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My Favorite Massage Parlor

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I have visited a number of massage parlors over the years and for the most part have been satisfied with them all. But there is one that stands out in my mind. This particular one had several girls working and most of them looked to be in their 20's. The first time I went there they asked me if I wanted to see anyone in particular. Not knowing any of the girls there I said no. I had to wait for about 30 minutes because the place was busy. When I was finally called back I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. The woman I got was in her mid 40's. I had reached middle age so I was really turned on by younger women, but I did not want to tell this girl, Barbie, that I did not want her, so I followed her back to the room. Anyway, I paid for a one hour massage and she took my money and told me to get undressed. To make a long story short, this woman could do more with her hands that most women can do with their pussy. I have never had a woman that could make me feel as good with her hands as this woman could. She lubed up my dick and at first played with it as well as my balls. She got me so hard that my dick was throbbing and leaking precum before she started jacking me off. About the time I announced that I was going to cum she slipped a finger in my asshole and started massaging my prostate. I came harder that day than I had ever cum before. Really, her hand job felt better that a pussy. It felt like ten pussies working on my dick at the same time. Needless to say on my next visit I asked for Barbie. Barbie was in excellent shape. Her tits were not real large but very respectable. She had a nice ass and flat stomach. Her pussy was covered with blond hair. She let me suck her nipples and finger her pussy while she was playing with me. One day she noticed me pulling my fingers out of her pussy and smelling them. She asked me if I liked the smell of pussy. I told her nothing turns me on like the smell of pussy. After that day she would always rub her pussy and smear her juice on my nose. Sometimes she would hand me her panties to sniff. This woman was fantastic so I kept seeing her when I went there. Over the course of time I massaged her and several times rubbed her clit until she had orgasms. I remember one time I went and Barbie was off that day. I selected this girl who was 18 and although I was turned on by her age, her looks and her big fantastic tits, I have to admit that it was not near as much fun as being with Barbie. I learned what car Barbie drove so in the future if her car was not in the parking lot I would not stop. One time Barbie was playing with my dick and I had a finger in her pussy when I told her I sure would like to stick my dick where I had my finger. She didn't say anything so I asked her if that was something she would consider. Her comment was, "I would only do something like that with someone I liked and someone that I thought was a really nice guy." I then asked her if she thought I was a nice guy. She smiled and said yes. She asked me if I would get off the table and when I did she jumped up on the table and spread her legs and invited me to cum in. I did. It was good but not as good as her hands. Barbie always got completely naked when she was in the room with me, something that the other girls did not do. I think she loved for me to cum as much as I did. She never tried to cover my dick when I came but would aim it toward her body and I always shot my cum on her stomach and tits. As she was rubbing my dick she would take her other hand and rub my cum over her body. She would let me cum on her tits or shoot my load all over her pussy or face. It didn't matter to her as long as my cum got on her. She loved to play with my balls and ass as she jacked me off. She did something for me that I really don't think she did for any other men. She told me about a business she had and invited me to stop by sometimes and meet her parents. I did and even went to her house and spent the night with her a few time, but that's another story. I will never forget the incredible feeling of Barbie's magic hands.



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