feverishly pump it in and out and take some cum to lubricate my swollen clit and begin to stroke a little faster. How I wish he was here beside me. I then start rubbing my clit harder and faster and imagine I'm watching him ready to shot his cum.

Then I take some cum and rub it on my nipples and suck the rest from my fingers, wishing it was his and my pussy is close to exploding. I glanced back at the video to see a close up of what I wish I was doing. She was fingering her pussy as he stroked his dick and he said, 'Watch it, I'm ready to shoot my cum'. She rubbed her clit as they came together.

I've been waiting to do that for my husband for years but have been reluctant to mention it but seeing that scene sent me over the edge. My whole body tensed as I shoved two fingers in my dripping pussy and two fingers of the other hand on my clit and had one of the most intense climaxes I could have ever imagined. He would love to have a video of this to watch when he feels the need to beat off when I'm not around.

I can hardly wait until my hubby is home. Do I have a surprise I plan to finally do for him! I think I'll let him watch the video first to get him aroused then tell him of my fantasy and ask, 'Wouldn't you like for me to do that for you'? He hasn't asked for that and I haven't offered but my bet is he will say, 'Yes ...if you're sure you really want to. I was hoping one day you would ask'. Up to now I hadn't suggested that addition to our love life but I hope he will say yes and I can do it for him anytime I'm in the mood.

What would we do without porn videos to get someone in the mood and aroused for something new? I have a feeling if he agrees this little episode may become rather routine; at least once a month anyway.



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