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My Favorite Hobby

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A long time solo-touch reader, I'd like to share some of my favorite masturbation thoughts.


I've always been a natural girl, in that my own hands do better work than any other method. Don't get me wrong, I've tried all sorts, but the hands win, hands down every time!

I love to read the stores on Solo Touch. It turns me on to think of all the different experiences people have! I've never had the pleasure of masturbating with a stranger, but would love to.

My favourite way to get all riled up is to go out in public braless. I do this as often as possible in the warmer weather and it never goes unnoticed. How anyone could miss my 36 DD's swaying and bouncing as I walk I don't know!

I usually start by choosing my attire. The sluttier the better and I've amassed a collection of skin tight, low cut, sheer clothing. My nipples are quite large and I love knowing they can be seen clearly through the fabric. As I walk, my breasts bounce and heave crazily. The sensation of the fabric sliding across them, makes my nipples as hard as steel. At their peak, they stand a full and erect inch.

I also wear something loose and accessible on the bottom, usually a short swingy skirt with no panties. I then put on my shades, and head out to be seen. People stare, and it makes me so hot! My large breasts and perky nipples transfix men, women and children alike. All of the teenage boys and men in my apartment building are incredibly friendly. They do anything they can to stare longer. Situation permitting, I show off as much as I can. I'll bend over and let my shirt fall in a way that they are either totally visible, or popping out altogether. Also, if they're paying attention, they will get a lovely shot of my trim, sopping pussy!

Once I've strutted across the parking lot to my car, I bend down and get in, creating a fully pussy shot a la Paris Hilton every time. I then drive while touching myself lightly. I like to pop out my large tits as I drive, shading myself from the gaze of some, but blatantly showing off to the lucky ones; usually truckers! I love knowing I've been seen and that I've given someone something to think of when they touch themselves next.

I like to go to grocery stores and shopping malls, just walking around. Crowds are the best, as people 'accidentally' brush against my breasts, ass and puss. The occasional bold one will reach out and grope! I used to live in a city with a crowded subway and I spent many steamy hours being felt up by strangers. If only they knew how badly my nipples ached to be pinched, how badly my pussy ached to be rammed!

Back at the apartment my favourite has been showing off for my next door neighbour. We share a common balcony, with a 6' divider in the middle. Every single time I go outside, he joins me shortly thereafter and strikes up a conversation. I don't know if he's looking, but how he could miss the steamy sights I don't know. I'm always braless at home, often wearing the equivalent of a tank top that barely covers my ass. He's seen me lounging, washing windows, and moving furniture on my balcony dressed like this. I'm sure he enjoys it. If he leans over the rail in the manner he does to talk to me, he could clearly see my sofa through the window of my apartment. I often go naked inside and love to masturbate spread-eagle on the sofa, knowing he could easily watch.

Well that's all for now, but I have a feeling now that I've posted for the first time, it won't be my last. Hope you enjoyed it!



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