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My Favorite Customer

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What a story if I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it.


I live in a large city and work as a massuer for widows only part time. I have a day job and do the massage in the evenings. I like women, they are the most fantastic, most amazing being ever created. I am amazed at their beauty and their capacity. I am truly excited by them and I like to be with them in any way I can.

My most amazing adventure as an evening custom massuer happened one evening not too long ago. My appointments are set up via phone and advertising is by word of mouth from my clients.

One afternoon when I was checking my messages I made an appointment with a new client. She told me that she was recently widowed and very stressed and was following the advice of one her friends to get a custom in home massage from my mobile service. I could tell by the address of her building that security would be tight. She said that she would alert the doorman so that I could get into the lobby and she would meet me in the lobby. I guess she wanted to see me before we went to her apartment. Apparently I passed her inspection because she ushered me to the elevator and we went to her apartment on the eleventh floor. She was a very attractive older woman with a nicely shaped body. As soon as we entered her apartment she asked me if I would care to have a drink while she got ready. I accepted a soft drink from her. She said that she had a very stressful day and wanted to take a hot shower before we started. I prefer that my clients either take a shower or a bath before starting as I find that it helps them to relax.

She took only ten minutes to shower and reappeared in her living room in a full length white terry robe and carrying a white terry tote bag. I had set up my portable massage table and my convenience table while she was showering and was ready with my oils and lotions when she reappeared. She had me set up my equipment so that she could set her tote bag on her coffee table that was in the center of her large living room.

She said that she preferred to be totally nude during her massage and that she hoped that I could handle her frankness and her nudity. I told her that I was there to please and that if she was not satisfied with my service she did not have to pay me.

After saying this she dropped her robe to the floor revealing her beautiful toned body. I couldn't help but notice that her pussy was completely shaved. She laid face down on the table and let her legs relax and open slightly. I asked her if she had a preference feet first or head and neck first. She said that she preferred that I start with her feet.

I started massaging her feet one at a time, rubbing gently at first then more vigorously to get to deep stimulation. While I was massaging her feet she told me that she had not had a massage for a while and that being massaged caused her to become aroused. I told her that a lot of women become aroused when they are massaged and that she was not the first woman to tell me that. I moved from her feet to her calf muscles and I could see her breathing very deeply. She commented on how relaxed and comforted she was feeling. She further told me that she was really enjoying my touch and technique.

I moved to her thigh muscles touching only the back of her thighs. She started to breathe faster and deeper. I moved to her gleuteus maximus muscle and she made me stop. She said to me that she had to masturbate as she could not stand it any longer. She said that I could leave the room or that I could stay and continue 'working'. She further said that she liked to be watched. I said that I would keep on working since she didn't mind. She reached into her terry bag and pulled out an eight inch penis shaped vibrator and a tube of jelly lube. I was glad to watch as she applied the lube to her 'friend'.

She remained laying face down on the table, raised her pelvis off the table, led her arm under her body, spread her legs and inserted her vibrator into her pussy. As she inserted she began to quake and moan. She started it vibrating and she flexed her body in motion with it. She let out a load moan as she had her first orgasm. She then started pumping her vibrating dildo in and out of her pussy as she pumped her hips. After she had numerous orgasms she said please continue massaging. I continued plying my craft, moving up the small of her back, then the middle of her back, then the shoulders, then her neck. As I worked she continued pumping. When I was about complete with her neck, her pumping began to slow. Then she said to me rather loudly I have one big one coming. She increased the vibrator to full speed and pumped like there was no tomorrow. There was no doubt about when she came as she let out a loud scream, 'I'm coming, I'm coming.' My massage was complete and so was she.

She told me to go to the kitchen, that there were three envelopes on the table and take the one on the right and open it. In the envelope was a cashier's check for five hundred dollars and a note saying that she was very satisfied. When I went back to the living room she was covered with her robe and had started packing my supplies. I folded my tables and she ushered me out the door. She said that she would call the doorman and tell him that I was leaving.

I think I enjoyed her 'massage' as much as she did as I wank every time I think about it. I hope she calls again.



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